2015 Wooden Boat Festival in Tasmania - time to start thinking...

Australian Wooden Boat Festival
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Have a wooden boat? If it is on the Australian mainland it's time start planning to sail, motor or trailer your wooden boat down to Tasmania for next February. If you're in New Zealand, it might prove a little more challenging.

Australian Wooden Boat Festival
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Yes, applications are now open for the 2015 MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival. Last time around, the Festival saw around 550 registered wooden boats and 200,000 visitors and there’s no reason to expect it to be any less busy this coming February.

The dates are 6-9 February 2015 - plenty of time to plan and four days of excitement and entertainment on the beautiful River Derwent.

If you have a boat you think might enjoy participating:
Please read the notes carefully and assemble the details you will need to provide, including your boat’s dimensions, name, construction and type. You will also need two (2) recent photographs in electronic form to upload with your application. These can be taken with a simple point-and-shoot camera or a smart phone. The application will take you just a few minutes if you have all your details at hand, and you can pay your berthing fees with a credit card over a secure encrypted server.

Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2007 Photo: Carol Cook - Australian Wooden Boat Festival
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Boats afloat:
Note that Expressions of Interest (EOI) for Boats Afloat are sent to our volunteer Selection Panel for consideration and you may have to be patient while they determine if we can offer you a suitable berth afloat. Boats displayed ashore on a trailer or cradle can get immediate confirmation of their registration.

To know more simply log into the website.

If you are interested in participating by taking your boat, here's the gateway: