Advertisers - We need your news!!

As Sail-World advertisers, we are very keen to run your newsworthy stories. Regular stories about your organisation, your products, lift your profile with owners, skippers, boat managers, sailors, and industry.

Please, please help us to help you, by sending stories to us, at both and

If you’ve realised you don’t have the time or writing skills to do that, then we have sailing journalists and copywriters who can help you. Naturally time is money, so if you can provide a starting point, like overseas press releases or your notes before they start that will reduce costs. Then they can interview you or your staff, to provide an interesting news release we can publish and you can send to clients or sailing magazine.

Please also take a few minutes to look at the advertisers index records about your company. The Google, Yahoo etc. search engines come to Sail-World every night, indexing all the new stories and exploring all our links. Search engines rank sites linked to important industry sites more highly than those that only their mother thinks are important, so your Sail-World advertisers records are important.

Remember, these days, most significant purchasing decisions are being made after on-line research.

Yesterday I looked at hand held GPS’s online and compared prices and am now ready to make an online purchase. While I am pleased with that, the bad news is my wife has been busy online and has already researched and confirmed the garden shed I am going to erect next weekend

So online traffic is now very important for all businesses and TetraMedia looks carefully at that data for all its marine industry website clients and of course for Sail-World.

We use two different Internet traffic metrics reporting systems, they are usually within 10% of each other, not bad when they are each independently surveying based in each case on only about 3 million computers world wide. has consolidated its position at the number one sailing news site in the world over the last six months.

Yesterday Sail-World was the 17,540 most visited website in the whole world, out of the five million or so that receive significant traffic

Yahoo is number one, Microsoft number two, and Google number three.

Then there are plenty of other media and sports sites, in English, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish etc. Actually we are in top 500 of all sites in Australia.

The good news for our advertisers and us is that was the top sailing site in the world this week. Now that spikes up and down, with the American Sailing Anarchy site gaining as the ice melts coming into the Northern hemisphere summer.

More and more events are making Sail-World the cornerstone of their marketing and this continues to grow our subscriber base very rapidly. Up 50% in the last year alone.

Our own stories are regularly running on other sites around the world, with groups such as ISAF and Scuttlebutt looking at Sail-World every day for stories.

You’ve probably noticed that more and more of the key sailing industry companies are advertising with us.

Just for your interest, here is a snapshot of the number of visitor sessions for some key sailing websites around the world, for 30 days from mid-December to mid-January

Naturally some of those like the Sydney to Hobart site have dropped away now, while some of the northern hemisphere sites will be more active as the ice melts. 178,200 151,100 134,100 132,700 90,900 90,200 85,100 82,600 31,600 20,340 20,000 13,800 4,200