2007 Moments that Mattered - America's Cup Match

NZL-92 drives over Alinghi to take the lead in Race 7, America’s Cup 32

The final moments of Leg 3 in the 32nd America's Cup.

In this clip, with the volume up, you can clearly hear the comments of Brad Butterworth, skipper of Alinghi, as he lines up NZL-92, even though the New Zealand challenger has a lead of about 25 metres, or one boat length - which will be lost when they tack for the mark.

Prior to the clip, NZL-92 has engaged SUI-100 in a tacking duel as the Kiwis try to force the Swiss out to the right hand layline, but because SUI-100 is faster through the tacks, they are forced to break off and head for the top mark - underlaying it by a length or two - hoping for a right handed shift which will lift them to the mark and leave Alinghi to trail.

It will be a bit slow to load if you are on a slower line - just allow the clip to load once, then push the slider back to the beginning and hear/see an uninterrupted version. There is a second replay, at the end, of an aerial shot showing the distance between the two yachts at the point which Alinghi tacked away.

To get full volume, make sure the YouTube volume is on the maximum setting. The onboard comments from Alinghi are just as telling as the video.