America's Cup- Oracle fits wing but delays AC 72 launch

Oracle Team USA fit their wingsail onto the AC72, before it was tested, and then taken back into the shed in San Francisco

Oracle Team USA have postponed their Media Day, which was to have seen their first AC72 catamaran launched, but not sailed.

Instead, the first dry-fit of the 12 story-high wingsail on the platform of the the AC72 was completed at their Pier 80 base in San Francisco today.

Oracle Team USA says; 'AC72, the first of two yachts to be used in the 2013 Defender Trials and America’s Cup, saw the hook-up of the myriad electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems as the engineers, boatbuilders and designers worked through the extensive ‘pre-flight’ check-list.

'The complex process of commissioning the AC72 is continuing, but because of the scale of the project and inevitable uncertainties, the team has decided to delay the Media Day until after the Labor Day weekend. The date and details will be confirmed early next week.'

The first sail was scheduled for two days later, on Friday.

It now seems that nothing will happen until next week.

Emirates Team NZ launched the first AC72 on July 21, over a month ago and have been out for four days of sailing since. They are limited to just 26 further days sailing before the end of January 2013, under ridiculous rules designed to achieve cost cutting, by limiting sailing time for the 72ft catamarans that will be used in the 2013 America's Cup.

Sail-World apologises for the fact that the team has chosen not to release images that were taken in full daylight, or with the wingsail properly visible in the boat.