420 Worlds - Be careful what you wish for, you may get it!

The sailors had one race to get done before the division of the Open Fleet into Gold, Silver and Bronze.

We arrived at the club in very hot weather and no wind and not much prospect of any until much later in the day. Everybody was wanting the one race to be held so they could have the scheduled Lay day and enjoy the 'Pasta Party' at the Club at night. The alternative was to not have the Lay day.

For some, the prospect of 160 teenage girls and a disco wasn't such a bad thing after the pressure of the first few days.

Sun tans were worked on and Paddle Board races held to keep everyone busy.
The wind came in around three pm at about 6 knots but again very shifty. The Race Committee waited until it settled down and got the races away.

Sam and Sam had first start and rounded the top mark in the early teens. They sailed a good race, just losing a little on the last down wind to finish 16th and going into 72nd overall, just sneaking into the Silver Fleet. Great to see them come back so well after not being so happy the day before.

Taylor and Oscar were in the last start, lining up at the Pin end with an Indian boat charging down the line trying to find a gap to get into the proper start position. The Indians failed, tacked on our boys, well OCS and sat on them for a minute before going back to recross the line. The breeze was starting to fade by then so the chances of a major catch up became very limited. From 26th at the top mark, they fought their way back to 17th but not good enough to make the Gold Fleet. There is 5 points from them to the cut off position.

I am writing this from the club on the morning of the Lay day. There is a beautiful breeze blowing which could have been ideal for our guys......

Both crews are naturally disappointed not to have made the Gold but there are many others who think the same. Tobias will refocus them on the task at hand to give their all in the Silver.

The weather forecast is very hot again for the next few days and there should be this good breeze for tomorrow at least.

Apologies for lack of pictures. I viewed the racing from a SUP and carrying a camera without a 'drybag' is not the most sensible option. There are some Fabulous shots on the official gallery so please go a look at the action there.

Off to Vienna now for some city culture.

As always, a huge thank you for all the support the Team is receiving.

Happy sailing