Aiming for 50 knots - Super-cavitation or Wot?

The team and boat - Wotrocket unveling
On Thursday Australian sailors Sean Langman and Martin Thompson will be upside down in the Qantas Safety Training Pool in Sydney with Wot Rocket, the Graeme Wood sponsored boat ... well really half sailboat and half sail-plane, that is aiming to break the 50 knot barrier.

They will be doing the same kind of safety testing that is done for the offshore racing powerboats.

Wot Rocket is the first sailboat to attempt use the phenomena called super-cavitation which has been used in Russian torpedo technology.

Next week we will see what happens if the wind blows nicely on Botany Bay. will bring you detailed coverage.

We sure hope it’s not Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!