'Outdoor air conditioning' from Mist-er-Comfort

Bimini mister from Mist-er-Comfort
Mist-er-Comfort has appointed Recreational Marine Consulting to promote their unique 'outdoor air-conditioning system' in major international markets including Europe, Africa, the Mid-East and much of Asia. Mist-er-Comfort systems provide a cooling mist of water which can reduce cockpit temperatures by up to 14? C. This makes boating much more comfortable while idling through speed restricted areas, when moored at the dock, when at anchor or pulled up on the beach on a hot afternoon.

The system can be easily installed on bimini tops, hard tops, T-tops or folding canopies and can be scaled to any size vessel from outboard runabouts to superyachts. The versatile system can be mounted after-market or by boatbuilders during boat construction. Depending on the installation, the system can use the boat’s pressurized water supply, or if not available, a separate 18 litre water tank with an incorporated pump can be supplied.

The system uses non-corroding UV-resistant materials and is virtually maintenance free thanks to the automatic drain valve (ADV) which is provided with each system. The ADV ensures that water is drained from the system after each use and helps prevent calcium or other mineral deposits from forming on the misting heads.

Initially conceived for the marine industry, Mist-er-Comfort systems can also be used for cooling other outdoor areas such as patios, restaurants, caravan awnings, agricultural and construction equipment driving positions, etc.

More information can be found at www.mist-er-comfort.com or by contacting Ted Fagerburg, of Recreational Marine Consulting, at ted@fagerburg.com.

Small Hardtop w upclose Mister