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Not so much boat insurance

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Topic: Not so much boat insurance
Posted By: doeywizard
Subject: Not so much boat insurance
Date Posted: 17 Jul 12 at 9:48pm

I dident know where to post this but it was just an idea to see if anyone had any useful tips.

I will be 17 in a few weeks and have just started looking at car insurance for when I can drive. I want a car that can pull my lasers but want one that is cheap to buy. I live in a rural area with bad snow in winter so a 4x4 would be nice. I would ideally like a defender 90 as it ticks all the boxes however I was wandering if anyone had any ideas on where I could get cheap insurance on one. I have so far been recommended Adrian Flux. 

Thanks Isaac  

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Posted By: Quagers
Date Posted: 17 Jul 12 at 9:56pm
Pretty much anything will tow a Laser easily, think you may need to lower your expectations a little, when I turned 17 insurance on a 1.2l Ford Fiesta (2001) cost 1200 a year, at that price I paid well over the value of the car in premiums in 3 years.

Go for something small, and if your worried about snow fit some winter tyres, small cheap cars actually aren't that bad, at least compared to luxury saloons in the snow. Skinny tyres and most of the weight over the front axle helps them out.

Unless of course money is no object.

Posted By: doeywizard
Date Posted: 17 Jul 12 at 10:03pm
The problem is I got quote on fiat cinquecento was 5000 and I was wandering if I could get a defender on agricultural insurance or classic. Insurance is just stupid price.  

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Posted By: radixon
Date Posted: 17 Jul 12 at 10:11pm
You will be spending loads on the defender to keep it running.

How many days do you get snow for? Look at the coop for insurance


Posted By: doeywizard
Date Posted: 17 Jul 12 at 10:17pm
we had snow for about 6-8 weeks the other year but my dads freelander only just made it home most nights, my mum has a mini countryman 4x4 and we had to park that down in the village. 

I will look at that insurance, thanks. 

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Posted By: simonrh
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 9:03am
When I started driving in '93 car insurance wasn't ridiculous but non one could afford to insure motorcycles.
I now have a company car so don't have to worry about car insurance but did look at getting a runabout recently and was getting 1000 quotes for naff hatchbacks (without no claims).
Got a quote for a 90's superbike instead and it was a couple of hundred quid as long as I don't want to take a pillion. Now I am not suggesting you can tow a laser on 2 wheels but my conclusion was: 

The cost of the risk directly due to me damaging my vehicle or myself is very low. 

The cost of other people in my vehicle or other people I hit suing all and sundry for whiplash and mass injuries and loss of earnings and all that other no-win-no-fee garbage is very high (bikes don't tend to "win" when they hit a car.)
At which point it probably doesn't matter what car you get the insurance is going to be terrifying because of the current screwed up state of the industry and the fact that the first thing anyone does in an accident before they have got out the car is start clutching their neck and phoning an accident "helpline".
Ancient panda 4x4 from the dark ages will go anywhere? Failign that kit cars are always cheap to insure and you can get a 2nd hand 4x4 kit?

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Posted By: olly_love
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 9:16am
its not a cool, but have a look at a suiki jimmy or rav 4, its still 4x4 but being light wont get bogged down, also they are dirt cheap to run and insure, the defender has the cool factor however they are bloody expensive to run in fuel and running costs,

if you want really cheep insurance my first car 7 years ago was a fiat uno and cost 300 quid to buy but importantly only 150 quid a year to insure 3rd party,
things like golfs and astras are cheaper to insure than fiestas and corsas due to the "chav" factor

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Posted By: Neptune
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 9:20am
You can roof rack a laser of most things too....I remember fondly carting my laser around on the roof of my Fiat Uno at the time.

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Posted By: GybeFunny
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 10:33am
+1 for 4x4 Panda.

You say you want a car for sailing and then you say you want it to work in the snow, if its just for sailing then surely you wont go sailing when it is snowy?

Posted By: shadeux
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 10:37am
You could try getting your parents to insure it and have you as a named driver. You could try third party, fire and theft rather than fully comp. I'm told the NFU is very competitive. Just don't go with MoreThan. Have just had a terrible experience with them. But, I'm afraid that for a young male driver the rates will be high wherever you go.
best of luck


Posted By: doeywizard
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 11:04am
Thanks for the useful advice, I will certainly look at all the different options you have suggested, I just got a quote back from Flux and I was a named driver when asking for a quote and I have got a very good price back so I will look at the other cars and companies to compare 


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Posted By: r2d2
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 11:20am
but if you are the main driver of the car, it is illegal to insure yourself as a named driver on your parent's policy - so check it out carefully

Posted By: radixon
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 11:51am
Originally posted by r2d2

but if you are the main driver of the car, it is illegal to insure yourself as a named driver on your parent's policy - so check it out carefully

Sure is, has a name which has passed me now....

I would get some experience before towing, at least have someone with you to start off with, afterall, a Laser trailer is light and narrow. After seeing a 4x4 towing a XC70 on a trailer this morning on the M40 (J2) it isnt something you want to do without knowledge.


Posted By: Ruscoe
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 12:07pm
Unfortuantely nowadays its going to be expensive to insure any car at 17.  a Landrover Deffender is going to cost allot of money to maintain, fuel and run.  They are also expensive to insure.  If i were you i would look at something like a Fiesta or Corsa, it would happiuly tow a Laser and be cheap to repair/Insure as well as economic.  I remember being 17 and struggling to fuel my first car even at 72p (i think) per Ltr at the time!  These small light front wheel drive cars will almost certainly be better in the snow then some soft road 4x4 like freelanders, Rav4's etc.  Which have poor 4x4 systems fat tyres and are heavy.  There is no real cheap fix either, i guess you are just going to have to pay up for the next 5 years and make sure you are careful not to make any claims.  As i understand it insurance companies make little money from young male Drivers, the premiums are high to cover the risk and cost!  The chance are you will hit something, if not you i guarantee one of your mates will.
Maybe one of the reasons why so many 17-22 year olds drop sailing??


Posted By: doeywizard
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 12:42pm
Just looked at an old fiat panda to insure as the main driver and go compare says my cheapest quote is 6300 despite saying the car is less than 1000 and very low annual millage. On a old fiesta 11,000

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Posted By: Ruscoe
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 12:59pm
Thats mental, at those premiums they just dont want to insure you.  Are you shopping around for insurance quotes?  The value of the car is largely immaterial as its what you hit that tends to cost the money to repair.  14 years ago when i was in your position (granted things have sadly moved on) but we used to have to ring round for hours trying to find a cheap quote.  Ask some of your friends who they insure with.


Posted By: olly_love
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 1:05pm
dont use the websites, try giving the insurers a call as they can normally do deals and knock money off, also try to get your iam test done
put it this way, i drive a disco 3 2.7 at the age of 24 and pay under 450 a year to insure it fully comp. because my partner has her iam she brings it down,
but by calling them i got it down from about 650 to 450ish, as they dropped a few things off the policy that i would never use (world wide recovery compaired to eu)

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Posted By: doeywizard
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 1:09pm
Ye, I have looked at all of the specialist young driver policy such as I cube but they say that you can save a fair bit by having one of there tracking devices fitted, me and dad did some maths and found out that by the time you have payed for the tacker and for it to be installed I would only save about 50-100 and then I can not drive my car when ever I want or if I get stuck out after 10 o'clock I have to pay 150 fine. Some of my friends have classed there cars as agricultural cars and a few have old beetles which they insured for about 2000. My cheapest quote has been on a triumph herald.   I am going to ring up Adrian Flux as there quote with me as a named driver was like 500, this was 5000 pounds less than what compare the market quoted me as a named driver so I am deffo going to ring and find out what it is with me as the first driver.   (Ps   I am not going to be put on a policy as a named driver only as a first driver as my dad would not allow that in case of a crash)    

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Posted By: Buzz
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 1:22pm

Good luck. Down in Cornwall 17 year old drivers are being quoted 2500 - 3500 for a 1000cc car.

Posted By: GybeFunny
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 5:04pm
Originally posted by shadeux

You could try getting your parents to insure it and have you as a named driver. 
Dont do that, it is called 'fronting' and is illegal. By all means add your parents as named drivers, this may drop the premium for you. Look here: -

Posted By: patj
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 6:39pm
Have yourself as the main driver but add your parents as named drivers (provided they have good driving record) as adding other experienced drivers brings down the cost. My daughter saved loads that way.

Posted By: timeintheboat
Date Posted: 18 Jul 12 at 9:37pm
Originally posted by patj

Have yourself as the main driver but add your parents as named drivers (provided they have good driving record) as adding other experienced drivers brings down the cost. My daughter saved loads that way.

Agreed both my wife and I are on my daughters policy (21) despite her living oop north. The only time I drive it is when we visit and need to borrow a car or it needs petrol or needs servicing. Mind you when it was here as the airport long stay, we used it lots. 

The other tip is don't live in a city. When she lives in a city centre her car is parked in an uber secure car park (i can never get in even with the damn fob). Darn sarf it was parked on the drive. were paying 700+ now paying 1100+.

Landrover expensive and you'll need to like playing with cars. Our ancient Corsa is awesome in the snow. The newer one we have is rubbish. Old jap stuff (Micra) etc is dull but will be much more reliable.

Like some other things - sailing is more enjoyable when you do it with someone else

Posted By: tomoore1
Date Posted: 19 Jul 12 at 7:49am
A few things to bear in mind when both buying and insuring your first car (from my experience from 2007/8 onwards).

1) Diesels are cheaper to insure than petrols (power to power).  Depending on your budget newer 1.3 turbo diesel engines are very good.  Otherwise look for an older 1.9L non-turbo.  For old diesels Peugeot are good but look out for dodgy electrics - the 306 is worth a look (IMO).
2)  Rav 4's are a very soft off roader - I currently drive them, the auto's are only front wheel drive, the manuals are permanent 4 wheel drive and are fine in hard rutted ground but get bogged very easily, particularly if not fitted with the expensive extra of diff lock.

3) Do not buy renault - they are great until 8 years old after which they fall apart.
4) Think about doing a pass pluss course.  If I remember it is 6 lessons and can help reduce your premiums.

5) Do not put yourself as a named driver unless that is the reality - it is highly illegal and invalidates the insurance - you could lose your liscence and get locked up if you have a crash.
6) In my experience putting only one parent on the insurance was cheapest.  The cheapest of the two was always my mother - despite neither having any crashes/ points.
7) If you are struggling to find money to buy and insure a car then you cannot afford it - remember everything else - servicing, breakdown cover, repairs, tyres, fuel.  It would be heartbreaking to own and insure a car which is sat on the drive!

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Posted By: robinft
Date Posted: 19 Jul 12 at 8:55am
1) There is no reason why you cannot be a named driver on a policy in your parent's name PROVIDED that you are disclosed as the main driver. Failing to disclose this is what will get you in to trouble.
2) Anything that is capable of having a towbar fitted will tow a Laser - check before you buy the car.
3) A friend of mine towed his Contender to Italy behind a 2wd Panda!
4) If you really need a 4x4 what about a Panda 4x4?

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Posted By: doeywizard
Date Posted: 19 Jul 12 at 6:31pm
I have looked a a panda 4x4 and the insurance is still stupid, it is about 6000 to insure. 

Thanks for the advice tho 

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Posted By: craiggo
Date Posted: 19 Jul 12 at 7:46pm
The thing is, did you select the right Fiat Panda?

I think the version you need to be looking for was the one that was produced between 1983 and 2003 (although very little were produced after about 1996)

The modern one produced after 2005 will certainly cost you more.

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