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Printed Date: 01 Dec 21 at 10:01pm
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Topic: Bluebird.
Posted By: 423zero
Subject: Bluebird.
Date Posted: 03 Sep 21 at 2:32pm
Anybody been following the dispute around 'Bluebird'? I think it should be taken into state ownership, favourite outcome at the moment is being cut up back to how it came out of the water.
I can remember the crash, was a big event at my school, the day after we had a special assembly for Donald Campbell.


Posted By: ohFFsake
Date Posted: 12 Sep 21 at 12:27am
I live in the area and used to go on family holidays to Coniston when I was a child, so the whole Campbell legend was burned into me too!

In hindsight I think it would have been better to have left Bluebird and Campbell's remains where they were. There was never really a correct way forward once they had been taken out of the lake.

Left as it came out it would have been a gruesome relic of a tragic and horrific crash, but restoring it seems wrong too, like trying to erase what happened.

And taking the rebuilt boat out for high speed runs comes across as both irresponsible and disrespectful. If this was what he wanted it for he should have built a replica instead of building a new boat around the wreck.

And Bill Smith's latest spat just descends into farce. He's now trying to un-say his words about how much of the boat is original, and use the threat of dismantling it to bully the museum that actually owns the boat into giving in and letting him have his own way.

Perhaps they should just drop it back in the lake....

Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 20 Sep 21 at 8:43am


Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 20 Sep 21 at 8:45am
Nothing short of a disgrace.


Posted By: iGRF
Date Posted: 20 Sep 21 at 12:42pm
Smith should never have been allowed to bring it to the surface, technically it was disturbing a grave.

If he wanted to make a replica and play at being an idiot so be it, but what he's done is reprehensible imv

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Posted By: ohFFsake
Date Posted: 21 Sep 21 at 1:05pm
The whole project has been a tissue of Bill Smith's lies from day one.
First he said the reason for diving on the boat was to solve the mystery of where it was. But it was never lost - RN divers found it immediately after the crash and rightly decided it was best left there.

Then he said it was to stop other divers from stealing bits off it. Apart from the comic irony in that statement as things stand now, it also rather contradicted his earlier statement about its whereabouts being unknown.

Then it was to solve the mystery of why it crashed in the first place. Again there's no real mystery there. It was the fastest it had ever been, it was pitching bow up because the front sponsons were tramping and the rest is simple aerodynamics.

He's changed his story every step of the way, but it's pretty apparent that all he ever wanted was to have the boat as a toy to play with, regardless of who actually owned it or how disrespectful it was to recover it, complete with the dismembered corpse it contained.

And now the museum have rightfully dug their heels in and tried to hold him to the original agreement he's thrown all his toys out of the pram.

It should never have been salvaged, and I genuinely think the best place for it now would be back in the lake

Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 21 Sep 21 at 2:33pm
The museum should have involved the 'Minister of Sport' some time ago, needs debating by neutral body.


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