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holed dry suit

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Topic: holed dry suit
Posted By: lssyac
Subject: holed dry suit
Date Posted: 18 Oct 06 at 8:49am

Capsized, went over the top, slipped down over the self bailer, put a hole in the leg of my dry suit.

The hole is small, about 2mm square.

Anyone know how i can repair this and make my dry suit dry??

Thanks in advance.

Posted By: Jalani
Date Posted: 18 Oct 06 at 9:06am
When you bought your drysuit you usually get a small pack cotaining a couple of pieces of matching suit material. Simply buy some impact adhesive and following the instructions, stick a patch over the tear. You can also stick a patch on the inside just to be really sure it's watertight if you want. Also DON'T have square corners on the patch(es) as they'll lift and the patch could then peel off.

Far too old to still be doing this......

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Posted By: Worthy
Date Posted: 18 Oct 06 at 9:42am
if you don't have any patches you local chandlery should have some


Posted By: foaminatthedeck
Date Posted: 18 Oct 06 at 10:12am

If you dont want to do it your self then I can highly recomend Ravenspring in Devon, I've had nothing but fantastic service from them.

I do have to ask the question, where are you sailing to need a dry suit at this time of year? 

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Posted By: lssyac
Date Posted: 18 Oct 06 at 10:39am
Mayflower SC with the Larks. Got a bit cold on the Saturday after four races so went out in nice warm DRY cloths on the Sunday. Probably didn't need the drysuit although a wet cold smelly wetsuit on day two is never inviting, but it was warm and dry up to the point of the capsize, after which i just had a cold wet foot.

Dont think i got a patch but i will get onto the chanderlers to see if any of them can help me out.

Anyone dealt with Hammonds for dry suit repairs? Sounds expensive sending it off?


Posted By: KnightMare
Date Posted: 18 Oct 06 at 2:26pm
I have always found Hammond to be great - got my drysuit made and delivered to my nationals in a very short space of time. Also keep having to send mine and sis's back for repairs/alterations. They have always been helpful - but im not sure about the cost though. if its jsut a small hole you may as wel try and repair it and if that doesnt work then send it off.


Posted By: lssyac
Date Posted: 18 Oct 06 at 3:03pm
Thanks for all the thoughts. Speed Sails have some glue type stuff that will do the job (which is probably like the sikaflex (apologies to the Cherubs for not helping the cause)). I'll give that a go if it does not work then it is off to Hammonds down in Dartford.

Posted By: Isis
Date Posted: 18 Oct 06 at 4:11pm


Posted By: mike ellis
Date Posted: 18 Oct 06 at 4:23pm
there is nothing ductape cannot fix

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