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why the íteam usa press releases' on Y&Y?

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Topic: why the íteam usa press releases' on Y&Y?
Posted By: laser4000
Subject: why the íteam usa press releases' on Y&Y?
Date Posted: 13 Aug 08 at 11:58pm
Y&Y is an English magazine, published in the UK and sold to I guess a 90%+ UK audience. I would imagine that most website readers are from the UK as well.

So why have we had a succession of Team USA 'press releases' presented as news on a very UK related site? Ok so full marks to Tim Wadlow with triple bulletts today..but actually I don't care that they won 6 races...I actually don't care where they finish as long as it's behind the brits in every fleet in the overall standings...

I'm a massive 'olympics' fan at the moment, in fact over-dosing on it from every possibel angle, but I'm cheering hard for all the british sailors - the USA puff pieces make me go "urgh..." even if I only see the headline.

Posted By: GraemeB
Date Posted: 14 Aug 08 at 9:35am

It's good to get a different perspective on the regatta and sailing general, if you don't like it don't read it.

Posted By: Contender 541
Date Posted: 14 Aug 08 at 9:45am

I too am cheering for the Brits, but still getting as much info as possible from other sources - it allows you to get the bigger picture

As a for instance - on a completly different are of life...  If you were to read 'Bravo Two Zero' or 'The Who Got Away' (both about the same subject), you would think that there were some heroic SAS actions going on.  Now read 'The Regiment' (Its a history of the SAS) - the Bravo Two Zero patrol was doomed to failure from before insertion and gunfights against tens of Iraqi army forces were actually (in one case) against a crippled sheep herder, his son and father!! 

Read around a subject and get the better picture - you then have to filter the info to understand the 'truth'

When you find a big kettle of crazy it's probably best not to stir it - Pointy Haired Boss

Crew on 505 8780

Posted By: getafix
Date Posted: 14 Aug 08 at 9:56am
.....any truth in the rumour that Phelps has been drafted in, with sub-aqua gear, to tow the USA Star around the track next week? 


Posted By: Mark Jardine
Date Posted: 14 Aug 08 at 10:10am

We actually get 10% of our online readership from the US. I find a bit surprising that you want LESS news about the Olympics! And seriously - if you don't want to read it then don't!

Posted By: Contender 541
Date Posted: 14 Aug 08 at 10:11am
Interesting stats there Mark

When you find a big kettle of crazy it's probably best not to stir it - Pointy Haired Boss

Crew on 505 8780

Posted By: DiscoBall
Date Posted: 14 Aug 08 at 11:11am
Yeah, I like it.

An frankly fair play to Zach Railey for coming completely out of left field.  I hope he gets a medal - just not the gold...

Posted By: alstorer
Date Posted: 14 Aug 08 at 1:04pm

Would have perhaps been good to have had different Icons for the Team USA, team GBR etc stories


(Also, I'll be counted as being in the US when I'm at work, if you di it by IP, despite being in deepest South Cambridgeshire. Don't ask)

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