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Turning corners

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Forum Name: Mark Rushall's Troubleshooting Corner
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Topic: Turning corners
Posted By: Mark R
Subject: Turning corners
Date Posted: 29 Jan 07 at 10:03am
The next "troubleshooting" feature in Yachts and Yachting concerns mark
roundings. Does anyone have any specific questions/problems they would
like to see discussed?


Posted By: Mark R
Date Posted: 29 Jan 07 at 10:07am
My spinnaker drops are good, my speed is OK, but every time I come round
the leeward mark, the boat ahead is on my wind, and the one behind is
stopping me from tacking. How can I stop this happening?


Posted By: Pierre
Date Posted: 29 Jan 07 at 10:54am

Yes.  Fastest way to tack an Osprey please.  Not being funny, I think I know the answer, but may be missing something.  Sometimes I tack at speed and accelerate well the other side.  Other times the whole damn thing slows down, usually as a result of me trying too hard to steer the boat with leeward heel. My instinct is to blame the crew, but I may have something to do with this. 

First thoughts are that it tacks fine if I don't try too hard.  Your thoughts sir.....



Posted By: Medway Maniac
Date Posted: 29 Jan 07 at 11:50am

Gybing an asymmetric in big winds.

I've done it perfectly on occasion, and I've completely messed up on the next. The line seems very thin between the ideal rate of turn where the boat carves smoothly round and the mainsail has no load in it, and the two alternatives of 'too fast followed by a broach', and 'too slow, everthing loads up and the main won't come across'.

I just take comfort from the Merricks & Walker video where they decide to abort a gybe to remind myself that even the best don't get it right all the time. That said, they wouldn't drop it in when I do!

Posted By: jeffers
Date Posted: 29 Jan 07 at 12:36pm
The other thing that would be useful is how to avoid mark traps and getting stuck when being the inside boat (and how much room you can legitimately claim).

Also how about when you are behind how to get to windward on the rounding, showing the coin from both sides.


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Posted By: Barty
Date Posted: 29 Jan 07 at 1:00pm
It would be great if in each article there were some exercises explained (with diagrams!) for people to practice mark rounding, starts etc during training sessions.

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Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 29 Jan 07 at 3:31pm
i could do with some help in my 29er =/ -

Posted By: FireballNeil
Date Posted: 29 Jan 07 at 3:34pm
How to tack a double hander with single trapeze in wiring conditions without slowing down loads!! As Pierre sais it occasionally goes well and holds the speed but others it just stops!


Posted By: HannahJ
Date Posted: 29 Jan 07 at 6:15pm
nice dive sailorboi
also: I've been told that in big winds it's easiest to gybe when going at high speed, but i find it difficult to move the rudder then, and always wait for lulls.  When i do manage a gybe at speed, it's always very violent with the boom whacking across and the boat often slewing up to windward

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Posted By: MRJP BUZZ 585
Date Posted: 29 Jan 07 at 6:25pm
Were you helm or crew sailor boi?

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Posted By: redback
Date Posted: 29 Jan 07 at 8:23pm

Yes I'd like to make my gybes and tacks more consistent.  Somedays I can gybe in a force 6 and get it right every time and other days I'm rubbish even in a 4.  My boat is Laser 4000 so if I get it wrong there is no chance to muscule out of it - its either right or you are swimming.

I suspect one of my weaknesses is where to focus my attention.  Should I be looking out of the boat, or watching the crew or making sure I don't trip over something?

I'll be interested in what you have say and then maybe come back on tacking - for which I think I have some comments to contribute.

Posted By: Guest
Date Posted: 29 Jan 07 at 9:13pm

Dear Mark,

When rounding the leeward mark in a trapeze boat you want the going going hard close hauled as you pass the mark - should I nip in off the wire so I can cut close or go a bit wider and keep full speed on ... or does it just depend on the position of boats around me?




Posted By: Prince Buster
Date Posted: 29 Jan 07 at 9:50pm
Dear Mark, I think you've got enough questions on your plate already so i'll save my question(s) for later........!!

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Posted By: getafix
Date Posted: 30 Jan 07 at 2:37pm
For bearing away or gybing  when the breeze is up can I recommend Steve Cockerill's Boat Whisperer DVD "Downwind" - when he explains how the rudder movement lifts or buries the bow and how can you do a rudder induced gybe or not (definitely better not too!) you sit there thinking "I know this happens to me.." the solutions are there, but they aren't always obvious

Love the idea of some exercises to practice, it's the big difference between coached sailing and learning as you go along - how to make your practice time (always limited for us non pro's) really count

.... in fact an article devoted entirely to good training moves and how to plan training would be great; starting, mark roundings, tacking & gybing drills - all very handy indeed

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Posted By: Mark R
Date Posted: 09 Feb 07 at 1:40pm
Thanks for the questions: keep them coming. I will try to incorporate as
much as possible into the next y and y feature. But if I leave anything out I
will do my best to reply here.


Posted By: Mark R
Date Posted: 09 Feb 07 at 1:48pm
Thanks for the questions: keep them coming. I will try to incorporate as
much as possible into the next y and y feature. But if I leave anything out I
will do my best to reply here.


Posted By: Mark R
Date Posted: 01 Mar 07 at 12:57pm
Thanks very much to all for your q's and I hope that you'll find some food for
thought in the next issue of Y and Y. Next subject: making the most of the
finish line..


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