America's Cup- Am-Cam video AC72's play dodgems as they blitz the Bay

Don’’t look, Ethel! - a kayaker gets caught in the AC72’s crossfire, and then there’’s the fishing boat waddling across the course as well - close up action from San Francisco Bay - 34 America’s Cup practice sessions

John Navas presents another excellent piece of extended (20 minutes) Am-cam video from San Francisco Bay, as the AC72's of Oracle Team USA and Emirates Team NZ, play dodgems with a myriad of other traffic on the harbour from kayakers and cruisers to Optimists and fishing boats.

Also features Artemis Racing sailing their AC45 on foils.

Don't miss Emirates Team NZ's foiling roundup at 2m 52 secs; Oracle's big spray at 5m 40sec; Oracle's gybe at 8m 45sec; the close up of Emirates team NZ at 8m 50 sec; and the kayaker who almost cops it at 9m 10sec.

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