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Really should get out more
Really should get out more

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Posted on another thread

Originally posted by Merlinboy

Tim as i have said to Rodney in a PM the arrogant comment was not meant to be directed at either of you two, I'm sorry if i hadn't narrowed it down enough.

Your above post is great and thats really the kind of content i personally like to read on an Internet forum.  I like to hear about your experiences, your grumbles and developments.   I also like to hear from the builders/distributors on new developments, ideas etc.

I hate to say it but the whole D-one thing has been mistreated and an absolutely catastrophic PR exercise, they should of run it exactly like RS have.  Let the thread grow organically and develop and just pop in with small snippets of updates etc.

Perhaps i should retract my previous thread as i did not mean to insult anyone.




Retracting the posting on this thread changes nothing!  In fact I think that the posting I am quoting is yet another attack and any reference to a PM between you and me was inappropriate as it was, after all, a PM!  You know that I feel personally insulted but so does Luca and also all those who have taken the step to buy a D-One, TIMG for example.  I personally think that you crossed the line on this one but then I have learned that this is one of the traits of forums. 

As this is likely to be my last posting I will do my best to make my position clear.  I had never been involved in forums until the D-One thread was started here and only started posting when the D-One was under severe attack. The severity of these attacks over several months is way beyond my understanding.

The D-One is an outstanding and highly innovative new dinghy which I sincerely believe will pave the way for future developments in the years to come.  The attacks have been constant with the word ugly coming into play on a regular basis. The fact is that for the few who say the boat is ugly here there are many more around the world who's opinions differ but the seed has been purposely sewn as this clever criticism is purely subjective.  The fact is that I, along with a host of other people, love the look of the D-One.  More important is that fact that the D-One rates as being one of the finest dinghies I have ever sailed, don't just taken my word on this but read the reviews or talk to the people who have sailed a D-One.

The D-One is Luca's baby and he has been passionate about the boat to the point where his investment in the project has been huge with not hours but accumulated months of input going into getting as close to the perfect boat as possible.  Interestingly all of the people who have criticised this or that about the D-One have, ipso facto, been critical of one of the top dinghy designers around and also some of the best sailors in the world who have input time and experience into the project.  The fact is that it is easy to criticise and I am sure that once I have done this posting I will re-read it for the umpteenth time and criticise it again.

Are the cheap shots at the D-One done just for fun?  If so I think it a very sad world where people get their kicks from try to destroy, from their keyboards, the result of two years hard work, from a team of dedicated people.  I am a newbie here and as such have been trying to understand the rules but it seems that if anyone either involved in the D-One project or, worse still, even likes the boat is accused of viral marketing (whatever that is?).  So, I think that some of the people posting here are looking to be critical and rude about us (Luca and his development team, the designer of the D-One, TIMG and others who have bought or ordered a boat, the press and me) both implicitly and explicitly with no attempt to understand the boat, the rig or the concepts behind it.  We have tried our best to clarify the issues that make the D-One such a fantastic boat but every effort has been thwarted through clever and sometimes articulate responses which I now believe were intended for just one purpose, to wind us up!

I have seen racism and character assassination on the threads and am amazed that the moderators have tolerated this.  Potential defamatory comments and racism should not happen anywhere but I am further amazed that the sport of sailing, my love for the past 37 years, comes to this.  Call me naive but I have always thought of all those who sail as friends as we share a common passion and I have never, yes I mean never, been critical of anyone's choice of boat.  Different classes fit different peoples budgets, aspiration, age, size, levels of fitness and sailing waters so it would be arrogant of me to find fault in their choice.

Luca Devoti is a visionary and through launching the D-One he has opened up a new world for a whole bunch of people who want the fun and excitement of a single handed, high performance asymmetric without the need to be an acrobat or athlete.  Of course he is passionate about the D-One and that's not surprising given his investment in the project and the amount of work that he and his chosen team of people have put into getting, as near as possible, the perfect boat to market.

Now it's over to all you people out there to be rude, critical, racist or whatever without response because I will not get dragged through the depths any more.  In short, I have had enough!


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Far too distracted from work
Far too distracted from work

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Rodders  ^^^^^

Don't let the pygmies get you down. Nil illigitimus carborundum and all that.

Just because there are some ar**holes here doesn't mean we all are. I for one appreciate your inputs as much as i like Luca's.
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Really should get out more
Really should get out more

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The conversation that went on between you and i in a PM has not been divulged on the public forum!  I was just trying to apologise for not being more direct with y comments and perhaps seemingly taring everyone with the same brush!

Everyone is entitles to their own opinion, even more so on a OPEN PUBLIC forum.  That is the beauty of the beast!

Its sad that you feel personally insulted and feel you must in protest no longer post, i would never want my postings to make anyone feel that way and if they have i am extremely sorry.

I have commented positively more then once about the D-One, but will comment again i find it odd looking.  That doesn't mean its a bad ship!!  I think my wife is beautiful, butt I'm sure there are plenty of people around who think she is ugly (I hope she doesn't read this) The point is different people like different things, if we all liked the same the world would be f**king boring!

Regarding the arrogant comment, i don't know how many more times i have to say it certainly isn't about you!  Read back some of Lucas recent posts, then tell me if any of them stink of arrogance?  I don't know the guy, but i know what he has achieved in the past hence why you will never find me questioning him.  But to answer someones question or statement with that OTT drivel sounded arrogant.  Maybe its the language break down? I don't know!

Once again please don't stop posting here because the D-One thread has turned into a war zone, your input is valued.

Edited by Merlinboy
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Guest Group
Guest Group
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Rodney et al

I am amazed that this appears to get so heated. Lets just talk about the

I think with the exception of certain people who cannot seem to be
positive about anything, that the d-one has had pretty favourable
comments here. Personally I don't dislike the look of the boat or I
wouldn't have bothered you, to let me sail it.

It is unconventional in looks in comparison to others and it's 'Finn'ness
means it is 'different' to sail, in comparison to some other boats. Yes it
looks beamy, yes the mast looks close to the bow and if you haven't been
a Finn sailor it may therefore all a bit more challenging to understand.

However, that doesn't bother me or anyone else who is in the market for
such a boat. I am only interested in buying a boat which I enjoy sailing,
which has a sensible handicap. I Think TIMG has given an interesting
insight to the learning process for those who have not sailed the Finn and
is clearly enjoying it. I, like many who will buy this type of boat will
largely be club sailing.

The cost and the power of the boat means that plenty of purchasers will
be 35-50 year olds who are unable to trudge round a UK circuit every
weekend. Club racing, the odd event and a charter boat in Garda is not a
bad combination.

As far as I have seen most of the negative comments have been made by
people who not seen the boat 'in the flesh' never mind sailed it. I have
seen and sailed both and have tried to be as neutral as possible in all
posts and just give feedback to people who appear genuinely interested
in these developments.

Both this and the 100 are great for the market and have their place. They
look different, and the boats are very different in feel and I expect
technique. It doesn't mean either is right or wrong.

I hope that you and TIMG keeping posting in response to questions about
the boat and just ignore those who seem intent on creating some sort of

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