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Weather stats

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Topic: Weather stats
Posted By: julianstephens
Subject: Weather stats
Date Posted: 02 Jul 10 at 12:07am
Does anyone know of any statistics for "the best place to sail" based on some quantifiable criteria relating to the wind? I am not sure what these criteria would be exactly, but something like "% of time that the wind is in the range F3-F5" would be interesting for example.

Posted By: Roger
Date Posted: 02 Jul 10 at 9:06am



While wind is only one of many criteria I would use to pick the perfect place to sail, maybe the pic below will give you an idea.

Loads of stuff online regarding average wind speed these days, so google is your friend. -


Posted By: julianstephens
Date Posted: 02 Jul 10 at 11:05am
Mean wind speed is one possible measure but I was looking
for something which would indicate how often the wind is
within a certain range of values.

There are lots of sailing locations that have on-line
weather stations so if there was a way of getting an
automatic feed of the data it would be possible to do the
calculation myself if no-one else has already?

Posted By: Femto
Date Posted: 02 Jul 10 at 12:52pm
Windfinder has some useful stats like % of time over force 4 (more aimed at kitesurfers and windsurfers i guess)

for example: - clicky

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Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 02 Jul 10 at 1:33pm
Its horribly difficult: because for instance average wind speed is meaningless if what you're actually interested in is Sunday afternoons, which will be influenced most by when the sea breeze comes in during the Summer...

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 02 Jul 10 at 3:31pm
What you want is the average windspeed at 2pm on a Sunday between April and October, or something like that. Actually, once you put the criteria in, the amount of data needing crunching becomes very small, assuming it is being collected in enough places.

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Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 02 Jul 10 at 3:48pm
Originally posted by Rupert

Actually, once you put the criteria in, the amount of data needing crunching becomes very small, assuming it is being collected in enough places.

mmm, but the problem of actually finding the data on publicly accessible sources becomes rather larger... Last time I looked the raw data was rarely published.

Posted By: julianstephens
Date Posted: 02 Jul 10 at 6:49pm
Yes the Windfinder page is the sort of thing I was looking
for, but it does not cover many inland areas.

I wonder if some of the sailing clubs with weather stations
would be prepared to make their data available?

Posted By: nesloone
Date Posted: 16 Jul 10 at 11:56am

I would go and ask some local weather stations in the areas you go Denmark I would ask the national weather organisation, how it is in the U.K. i dont know...


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