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Electronic Finish Recording

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Topic: Electronic Finish Recording
Posted By: Brass
Subject: Electronic Finish Recording
Date Posted: 08 Feb 20 at 5:07am
Anybody care to comment in this topic in the Race Management Forum

http://" rel="nofollow - Electronic Finish Recording

Originally posted by Brass

Below are some different viewpoints about electronic finish recording.

No doubt any Sailwave or other electronic system operation needs to be well trained/practiced.

Is it possible to get Sailwave operation up to speed for large close finishes?

Are there any other systems that are better at this?

Originally posted by Brass

[Finishing line] functions:

Caller/Line Sighter, usually the RO


Recorder 1

Recorder 2

Hoots/Division Tracker (increasingly important with 4 or more Divisions)

Sound Signals

So, recording is redundantly duplicated.  If recording on-line, one of the Recorders, is electronic.


Note that Sailwave, and the DSRC mobile phone app can produce finishing line lists sorted by handicap order, or (for DSRC, at least, recorded time at previous mark/lap)

Originally posted by JimC

Whenever I've tried automating timing the thing that has really bitten me has been managing close finishes with multiple boats, so that's the area that really needs to be sorted out....


Originally posted by craiggo

My advice is: 

Get someone to enter all the competitors details into Sailwave while you and your race team set courses, prepare flags and generally prepare for the day. 
Do not attempt to try and enter times directly into the computer. Leave it and an operator in your clubhouse. 
One completed send your paper sheets to the person in the club house to insert into Sailwave while you get on with the next few races. 
At the end, your person in the clubhouse on Sailwave should be able to rapidly input the final race results and give you very quick results while you tidy up. 

My key advice, make sure your Sailwave operator is well trained and make sure your fleet files are well prepared, your discard profiles etc. Are all sorted. Record boats and times in chronological order on paper as it's easier to shoot errors and fix mistakes.

Posted By: polc1410
Date Posted: 24 Feb 20 at 10:56pm
There are two "solutions" other than DSRC being shown at dinghy show
One has video finishing which I've always thought to be sensible. But could run alongside DSRC... I'm sure tugging something to capture 5 seconds before and after a toot to a card which can be analysed later for a missed finish would make sense.

Dictaphone is another common approach. CALLER SHOUTS NUMBER. recorder records Dictaphone also captures it. If time stamp just before ends any discrepancies can be ironed out...

I'm still stunned we don't have digital tracking.

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