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Modding my dinghy for instant reef..

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Topic: Modding my dinghy for instant reef..
Posted By: fasteddy
Subject: Modding my dinghy for instant reef..
Date Posted: 19 Jun 19 at 3:52pm
Hi all..

Have now had several good days sailing my little 12 foot single sail dinghy on Loch Shin and a couple of days on the sea with my son.
We have both really enjoyed sailing and have managed to fish each time with good success.
Thing is though, when we fish while sailing (trolling) all is fine when there are 2 of us as one can control the dinghy, the other hangs onto the rod. The one controlling the dinghy releases the sail from the end of the boom and although it can flap around a bit until it can be wrapped around the mast, this still works well at stopping the travel of the boat.
Thing is, I would like to take out the dinghy on my own occasionally but cannot see an easy way to release the sail at a moments notice. This has had me looking for some type of quick release mechanism that can disconnect the sail from the end of the boom easily and quickly.
Spent a fair bit of time scouring the net and have seen some very funky widgets that may serve this purpose, but in the end it seems more likely that you guys may know of something that already exists for the job..?

Posted By: ColPrice2002
Date Posted: 19 Jun 19 at 8:51pm
Can you reach the end of the boom?

I've sailed Picos that had the mainsheet attached to the boom by a pair of Ingelfield clips. These only require a quick twist to release.
Alternatively, run an outhaul line to the end of the boom and back, use a hook to clip in the cringle at the code.
Third option, use a long outhaul line so that you can unclear it, then roll the sail with it still attached (2 X length of boom). I'd suggest a clamcleat near the mast for that


Posted By: fasteddy
Date Posted: 20 Jun 19 at 12:15am
Hey Colprice2002..
If you mean can I reach it when solo sailing it then yes, quite easily. But one hand on the tiller, another 2 hands on a rod, and then 2 further hands trying to seperate the sail from the boom, in a stiff breeze you can add another hand to dissconnecting the sail..  You can see where this may be heading..
Either have to spend an hour or two googling all those parts, or get into some serious hand grafting..
Thanks, I will try to work out a system with the various suggestions you have made and get back to you..

Posted By: fasteddy
Date Posted: 20 Jun 19 at 12:31am
That was quick..! Long outhaul line has to be the quick and easy one to go for, already have a clamcleat on the boom, just have to move it and extend the line..
Thank you.. Will report back this weekend after I have given it a try..

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 20 Jun 19 at 10:06am
Inglefield clips will be impossible to disconnect under load. A snap shackle with a ring to attach a release line might be an alternative but you'd struggle to reconnect it on the water. The long outhaul line sounds like the best answer.

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