420 Worlds- Hot, damn Hot!!

With three races in the qualifying series to go and the Race committee announcing their intentions to run two races today and one tomorrow, there was everything to sail for to get into the Gold Fleet.

The Fleets left on time into a very light breeze and after sitting out on the lake for nearly an hour, there was a 180 degree wind shift and a scramble to relay the courses. The wind settled down to a light but steady breeze that was much more viewer friendly from the deck off the Austria Sailing Centre. I could almost make out the sail numbers with binoculars. The weather is scorching and promises to get even hotter over the next day or two.

Fortunately your intrepid reporter has access to a big SUP and paddled out to see the races and cheer the lads on. Both boats were in the same flight which made viewing and coaching from Tobias's perspective, very easy.

Sam and Sam didn't enjoy their best days racing and struggled to find the form they had shown the previous day. A 28 and 34 means they have to dig deep today but we know they can and they are learning so much from this experience. They are 78th now.
Taylor and Oscar had a solid day and one more good race should put them in the Gold fleet. They had a 10 and 12th although we think there may be an OCS to come from those results from the GBR team ahead of them. they are currently on 40th. 36 is the cut to the Gold Fleet but the points are really tight.

The results are very slow in coming compared to what we are used to at Queen Charlotte where the Provisional results are waiting by the time the sailors come ashore. There are a few protests though and I am sure the Jury and Race Committee want to get everything just right for a Worlds.

try the link for the up to date blow by blow account. They seem to be sorting the communication out but the website takes some work.

One race to go now then the Lay day, Taylor wants to see the Picasso Exhibition in Vienna which is just up the road.

Go the Kiwis at the Olympics, we are all watching what we can but it is in a choice of German or Austrian dialect ....not so easy for us Kiwis.

As always, A huge thank you for all our supporters and sponsors, keep those good wishes coming.

Happy sailing