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Day sailing or racing

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Topic: Day sailing or racing
Posted By: jasperthedog
Subject: Day sailing or racing
Date Posted: 31 Dec 18 at 11:36am
Hi Everybody,

I,m after a bit of advise on local club racing. I am a member of a small
Sailing club in leicester and own a varied selection of different sailing dinghys.

What I would like to know is could I take one of these to another club pay for the day and enter there racing, purely as a one off.

I know I can do the open meetings but looking for more of a spur of the moment choice.

Would this be allowed and also could it upset anybody else's yearly results.

Thanks in advance,

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 31 Dec 18 at 11:46am
I'm sure most would welcome you with open arms. As for mucking up results, enough members only do one or two races a series, so I can't see it being an issue.

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Posted By: Gordon 1430
Date Posted: 31 Dec 18 at 12:06pm
Most clubs allow people to join in up to 6 times a year without being a member. after that they may have a day membership.
good luck

Phantom 1430

Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 31 Dec 18 at 2:38pm
My club only allows 6 daily sails a year too, it's not free though, think it's 8.

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 31 Dec 18 at 6:59pm
I was just looking to do this at a club halfway between me and a Blaze sailing mate, they will allow a member to sign you in as a guest but you can't sail out own boat outside of open meetings (you can sail a members boat or a club boat). 

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Posted By: jasperthedog
Date Posted: 03 Jan 19 at 7:13pm
Thanks for your help chaps.
Seems like its not quite straightforward so probaly will just stick to day sailing with the odd open meeting.
I have e-mailed a dozen local clubs I'll report back there replies.

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 03 Jan 19 at 8:10pm
Does no harm to ask, many clubs will be glad to have you as a guest I'm sure.

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Posted By: Oli
Date Posted: 03 Jan 19 at 11:22pm
Imagine most clubs run the old tried and tested method of allowing several visits per year but no sailing your own boat and at a standing members invite, then limited numbers of day membership at a nominal rate.

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Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 03 Jan 19 at 11:26pm
Probably true but still worth asking. And many places offer a day ticket (though mostly sailing centres rather than clubs). There should be plenty of opportunities to go sailing without joining a club if that is what you want.

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Posted By: jasperthedog
Date Posted: 21 Jan 19 at 5:30pm
Well I e-mailed eight clubs to see if I could join in with the club racing while using a day ticket.

Only one club had the decency to reply, and strangely that was from Rutland water where I was a member for 20 years, so I almost knew the answer.
It doesn't seem to be a problem with them just turn up early and introduce myself to the race officer.

I even paid one club for a refresher course that after 4 weeks still haven't sent a confirmation, lucky I used PayPal because I'll be taking that back in the morning.

A bit disappointing all round really but I,'ll sort something.

Cheers All,

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 21 Jan 19 at 6:53pm
Yup, that is very poor. I know most clubs are run by volunteers, many of whom have day jobs and social lives outside the club but it shouldn't be beyond the wit of the committee to ensure somebody fields enquiries like yours.

Just a thought, have you posted on the various clubs facebook page? That often gets a response as the membership will see it rather than just the committee member responsible.

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Posted By: Late starter
Date Posted: 22 Jan 19 at 12:39am
Had a bit of a wry smile reading this thread. I'm semi retired from racing after 40 odd years sailing dinghies at club/open level, so the idea of not having to pay 200+ subs a year to sail maybe half a dozen times a year is attractive. I'd be well up for lobbing a few quid at a day ticket a few times a year myself. The problem is from the other side of the coin I spent way too may years on various committees trying to finance the club in an age of shrinking grass roots participation in the sport, so I know why the pay to play model is never going to happen at club level. Basically clubs financing works due to a critical mass of members paying their 200 a year (or whatever) subs, which pays for the rent, insurance, club maintenance, powerboat fuel and maintenance, training fleet repairs and replacement etc etc and all the various other costs that keep a club afloat. All those members who don't sail that often but still pay their subs are keeping the club going financially. Letting the less active members move to pay to play would be catastrophic, probably to the point of killing the club.  It's a shame the clubs the OP approached didn't have the courtesy to explain the facts of life around club finance, but IMHO the only way pay to play works is with a very different business model to our traditional clubs.  But hey, if you find a club that lets you join in with club racing when you feel like it in return for a day ticket let me know, if it's in my area I'd be interested myself. Think you'll have a longish wait though..

Posted By: jasperthedog
Date Posted: 22 Jan 19 at 7:12am
Hi,Late starter I can see your point and agree with most but my main disappointment was the lack of response. I know clubs are run by a lot of volunteers and this would not be top of the list but I would have thought a quick email would be possible.
As for grass routes I have 3 grandchildren that love sailing and like most 8 year olds are competitive and would love to join in the racing, but being RAF family they never quite know where they will be. Are these not the next generation we need to support to keep the club's alive, else they will drift into football etc. which is so easily available.
Also it brings money into the club, its not just the sailing fee there's also food drink purchased which all contributes, never mind a trip to the chandlry. This doesn't happen when you just cruise around as you tend to stay on your own.
So this wasn't just a way to get cheap sailing, as I believe it works out more expensive in the long run, it was to bring a bit more variety into our sailing grounds and to give people ago who wouldn't normally think of sailing.
Rutland water sailing club seems ok with this which is great, except I've sailed here for nearly 40 years and I just fancied a change.

Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 22 Jan 19 at 7:22am
Would be very surprised if any club in the country turned you down if you informed them about forces issue.

Posted By: jasperthedog
Date Posted: 22 Jan 19 at 8:20am
That,s just the thing Zero, I haven't been turned down as such, just ignored. Even sending money upfront didn't prompt a response.

Posted By: PeterG
Date Posted: 22 Jan 19 at 9:34am
Clearly, your lack of response is disappointing (as an ex club gen sec particularly so, but not entirely surprising - I remember clubs I struggled to get an answer from for club business). However, it's worth bearing in mind in your situation that a lot of clubs don't charge, or charge little, for cadet membership. They may require an adult to be a member though. Worth enquiring, if you can ever get through!

But I also second the remarks about clubs being, rightly, very wary of opening up pay to sail options. Apart from likely loss of predictable revenue, the additional administration and difficulties of financial planning would be nightmarish in most cases.

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Posted By: Late starter
Date Posted: 22 Jan 19 at 10:08am
I agree with the comments about the lack of communication being disappointing. I used to do many duties when I was more active at the club, and used to meet lots of potential new members who had turned up and basically wanted a friendly chat with someone who could talk about the sport and the club. Sometimes I'd get a spare BA out of the car and take the prospective member out on the water and get them to help me with whatever duty I was doing for half an hour. It's amazingly effective, as for many people walking into a strange club (and sport perhaps) can be difficult so it's nice to be welcomed and "accepted". You will not believe the stories I've heard from all these prospective members who had already been to one or two other local SC's, and basically been ignored or made to feel they were in the way. I think we've got a lot more to do as a sport to be more welcoming to our newbs. 

Posted By: jasperthedog
Date Posted: 22 Jan 19 at 12:14pm
Clubs definitely need to be more welcoming if they want new members, I don't think I've ever received a proper warm welcome when visiting other clubs, and the feedback I Get from non sailors is its a snooty closed door sport.
I know this to be incorrect as I have met the nicest most helpfull people through sailing but if they can't get through the gate they will never see it.
A shame really because everyone I have managed to get out on a boat have been hooked and still sailing, including 2 Rya instructors and a club Commodore.
Plus I managed to sell a couple of my boats on so we both benefited.

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 22 Jan 19 at 1:48pm
I'm surprised so many didn't respond. It is a bad time of year for contacting clubs, but I'd have expected a better hit rate than that.

What I wouldn't do is judge clubs purely on that. Try Facebook, check when racing starts and go visit, chat to the regulars.

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Posted By: jasperthedog
Date Posted: 22 Jan 19 at 4:10pm
Hi Rupert,
Defiantly won't be judging the club's on this response at the end of the day I have a solution and we can all go sailing.

What it has done is highlight how difficult it can be just to get a reply. I wonder how many complete newbies would still be interested after 4 weeks of no response.

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 22 Jan 19 at 4:40pm
True. Looks like a closed shop.

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Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 22 Jan 19 at 7:14pm
The clubs that haven't replied are they closed for winter ?

Posted By: craiggo
Date Posted: 22 Jan 19 at 9:35pm
A lot of clubs haven't been able to move with technology very well.
If your committee only meet once a month and the membership sec. Checks the mailbox on the way to the meeting you might be waiting a while to hear from them.
Sounds archaic but is fairly representative.

Clubs do need to understand the impact this has on prospective members and find a way to adopt online systems but these incur cost.

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