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New sail required?

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Topic: New sail required?
Posted By: Jas_Quba
Subject: New sail required?
Date Posted: 27 Sep 19 at 7:32pm
Hi Im new to this forum and to dinghy sailing! I joined a local club the beginning of this year and have sailed at least once a week since April, first in the club Quba's then in my own when a nice clean one came up for sale.
My boat came with a "Pro" sail and a sport main which I use mostly - but when I first took it out the bag it had a mouse nest in it and they had chewed a great big hole in the leech. My mate stitched a patch on it and I scrubbed the whole sail as it was quite stained and its been fine. BUT it being 5 years old with a repair I'm considering selling the Pro sail and treating the boat to a brand new mainsail. I don't get on with the pro sail as in the light winds mostly on the lake I can't get the top batten to pop over, and if its blowing a bit its too scarey and I can't reef it. Also when other members race in the club boats its nice not to have an unfair advantage with a bigger sail which makes for a close race.
So basically, will a new Dacron mainsail improve my life or would there be nothing wrong with a 5yr old patched up one?
Also, there was a bit of fine string in the leech that has a little plastic jam cleat at the clew of the sail - this came out when the sail was fixed but what did/would it do - I can find nothing on the www...?
Many thanks for your thoughts, and thank you for reading this far!

Posted By: SoggyBadger
Date Posted: 28 Sep 19 at 1:42pm
The line you talk about is/was the leech line - very rare in dinghies. From the photo you sail seems to set very well so I doubt that a new main will make a big difference.

Best wishes from deep in the woods


Posted By: Jas_Quba
Date Posted: 28 Sep 19 at 5:47pm
Ok thanks for that. Perhaps I'd be better spending the money on some coaching instead!

Posted By: Granite
Date Posted: 28 Sep 19 at 7:16pm
The thin line is a leach line and you use it to stop the back edge of the sail from vibrating. If this is not happening then it is fine for it to be missing. Even if it is vibrating it is not a huge problem but can be a bit anoying.

If the line were still there then if when sailing the back edge of the sail starts to flutter you tighten the line slightly till it stops. (or do it when you get back onshore)

From the pictures those sails look OK.

If it doesn't break it's too heavy; if it does it wasn't built right

Posted By: Jas_Quba
Date Posted: 28 Sep 19 at 8:43pm
Thats really useful to know thank you - none of my books go into that sort of detail, nor could I find it on the web. What a wealth of knowledge this forum is!

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 28 Sep 19 at 8:48pm
Coaching would certainly make a difference, even if informal. Where are you based?

Firefly 2324, Lightning 130, Puffin 229, Minisail 3446

Posted By: Jas_Quba
Date Posted: 28 Sep 19 at 9:55pm
New Forest - Spinnaker SC. Plenty of coaches available I believe!

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 29 Sep 19 at 6:58am
Heaving with them!

Lovely place to sail, and especially to learn about wind shifts! A while since I've sailed there, but if Firefly sailing is still strong, crewing is a great way to learn how to get a boat round a course quickly.

Firefly 2324, Lightning 130, Puffin 229, Minisail 3446

Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 29 Sep 19 at 9:18am
First class repair on that sail.


Posted By: Jas_Quba
Date Posted: 29 Sep 19 at 8:42pm
Yes those shifty winds... sometimes my wind indicator spins more than an anemometer!
There are some club Fireflys but its mostly Solo's and Lasers that lap me! I have crewed once on a Wanderer which was great (and comfy after my Quba!) so yes I must do it more and glean more knowledge from the regulars - though I do get plenty of advice thrown my way as they come past!
And yes a great repair - my mate (an engineer) did a tailoring course a while back, and his wife used to work in a sail shop - useful people to know!

Posted By: cad99uk
Date Posted: 30 Sep 19 at 8:18am
Looks like you might be missing a clew tie down. Ties clew of sail down to the boom.

Posted By: Jas_Quba
Date Posted: 30 Sep 19 at 12:08pm
Ah ok thank you I'll look into that - learn something new every day!

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 30 Sep 19 at 7:06pm
Usually the Q'ba has a continuous outhaul, and it is the hook which is tied round the boom, not the sail itself. Went looking for a photo on Google, but they were either hooked on wrong or not clear.

Firefly 2324, Lightning 130, Puffin 229, Minisail 3446

Posted By: Jas_Quba
Date Posted: 30 Sep 19 at 7:43pm
Thinking about it, my outhaul runs in a track in the boom - maybe that negates the need for a tie down? The previous owner modified the control so you only pull it to tighten it via a small block, then jam it in a one sided cleat thing...

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 30 Sep 19 at 8:10pm
The purpose of the clew strap it to prevent the clew getting steadily further from the boom as you ease the outhaul (which results in the boom getting lower and lower and, possibly more importantly, sail control getting more and more sloppy). It looks as if the clue hook runs in a track on the boom on the Quba so that does the job just fine.

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