America's Cup- Oracle practices on SF bay - photos by Chuck Lantz

Oracle Team USA - America’s Cup

Oracle used one of their assigned practice days to make a few high-speed runs with their newest of two AC72s on Tuesday, following race 5 and 6 of the Youth AC. Sail-World photo team's Chuck Lantz was there to get these photos.

Oracle Team USA - America’s Cup

Oracle on their foils. - America's Cup

Another Oracle photo op, with Troy Sears' replica of the yacht America - America's Cup

Oracle pauses to have her picture taken with a local landmark. - America's Cup

Before practice, the Oracle team goes over the details. - America's Cup

Oracle splashes down after their high-speed runs. - America's Cup

sw{2}SDIM0199 - America's Cup

sw{2}SDIM0188 - America's Cup

sw{2}SDIM0187 - America's Cup

sw{2}SDIM0184 - America's Cup

Oracle starts a high-speed pass - America's Cup