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Buying a boat? New or second-hand? Experiences

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Topic: Buying a boat? New or second-hand? Experiences
Posted By: barco
Subject: Buying a boat? New or second-hand? Experiences
Date Posted: 30 Aug 20 at 10:32am
Hello guys, I would like to address those who bought a new boat not so long ago: Originally our idea was to buy a second-hand boat. In the selection were or are boats like Beneteau Flyer 550SD, Maxum 190 SC, Bayliner 2052 or also a Stingray 200CS or CX. At the moment I pretty don't know what we should do. Prices are still pretty elevated. The age of the boats is about 15 years . I don't even want to talk about technology, repair and so on. What does a new boat really cost? Not the list price, but what actually has to be paid. When buying a car this is still relatively simple. List price minus discount is the price you pay at the end. Of course, the discount varies from vehicle to vehicle and its actuality, but at least a tendency can be seen. But with boats I have never read that for a certain model there are 10 percent discount or so. Complete offers, however, can be found from time to time. So, just to ask: Can anyone tell me what to expect when buying a boat? Better buy a new or a second-hand boat? Thanks a lot for all answers already!

Posted By: julienwsm
Date Posted: 02 Sep 20 at 8:54am
In most cases you will pay way more for a new boat than for a comparable used boat. But, and to me that is the major issue, you don't really know how reliable it will be or how it was treated by its previous owner. You should specifically pay special attention to the motor and the hull, and look out for any cracks, you know. A marine surveyor can help here too. Also, you have to consider to assume most of the value depreciation. Still if you buy a new quality boat it could be less! There is no right or wrong decision per se. Me personally I would choose a new boat, because like this you know the condition is fine and you know the purchase is good from the start. Finding a used boat in a good condition might be cheaper but is just more time efficient. 

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.

Posted By: barco
Date Posted: 13 Sep 20 at 1:09pm
Hey julinwsm, thank you so much for your answer. Ok, it is obvious that you pay more for a new boat than for a comparable used boat. And yes, I agree with you: it's really a big problem if you don't know how well the boat was treated by the previous owner. Thanks also for the tip with the marine surveyor. Iíll probably get back to that later. Personally, I would not be able to see whether the motor or the hull have any problems (unless they were easily apparent). Thank you for your opinion and experience though. I am actually always in favour of a new purchase. But I also assumed that I would get a "better" used boat for the same money than if I bought a new one. Do you think that you should save more and then buy the boat of your choice? After all, I donít feel stressed and I donít necessarily need to buy a boat right now. I can wait a few months for a good offer and then buy a used boat as wellÖ:-)

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