2016 Equipment Evaluations - Kiteboarders on day 7

by ISAF 
2016 Equipment Evaluations
The Equipment Evaluations for the 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition is taking place in Santander, Spain from 17-25 March. With a wait for the breeze, the kiteboarders took the opportunity to show off their equipment to some of the skiff and multihull sailors.

2016 Equipment Trials Day 7:

Sailing finally got underway at 13:30 today after light winds meant the morning session was cancelled. But whilst we waited for breeze it gave a chance for the kiteboarders to show some of the skiff and multihull sailors their equipment and how it works. It was an interesting session with development of the format moving quite rapidly.

ISAF President Göran Petersson is currently in Santander and today he had a chance to see some of the boats that will be in the 2016 Rio Olympic Sailing Competition.

Meanwhile out on the race courses it was light wind day for the sailors with 6-8 knots reported.

Just one more day of trials remains and a lot has been learnt over the last eight days. With many of the sailors departing tomorrow sailing may come to an end early afternoon.

The kiteboarders will have a busy day on their hands as they look to round off their format evaluations for possible inclusion into Rio 2016.

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