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Langstone Sailing Club, where can I sail?

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Printed Date: 26 Aug 19 at 1:36am
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Topic: Langstone Sailing Club, where can I sail?
Posted By: mozzy
Subject: Langstone Sailing Club, where can I sail?
Date Posted: 17 Apr 19 at 2:29pm
Any Langstone locals care to give me a brief on which channels and how far outside them I can sail in an 800?

HISC have a bridge race on Friday. I think it's usually a club line start and finish with the Hayling bridge mark as the turn point...

Race will start at 12, so we should be racing over a full 4.9 m high tide which is good. But in an RS800 I think space will still be a little tight. And if it's the forecast easterly if will be gybing run down from Emsworth to the bridge then a beat back out. 

I cycle past everyday, and the southern channel always seems to have water in it, with the north looking to pretty much completely dry out... but the north looks a lot wider with is a bit more friendly to variable angles we'll be sailing in the 800!

Or is it just mental to try and take an 800 up there?" rel="nofollow - Aerial Photo

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Posted By: sargesail
Date Posted: 17 Apr 19 at 4:59pm
South channel is pretty narrow, especially around that bank at the east end. Not sure how much water you’d need to get an 800 over it.

Posted By: RS400atC
Date Posted: 17 Apr 19 at 5:33pm
Bonkers idea.
XC is giving 13mph? So you'll be going fast enough to make a right mess of your boat when you run aground.

Up near the bridge, it dries more than 2m in the deep part of the channel.
And don't forget the tidal range is less up there.

Posted By: iGRF
Date Posted: 17 Apr 19 at 6:23pm
Mad, we frequently run aground with 700 cm centreboards on Boards, I famously lost a round island race running aground up that channel after pumping for 4 hours luffing the guy to the bank but he found a way through above, but seriously graunched his plate. I wouldn't take a fixed plate boat up there. You need an Alto or 505, something the plate kicks back at least.

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Posted By: GarethT
Date Posted: 17 Apr 19 at 7:16pm
Channel is well marked. If you're boat handling is slick, do it.

Posted By: mozzy
Date Posted: 18 Apr 19 at 8:06am
1.3m centreboard. If it's 15 knots it's likely some of that will be up... But probably best assuming we need 2m water to be confident.. ish

If it's an easterly I'm wondering whether the northern channel lines up better with our gybing and taking angles, getting in and out with just one tack and gybe on the northern tip of the triangular bank. 

Or do we need the depth of the southern channel... which could require a lot of tacks and gybes.

Hopefully the wind will go northerly or southerly so we can get down the southern channel in one tack / gybe! 

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Posted By: PeterG
Date Posted: 18 Apr 19 at 8:14am
With any luck the bottom is mud? So while not recommended, or a load of fun, hitting with a dagger board might not do TOO much damage. I have seen an 800 hit a rock with the board down and split the case! But then, of course, part of the joy of sailing in shallow tidal estuaries is that there can be sunken logs, and all sorts of rubbish sitting on top of the bottom, to catch the unwary!

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Posted By: Oli
Date Posted: 18 Apr 19 at 11:54am

that northern route looks about the same as the route we take when doing our round the islands race on the southern side of Northey island, upwind and down its wide enough in all but ludicrous wind speeds for an 800. As for actual depths of that part of langstone, sorry im out of mine there.

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Posted By: Fatboi
Date Posted: 18 Apr 19 at 1:43pm
Whatever happens, I hope the Go-Pro is on for it Mozzy! 

Posted By: GarethT
Date Posted: 19 Apr 19 at 9:55pm
Blue kite?

Saw you whilst racing from Emsworth. Did you make it to the bridge?

Posted By: mozzy
Date Posted: 20 Apr 19 at 5:50pm
The blue kite was Frances and Tom, we had a white kite. 

We made it round, took the southern channel with a lot of gybing back and forth. We managed not to ground, but the other 800 did. I wouldn't fancy doing it in more than 5 knots in an easterly or westerly!

There was big shut down where the sea breeze was fighting the gradient which wasn't very kind to us. Generally the best breeze was around the top past the Emsworth channels. 

We got a good kicking on corrected time. The writing was on the wall when the Tasars were still only few minutes behind at the bridge and then tide only got stronger for those coming back later! Lost by 25 minutes! Must be some sort of record. 

It was pretty fun though. Nice to see round that way from on the water." rel="nofollow -  

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