America's Cup- Oracle Racing - assembly of the team's first AC45

Oracle Racing - Assembling Team AC45

Oracle Racing’s new AC45 has come together over the past few days in a shed in Viaduct Basin in Auckland.

Quick assembly of the AC45 was a priority in the design process, it’s quite a simple process. Bolt the crossbeams in place, add the center spine, plant the wing, string the tramp and off you go. OK, that’s a bit simplistic, but it doesn’t take an army to assemble the craft.

Moving the wing is a simple but delicate process. Constructed of carbon-fiber and with a lightweight film coving the framework, it’s easily lifted but must be handled with care. Here, members of the team move the top part of the front element. The front element consists of a top and bottom part, and here team members are aligning the top part for splicing to the bottom part.

The new AC45 catamaran will represent the sixth new yacht (and at least 10th overall) launched by Oracle Racing for America’s Cup-related competition since its founding in 2001.