Allianz hosts Cup video launch and a birthday

Dyer Jones (USA), Bruno Trouble (FRA) and Bob Fisher (GBR) share their AC experiences on the occasion of the Gary Jobson video launch and Bob Fisher’s birthday
We've often said that one the best websites for an inside perspective on AC2007 is the BMW Oracle Racing weblog, operated by Tom Ehman who is vastly experienced in most things to do with the America's Cup.

With a day off official duties, Tom excelled himself last night. See: for more material

The following piece covers a both a launch and a birthday celebration for Bob Fisher.

Last evening at our team base Allianz hosted over 100 AC media to a BBQ and a screening of Gary Jobson's new video, "History of the America's Cup Races 1851-2007." The video was preceded by a panel discussion featuring three distinguished AC veterans: Bob "The Fish" Fisher (GBR, journalist/historian), Dyer "Bones" Jones (USA, AC 32 Regatta Director), and Bruno "Big Trouble" Trouble (FRA, Louis Vuitton). Later, "Fish" was feted on the occasion of his 72nd birthday. Photos by GMR. Journos were welcomed in our team's Oracle Cinema by your Ed., who served as emcee. Allianz's Bjorn Wiedemann (GER) thanked the cosmopolitan gathering for their interest, and gave them some background on Allianz's AC partnership with BMWOR. Bruno regales the SRO crowd with some of his fondest AC memories, as did Dyer (left) and Bob (right). Bob, like Dyer, has been involved with the Cup since 1967 -- 40 years! And he hasn't changed a bit since we celebrated his 60th at Fiddlers' Green in San Diego 12 years ago. Jane "Red Bull" Eagleson (USA, media relations) surprised Bob with a cake, and the gang assembled bellowed out a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday".... ...and Fish managed a bigger blow than we've seen here in Valencia all week.