18ft Skiffs Queen of the Harbour 2012 is Christina Giles

Kenwood-Rabbbitohs -18ft Skiffs Queen of the Harbour
Christina Giles became the 2012 18ft Skiff Queen of the Harbour.

She teamed with Brett Van Munster, Shaun Moran and Rob Flannigan on Kenwood-Rabbbitohs to win the title on Sydney Harbour.

Kenwood-Rabbitohs took line honours by 1m40s from Rag & Famish Hotel (Jack Macartney, Peter Harris, Mark Kennedy and Diane Macartney).

Mojo Wine (Warren Sare, Dan Wilsdon, Mike O’Shea and Emma Spiers) were a further 54s back in third place.

Conditions were perfect for the ladies. A big sail five-ten knot ENE breeze over a three laps 3-buoys course between Taylors Bay and Watsons Bay. Lumix (Jonathan Whitty) led the fleet to the first mark from De’Longhi-Rabbitohs (Simon Nearn), Kenwood-Rabbitohs, Mojo Wine, Rag & Famish and Pure Blonde (Tom Clout).

18ft Skiffs - Queen of the Harbour

The downwind leg back to the bottom twin-marks saw Lumix challenged by Kenwood-Rabbitohs while Pure Blonde led a tightly bunched group including Mojo Wine, De’Longhi-Rabbitohs, Smeg (Nick Press) and Rag & Famish.

On the second lap Lumix raced away to a 45s lead over Kenwood-Rabbitohs, Mojo Wine and Rag & Famish and looked a certain winner as the fleet headed back downwind.

As the skiff gybed off Steele Point they capsized and the race became a battle between Kenwood-Rabbitohs and Rag & Famish, which went around the bottom round only a couple of boatlengths apart. Mojo Wine was third, followed by Pure Blonde, Kenwood-Rabbitohs and Lumix.

18ft Skiffs Queen of the Harbour

Taking advantage of a red windward buoy rounding on the final lap, Kenwood-Rabbitohs increased her lead to finish with an easy victory.

It was an excellent result all round for the Kenwood company as today’s winner Christina Giles is also the National Sales Co-ordinator for Kenwood.

Queen of the Harbour, Christina Giles - 18ft Skiffs

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Yandoo - 18ft Skiffs Queen of the Harbour

Pure Bolonde - 18ft Skiffs Queen of the Harbour

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Lumix - 18ft Skiffs Queen of the Harbour

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