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High pressure off Ireland

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Topic: High pressure off Ireland
Posted By: redback
Subject: High pressure off Ireland
Date Posted: 25 Feb 05 at 11:34pm
Have you noticed we have had a high off Ireland for weeks, which explians why we've had cold northerlies and easterlies for weeks.  Our reservior is still not full and normally its full by Christmas - we don't seem to be getting any warm wet westerlies.  Is this normal for this time of year?

Posted By: Scooby_simon
Date Posted: 26 Feb 05 at 12:04am

Wanna learn to Ski - PM me..

Posted By: Black no sugar
Date Posted: 26 Feb 05 at 12:41am

That's a short, sharp answer, Scooby_simon! No compromise...

It's supposed to stay Brrrr coooooooooold for the next few days anyway, with Siberian air currents howling over our heads . You won't catch me on the water by such a weather ...


------------- - Lancing SC

Posted By: Contender443
Date Posted: 26 Feb 05 at 7:26am
Originally posted by Black no sugar

You won't catch me on the water by such a weather ...

Me neither but I may go and rig my new boat - depends though if it is really cold I won't bother.

All you pond sailors may have a problem tomorrow - your race course may be solid rather than liquid.

Bonnie Lass Contender 1764

Posted By: redback
Date Posted: 26 Feb 05 at 11:32am

I'm ducking out of it too.  This must be the 4th week in a row, which must be a record for me - still it'll be so good when I get back onto the machine.  I nearly said "when I get back onto her", but you can't really call a Laser4000 a her (or a him).  In fact it only has a name to comply with some customs form I had to fill in sometime.

Sorry digression.  Yes the high over that part of the atlantic has been there a while which I'm sure all those compettitors of the Vendee Globe and Ellen Mcarther were all a bit disappointed with since they all had a few days beating to get home and they were probably expecting a nice down hill ride.

However our inland reservior is nowhere near freezing over whereas a few years ago it did on a still moon lit night.  The winds are cold and penetrating but not that cold.

Posted By: bigwavedave
Date Posted: 26 Feb 05 at 2:47pm
Up on the roof that I'm pitching in Lancing the wind is very cold and very penetrating.   It seems much colder than last winter.


Posted By: hydrographer20
Date Posted: 26 Feb 05 at 4:06pm

shame about the weather am getting sailing withdrwaal symptons.    and this is why i dont like britian too blomin cold but however we dont get shrks so capsizing is safe!

byte me!- GBR 814

Posted By: sailor.jon
Date Posted: 26 Feb 05 at 8:07pm

Hydrographer20, we do get sharks tho, ive seen a few down the east coast when i sail on the yachts, some really close to the boat as well,

was on my dads boat once heading down to whitby, we were just north of runswick bay, there was a trawler over our port quarter hauling in its nets ( so there will have been loads of confusion in the water like with the fish trying to escape) which will have attracted this shark, at first we saw 2 fins cutting across the bow of the boat and thought it was 2 phorposes ( the dolphin things) then realised the fin at the back was going from side to side rather then up n down like the front one, ( i was stood on the bow sprite so got a really good view) it turned down our startboard side,  swam the full lenght of the boat (14mts) the crossed our stern and headed 4 the trawler.

it was quiet big probs around 13ft long, n across its back 4-5ft

ive also seen fisherman bring the dead ones up in there tuna nets,


i sail my radial on a small lake in leeds, so i think i'm pretty safe from the sharks

Vortex 1169 - Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club

Posted By: Phil eltringham
Date Posted: 27 Feb 05 at 9:16pm
I went sailing today, was a little light and shifty but was all sunny and almost warm (when you were moving in the boat), all civilised and everything. 

Shifts Happen

Posted By: Contender443
Date Posted: 27 Feb 05 at 10:12pm

Should have been in the deep south Phil - it was freezing today at Lancing. None of us had any intention of going sailing. Blizzards and a freezing NE wind.

Never mind a nice lunch was had by all, thanks to BNS!!!

Bonnie Lass Contender 1764

Posted By: Win or Swim
Date Posted: 27 Feb 05 at 10:18pm

I'm a pond sailer so i've kept going all year long, we even have a boxing day race! And these odd conditions have given us great winds down here in the south.  Been F5 for like three weekiends in a row - a miracle!!

Posted By: redback
Date Posted: 02 Mar 05 at 10:01pm
Well I'm a pond sailor, in the SE too but its been f6, 7 and 8 on ours and very low air temperature.  So I've been missing it.

Posted By: KnightMare
Date Posted: 02 Mar 05 at 10:42pm

Yeah pond sailor too, sailed nu yrs day. but I havent sailed fro 3 weeks and cant because of the Dinghy Show this weekend im starting to have withdrawl symptoms.

We used to have to send the dorys out at Broxbourn the break the ice before we could sail. - finaly they did a use.

Realy want to go sailing regardless of the amount of snow falling, i just like the look of the winds.

Posted By: Wave Rider
Date Posted: 14 Mar 05 at 1:27pm
We had Topper training and there was loads of snow on the ground and now and again it started falling.............suprisingly it didnt feel that cold with all the gear on???!!

Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club
           RS600 933

Posted By: redback
Date Posted: 14 Mar 05 at 8:47pm
Well I've made up for it now.  On the 6th I crewed a 400 and had a fine tussle with another (which beat us) but we beat all the others. Then yesterday I got the 4000 out and with a scratch crew had a couple of great races in marginal trapezeing  weather.  We beat the other 4000s and did reasonable in the morning and in the afternoon got line honours but being lightish we couldn't beat the best 400s and 200s on handicap.  The scratch crew did a great job for somebody who was distinctly wobbly at first.

Posted By: Wave Rider
Date Posted: 15 Mar 05 at 9:00am

Yeah its quite hard trying to beat a 4000 in a fireball.................we were trying it the other day but as soon as they hoisted the spinnaker an we hoisted the spinnaker, both of us flew off on a reach but they're spinnaker is a hell of a lot bigger !

Nice boat the 4000..................havent been in it but the other day was experimenting with the 3000 which comes alive with the spinni aswell !

Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club
           RS600 933

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