2010 Snipe US Nationals- Big change at top of fleet + Video

Augie Diaz / Kathleen Tocke - 2010 Snipe US Nationals
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Annapolis delivered the weather everyone expected for the 2010 Snipe US Nationals. Six days of sun and one day or rain. Five days of light but sailable breeze. Mostly t shirt and shorts weather.

This year’s Nationals was a real sea change at the top of the fleet. Two of the top five finishers were younger Snipe teams, Brian Kamilar with Enrique Quintero and Nick Voss with Nicole Popp. They were knocking on the door of Augie Diaz and Kathleen Tocke who’ve won this event many times in the past. Finishing in fifth was Carol Cronin and Kim Couranz. The highest ranking women’s team ever at a US Snipe Nationals. All five of the teams qualified to go to the Snipe Worlds next year in Denmark.

Carol Cronin / Kim Couranz - 2010 Snipe US Nationals
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Beyond the top finishers, their were four more young teams in the 33 boat Heinzerling Championship fleet and many parents sailing with their kids placing well in both competitive fleets. The number of young people competing in this regatta harks back to the founding of the Snipe Class nearly 80 years ago when the vast majority of the sailors were in their teens and twenties.

Winning the Wells division were Ken and Kay Voss. Three weeks before the regatta they weren’t sure they would be able to compete. Their victory was a testament to how important being on the water in their Snipe is to them and to their whole family.

The Severn Sailing Association and Snipe Fleet 532 brought off the regatta with volunteers and ingenuity. They deserve a lot of credit for making the event so memorable.

You can see highlights of all the interviews in this video on my YouTube Channel:


Thanks – Vince Casalaina

Ernesto Rodriguez / Megan Place - 2010 Snipe US Nationals
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Nick Voss / Nicole Popp - 2010 Snipe US Nationals
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Start - 2010 Snipe US Nationals
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Brian Kamilar / Enrique Quintero - 2010 Snipe US Nationals
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Peter Commette - 2010 Snipe US Nationals
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