A cruising guide to the ABC Islands - Spanish Edition

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Free Cruising Guides has announced the forthcoming release of the Cruising guide to the ABC islands in Spanish. The Cruising guide to the Dominican Republic and the Cruising Guide to Puerto Rico are currently available in Spanish and this guide will mark the third in the series.

Dr. Catherine Hebson, Director of Free Cruising Guides said that all 11 of the guides offered by Free Cruising Guides will be offered in Spanish by the end of the year at a rate of approximately one per month. She said that the the company is very committed to the users of the guides and is working hard in all areas to make the guides all that they can be.

The editor of Free Cruising Guide, Nathalie Virgintino, said that the commitment to make the translations was based on the many inquires that the company is receiving, in particular from Spanish speaking cruisers, to have the guides available in their native language. It is the company’s hope that with the advent of the Spanish editions that the download rate of the guides, currently at an annualized rate of more than 35,000 copies, will continue to increase.

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