America´s Cup Day 4 - - Oh! So Close . . . .

BMW Oracle gets ready to race on day 4 of delayed Louis Vuitton Trophy

The fourth day of insufficient wind for the America´s Cup teams waiting to start the round robin series of the Louis Vuitton Trophy. Not unexpected as that was as forecast.

Friday looking like a real chance with a reasonable breeze and maybe some cooling showers later if the inland thunderstorms reach Valencia - Weekend looking good.

The scenario was thus:

On postponement from 14:00 hrs

At 16:00 the wind on both courses was indicated at over 6 knots, 6.6 on the south and 6.3 on the north and some of the boats started to get their sails ready.

At 16:19 PRO Peter Reggio decided to wait to see if breeze settles

16:45 breeze on north course easing – 5.6 knots, north still 6.9 knots.

17.03 racing Postponed on both courses.

But is has not all been bad, for +39 Challenge the four day enforced break from racing has allowed them to rebuild the mast broken in the fleet racing. The shore team worked in two groups of five on twelve-hour shifts to join the broken mast and it came out of the oven Wednesday.

The mast was having the spreaders and halyards etc., added today (Thursday) and could be stepped this evening, which might mean another evening sail for Iain Percy and the +39 team if they decide to use it Friday.

The mast builder, Goran Marstrom, has been on hand for a final check and reported that the team had done an excellent job, the mast coming out only 7 kilos heavier after the repair work.

'It is a very stiff mast, so if on Friday conditions are light, then we still might decide to use the old one' said Angelo Glisoni.