ADCO Etchells Australasian Winter Championship - Final showdown

Matthew Chew and his winning crew ADCO Etchells Australasian Winter Championship 2012
The final day of the 2012 ADCO Etchells Australasian Winter Championship began in overcast conditions. Rain fell intermittently as the fleet made their way offshore, hoping to complete the last two races of this year’s series.

Graeme (GT) Taylor and his Magpie crew sat in third place on the leader board overnight. GT was today hoping to do what no skipper had done in the event’s 15 year history – win the championship twice.

But to achieve this Taylor would have to defeat current leader Matthew Chew (Gen X Y) and Hong Kong sailor Mark Thornburrow (Racer X).

Race 5 of the series got underway in 10 –12 knots of breeze with light rain falling. The sea state, although a little lumpy, had eased back from yesterday’s tough conditions.

It was a clean start and Mark Thornburrow, four up from the pin, got the best of it while series leader Matthew Chew and fellow podium contender Peter McNeill (Iris 11) were buried. Etchells World Champion Tom King (Iron Lotus) started eighth up from the pin but fell back into the second row.

In strong conditions, at the top mark for the first time, Dirk Van Der Struyf (Animal House) rounded ahead of David Rose (This Will Make Her Scream) followed by Michael Stovin-Bradford (Touch Pause Engage), Roger Hickman (Sun Tzu), Mark Sanders (Rebound), Glenn Norton (Walk on Water) and Mark Johnson (Roulette). Colin Beashel (North Star) was ninth with Taylor back in tenth.

Thornburrow and Chew were both well back in the scattered fleet and experiencing multiple wind shifts.

At the top mark for the second time Van Der Struyf continued to hold the lead from Johnson, who gained fives places to be second. Hickman had also advanced as had Mark Bulka (Perfect Balance), Christopher Hampton (Tango 1990) and Colin Beashel (North Star). Rose fell back. Then followed an improving King. Taylor held ninth just ahead of Jeanne-Claude Strong (Yandoo XX).

Dirk Van Der Struyf (Animal House) took race 5 from Mark Johnson (Roulette) and Roger Hickman (Sun Tzu). Mark Bulka (Perfect Balance) was next, then Tom King (Iron Lotus), Graeme Taylor (Magpie), Colin Beashel (North Star), Christopher Hampton (North Star), Mark Thornburrow (Racer X) and David Rose (This Will Make Her Scream).

Animal House, Dirk Van Der Struyf on day 2 - ADCO Etchells Australasian Championship 2012

Matthew Chew finished back in 16th place.

By the end of race 5 the breeze had dropped to around 12 knots and was continuing to drop further.

The Race Committee was unable to set a course for race 6 of the series due to the shifting, unstable breeze and had no choice but to call a halt to the day's racing.

With a drop coming into play after five races of the series had been sailed, skippers were able to discard their worst result.

For overnight leader Chew this meant he could drop his race 5 result (16).

First season skipper Matthew Chew and Gen X Y crew Ashley Deeks, Brian Donovan and Paul Wyatt are the 2012 ADCO Etchells Australasian Winter Champions.

Chew, part of Jason Muir's 2009 Etchells World Championship crew was a happy skipper. Shouting across the water as the boat sailed up the Mooloolah River and back to the boat park for crane out Chew said ‘Very pleased with these results! We are a new crew but in the conditions we sailed a very consistent series.’

Mark Thornburrow and his crew on Racer X - 2012 ADCO Etchells Australasian Winter Championship 2012

Mark Thornburrow (Racer X) finished second behind Chew. ‘Its cold and wet but it was great racing. Very pleased the way our new combination is coming together but Matthew and his crew deserve the win.’

Third placed Graeme Taylor (Magpie) said ‘We gave it our best shot, but we just were not consistent. That last race was certainly very difficult, it got very shifty.

'Half way up the first beat we were in good shape, we went back to shut the left out and the right came good. We were 12th at top mark and fourth at the bottom, but then we were on the wrong side of the next big shift.

'But there is always next year.’

In its 16 years the Etchells Australasian Winter Championship has now produced 16 different winners.

Will tradition continue in 2013?

Mooloolaba Etchells Fleet Captain Trevor Martin thinks so. While waiting his turn in the crane queue this afternoon Trevor commented 'It seems the combination of very strong fleets and a wide variation in conditions means this is a tough nut to crack.

'Congratulations to Matthew Chew and his Gen X Y crew, our 16th winners. And here's to a sunny Sunshine Coast next year.'

Spinnakers on day 2 - ADCO Etchells Australasian Winter Championship

Mooloolaba Etchells Fleet Inc.ADCO Australasian Winter Championship 20127th June  to  10th June 2012All BoatsSeries Summary
117Matthew Chew, Ashley Deeks, Brian Donavan & Paul WyattBrisbane4142(16)11
211Mark Thornburrow, Simon Cooke, Sam Sakai & Bucky SmithHong Kong6421(9)13
333Graeme Taylor, Steve Jarvin & Ben Morrison-JackMornington1(10)18717
427Mark Bulka, James Arnold & Steve YoungMelbourne239(11)418
510Tom King, David Edwards, Ivan Wheen & Owen McMahonSydney385(9)521
602Mark Johnson, Christian Brook & Nikolas BurfootSydney95(40\DNF)6222
720Peter McNeill, Simon Reffold & David GleadhillLake Macquarie8933(17)23
812Colin Beashel, Richard Allanson & Garry GudmunsonSydney52(14)13626
906Christopher Hampton, Matthew Johns & Sam HainesMelbourne(17)675826
1024Jeanne-Claude Strong, Tiana Wittey, Neville Wittey & Marcus BurkeSydney776(24)1232
1109David Clark, John Collingwood & Andrew SmithMelbourne1417114(27)46
1215Ross Lloyd, Matthew Turner & Peter WilliamsMelbourne11121312(25)48
1305Dirk Van Der Struyf, Graeme Johnson & Richard RowellSwan River(25)142115151
1403Roger Hickman, Kate Besley, Daniel Williams & Daniel MorrowSydney13(21)1520351
1534Jake Gunther, Tony McPhail & Stuart SkeggsMelbourne1218167(19)53
1616Philip Coombs, Stuart Schafer & David EickmeyerMelbourne1513819(24)55
1721Dean Blatchford, Greg Torpy & Keith JensenLake Macquarie2020(24)101464
1829David Turton, David Biggar & Shayne FarnellMooloolaba(31)1610281367
1922David Rose, Josh Torpy & Edward CowanBrisbane(40\DNF)2412231069
2023Graeme Alexander, Errol Candy & Chris JacksonMornimgton21112018(23)70
2113John Warlow, Craig Alcock & Bradley GinnivenBrisbane(26)1919142274
2237James Chilman, Stephen Girdis & Gary Van LunterenBrisbane10222226(32)80
2328Noel Paterson, Sarah Board, Mark Buchbach & Hamish CrossanBrisbane1823(25)251581
2439Gary Smith, Michael McAullay & Andrew McAullaySwan River161526(40\DNF)2683
2535Mark Sanders, James Howarth & Scott McInallyGold Coast192629(40\DNF)1185
2601Michael Stovin-Bradford, Andrew Gordon & Keith ShortSydney(30)2518292193
2708David Healey, James Hallam, Timothy Robba & Jennifer SkeahanBrisbane27(30)17222995
2804Peter Coleman, Iain Gartley & Wayne DixonMelbourne28272317(30)95
2925Trevor Martin, Paul Braithwaite & Darrell CivicMooloolaba22(31)30271897
3031Paul Minter, Glen Thomson & John MinterCronulla24(33)272128100
3114Ian Anderson, Joshua Willis & Robin BraenderSwan River23293316(40\DNS)101
3218Jack Ellis, David Buckland & Luke CableMelbourne33343132(40\DNS)130
3336Grant Chipperfield, Fenge Shave & Ross WadeMelbourne(40\DNF)40\DNC283033131
3430Gregory Forgan-Smith, Bruce Pitt, Ludvig Bengtsson & Stuart LorimerGold Coast322832(40\DNC)40\DNS132
3538Hayes Michael, James Dagge & Liam HayesBrisbane3536(37)3131133
3619Glenn Norton, Brett Heath, Peter Rattray & Richard HodgsonMelbourne(40\DNF)40\DNC3640\DNF20136
3726Todd Trevillion, Roger Gain & David RitchardSydney2932(40\DNF)40\DNF40\DNS141
3832Stephen Toms, David Smith & Patrick LargierBrisbane343534(40\DNF)40\DNS143
3907Mal Blom, Toby Abbot & Iain DavidsonMelbourne(40\DNF)40\DNC3540\DNF34149

Fleet on day 2 - ADCO Etchells Australasian Winter Championship

All results provisional.

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