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Concept 302

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Topic: Concept 302
Posted By: Bloxham_boy
Subject: Concept 302
Date Posted: 27 Aug 04 at 9:32am
I'm trying to find a supplier of a mast for a Concept 302 dinghy
built in 1997. It was built by Concept International Marine in

The lower mast section has corrosion and whle it is still usable
in lighter airs, I would not want to be out in high winds.

It was reviewed in Y&Y in 1997 but all company details are now
non contactable.

It is a great small (10 feet) single hander with a main and
spinnaker (no jib), ideal for my daughter to learn on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted By: Phil eltringham
Date Posted: 31 Aug 04 at 9:09pm
As far as I can remember the company were based in Radlett in south Hertfordshire and went bust in about 99/2000, hence finding spares could be a problem.  The best option for a new one will be to go to someone like proctor or superspars (maybe holt?) and see if they can make a section for you, chances are one of them made the original so should still have the spec for them and may be able to make one up fairly quickly.  good luck, they were great little boats, pitty they never caught on. 

Shifts Happen

Posted By: Chris Noble
Date Posted: 26 Nov 04 at 7:53pm
did you buy it off ebay by anychance? think i saw it, does it not just have a standard aluminium round section for a mast that goes together in two halves???

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I14 2 Masts 2 poles 3 Booms, Foils Kites/Mains/Jibs too many to list.

Posted By: Bloxham_boy
Date Posted: 30 Nov 04 at 7:28pm

Thanks for the suggestion Chris. Yes, it was on Ebay.

Bought for my daughter (9) who has been out in it a few times now.

I have since been in contact with a very helpful owner of Emsworth Chandlery who has enabled me to aquire another hull and Sails. I hope to have this fully on the water by next summer for my wife to sail against my daughter. Should be fun.

Therefore I need another mast and the only way this is going to happen is to follow the alloy tube route.

I have also had contact with Tor Bakke who was the original designer and he has also been extremely helpful.

I would like to thank them both for their assistance.


Posted By: Spannerman
Date Posted: 18 Jul 05 at 2:16pm

Hello all Concept 302 owners, especially Bloxham Boy; I've bent the mast on my Concept 302 and like Bloxham, I'm looking for a new one (or a secondhand one from a bent hull!!).

Has anyone found a Concept 302 mast supplier??



The Spannerman

Posted By: Chris Noble
Date Posted: 18 Jul 05 at 6:00pm
there wont be one, the best thing to do is just get a section of tube machined or cut to the correct dimensions, its not that difficult a path to go down to be honest and shouldnt cost vry much either, if you have 2 boats then it'd be just aswell getting 2 masts exactly the same made up to the original specs and using them if racing against each other

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I14 2 Masts 2 poles 3 Booms, Foils Kites/Mains/Jibs too many to list.

Posted By: beckyg51
Date Posted: 31 Jul 08 at 1:02pm

hi all,

i have a concept to sell. its in good condition with two main sails, a training sail and a gib/ asymmmetric. does any one know how much this should sell for as i am unsure what sort of price i should sell it for?





Posted By: Raters
Date Posted: 25 Jan 09 at 9:23pm

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this game but have a lot of experience with tubes in all sorts of metals. If anyone can send me a specification or photo and some sizes I can make a new mast if it is made from manipulated tube.


Posted By: Ed Goodman
Date Posted: 30 Jan 11 at 8:40am
 HI Does anyone have any infomation about a portsmouths number for the concept 302 i woud be happy if anyone could give me the one without the genaker but with the genaker would be much better if you could please get back to me thanks Ed. :)

Posted By: winging it
Date Posted: 30 Jan 11 at 9:39am
Hi Ed, welcome to Y&Y.  Probably the best place to ask about the Concept 302 is actually in the cvrda forum, where there are some previous 302 owners and also a wealth of information on what we call 'lost classes'  Come and have a look: -

If you post yopur question in there, you may well get a useful answer.


the same, but different...

Posted By: chrisg
Date Posted: 30 Jan 11 at 10:24am
Hi, I dont have any sign of a concept 302 in my PY data, which does include some pretty random stuff. However, I do have a concept 200, which may have been misnamed. The PY I have for that is 1370, so it may or may not be for the same thing. Usual rules apply, Im not saying this is THE number for the boat, just a guide (if it is in fact the same boat). I just googled concept 200 and the only thing that came up was the concept 302, so it may be one and the same.


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