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Mainsheet block swivel ?

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Topic: Mainsheet block swivel ?
Posted By: trev55555
Subject: Mainsheet block swivel ?
Date Posted: 08 Apr 19 at 7:18pm
Hi all 
I've been given a unused Holt Main sheet swivel ( part number HA-4266 ) which I want to use on my old National Solo (1972) as the old (and probably) original is pretty much worn out and wobbly....

So I ask 'does it matter that my 'new' block is missing the small internal swivel stops and would rotate 360' ?

I've asked a fellow solo sailor and others down t' club...
... and we are not to sure, by the way, offering up the new part shows me that there is no issues with obstruction with the traveller car or anything else .

Thanks to anyone in advance for taking the time to answer.

ps I've looked to buy the missing parts online  and it doesnt look like they are available.

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 08 Apr 19 at 7:21pm
I would say it will be fine, it will only pivot when you pull the fall and as you don't ever go in front of the traveller you'll never pull it in that direction.

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Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 08 Apr 19 at 7:25pm
Depends on you really. If you never let go of the mainsheet, always keep it taut and never capsize then you'll probably not even notice. But if you drop the sheet or capsize, and the sheet winds round the tower a time or three it can vary from mildly irritating to damn dangerous. Ought not to be beyond the wit of man to organise some sort of stop if you don't mind it being limited to about 270 degrees.

Posted By: trev55555
Date Posted: 08 Apr 19 at 7:34pm
Thanks for your thoughts chaps/chapettes ?..... anymore for anymore ?

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 08 Apr 19 at 7:35pm
The tower on the Spice only rotates around 200 and it's bloody annoying in the light......

Spice 346 "Flat Broke"
Blaze 671 "supersonic soap dish"

Posted By: ColPrice2002
Date Posted: 08 Apr 19 at 9:15pm
If your "old and wobbly" mainsheet swivel is a Harken, you can buy replacement ball bearings and recondition it fairly cheaply.
Do check the fixings to the centreboard cap. My Solo had the standard 4 wood screws - these protrude below the mount and seem inelegant and difficult to tighten once the wood has suffered.
I replaced the screws with s/s bolts, washers and unlock nuts.

Posted By: trev55555
Date Posted: 09 Apr 19 at 10:25am
Cheers Col', nope not a Harken, tis so old it got no BB's.

Posted By: fogliettaz
Date Posted: 15 Apr 19 at 9:28am
We here at Allen still have some old A4266's in stock complete with the stops.

Posted By: Allen Brothers
Date Posted: 15 Apr 19 at 10:00am
Hi Trev, 

If you get in touch with us at 

We will be able to help you source the correct parts for your mainsheet swivel. 

Posted By: Jack Sparrow
Date Posted: 15 Apr 19 at 3:33pm
Originally posted by Sam.Spoons

The tower on the Spice only rotates around 200 and it's bloody annoying in the light......

I would have said there were a few other things that cause annoyance when sailing a Spice in light winds than the main jammer not rotating. LOL

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Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 15 Apr 19 at 6:18pm
Probably a testament to my low expectations these days LOL

Spice 346 "Flat Broke"
Blaze 671 "supersonic soap dish"

Posted By: trev55555
Date Posted: 09 May 19 at 9:12am
Thanks to all who contributed..... anyways sold the 'Solo' ! and bought me'self a Blaze, thought I had better before my knees could'nt cope.

Posted By: Cirrus
Date Posted: 09 May 19 at 11:06am
The Blaze is fairly kindly to 'knees' in fact... all you need frankly is a pair of foam based Volleyball knee pads anyway... Most are far better than 'dinghy' pads ... and massively less expensive.

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