107 boats expected at the J/24 World Championships in Rochester, NY

2010 Worlds approaching the weather mark - 2012 J/24 Worlds
Katie Nicoll
Lambert Lai and Kris Werner, Regatta co-chairmen of the 2012 J/24 Worlds, report that the OA has just been awarded a $15,000 grant from the Helen and Ritter Shumway Foundation. They are also currently finalizing a regatta sponsorship from Jaguar/ Land Rover for $20,000! With these latest additions the OA has now been able to raise approximately $50,000 in sponsorship alone. With the addition of the new sponsors and current sponsorships they are currently well into plus figures for our overall regatta budget.

Lambert and Werner are also very thrilled to announce that at present, there are 107 boats registered for the J/24 World Championships in Rochester, NY to be held September 13-21, 2012. PRO, Hank Stuart, has completed now completed the organization of his race management team.

The Jury chairman is Mr. Willi Gohl of Germany, who served as a member of the 2011 J/24 Worlds in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has also been a member of the jury at every J/24 Worlds since 2008. The remainder of the jury is comprised of: Mr. Robert Milner of Great Britain who is also the designated jury chair of the 2013 J/24 Worlds slated for Howth, Ireland, Mr. Tony O’Gorman of Ireland, Miss Sandy Grosvenor of the USA, Mr. Leo Reise of Canada, Dr. Richard Sullivan of the USA and Jury secretary Mrs. Donna Lue Reise of Canada. Mr. David Pelling of Canada, Ms. Kathy Dyer of Canada, Mr. Robert Stewart of Canada, Chris Petracco and Larry Sill of the USA have had their names put forward to the IJCA for their approval, as the OA was expecting over 100 entries.

Tim Winger, the IJCA Technical chairman, Reid Stava, USJCA Technical chair continue to meet with the regatta OA on a regular basis, and remain in constant communications. There are currently several modifications to the Class 'Alternative Penalties' awaiting review by the technical committee. The OA has also verbally committed today to Kattack Race Tracking for the event.

2011 worlds starting line - 2012 J/24 Worlds
Katie Nicoll

Upwind in heavy air - 2012 J/24 Worlds
Katie Nicoll