'I’ll be back.' Arnie the Algie's guest appearance

Qingdao Olympic Regatta 2008. "I’ll be back". Algae on the race course at Qingdao.
Several competitors reported a re-appearance of algae on the Qingdao race course today.

Finn sailor Anthony Nossiter (AUS) said he had to clear trailing clumps of algae off his rudder four times during racing today, and there was still a small amount hanging off the rudder of his boat coming up the ramp after racing was over.

Another Finn sailor, ‘Big Ben’ Ainslie (GBR) was also aware of ‘clumps’ of green algae in the water.

'There’s not a lot of it,' said Karyn Gojnich (AUS, Yngling), 'but it is clearly visible along a tide line. I wouldn’t want any of that around the keel.'