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RS600 advice

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Topic: RS600 advice
Posted By: sjk1992
Subject: RS600 advice
Date Posted: 09 Nov 08 at 9:59pm
Ive been a laser sailor for years and im bored. i have had my heart set on a 600 for a while. Ive heard good things and they are in my budget, however im only 16 and is buying a 600 a bad idea, i need some tips and reassurance/ how difficult are they?

Posted By: Smight at BBSC
Date Posted: 09 Nov 08 at 10:09pm
I was only 15 when i got mine. Previous experience of traping was limited and the last boat I raced regularly was an RS 200. It'll take a good amount of time and effort to get good and even more to be really good but it's definitely worth it when you get it right, have a go in one to get the feel is my best advice.

Cheers George

RS600 988

Posted By: mike ellis
Date Posted: 09 Nov 08 at 10:11pm

go for it. If you can sail a laser and know vaugely how to trapeze, then as long as you dont mind a LOT of swimming you will master the 600. Just don't get demoralised if it takes you 2 months to get to the stage where you can tack without swimming or reversing. A 600 is a lot of boat for not much money.

edit: ok you wont master it, noone can master it, but you will get the hang of it and it will provide massive grins.

600 732, will call it Sticks and Stones when i get round to it.
Also International 14, 1318

Posted By: GBR884
Date Posted: 10 Nov 08 at 9:59am

I also got mine when i was 15 and mark(splosh) got his when he was only 14. before that we'd both only sailed lasers and had previously been very dodgy (and overpowered)) in a 4000 - we argued so we got the 600s!

Its a lot of fun and very wet....dont get put off if you spend a lot of time upside down.....we both did!!

Where abouts are you?? We are getting a fleet going at Alton water at the moment and you are more than welcome to come down and have a go in mine or my brothers.


Posted By: s.a.l.t.y
Date Posted: 10 Nov 08 at 8:04pm
Originally posted by sjk1992

Ive been a laser sailor for years

Snotty youve had the laser for less than a year! what
are you on about son!?!?


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