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Marazzi and crew victorious in Swiss Regatta

by Maurus Strobel on 20 May 2013
Former Miss Switzerland Jenny Ann Gerber with Marwin Sailing Team 2013 Juerg Kaufmann
Marwin Sailing Team’s high-tech GC32 catamaran, with Flavio Marazzi at the helm, stood atop a fleet of more than 120 boats in one of Switzerland's iconic and traditional races, following a spectacular boat christening with former Miss Switzerland Jenny Ann Gerber.

Thanks to a combination of clever tactics and remarkable boat speed, it took three hours and 22 minutes for the spectacular catamaran to sail from Zurich to Rapperswil despite the extremely light and challenging conditions.

Organized by the Zürcher Segel Club, the lake race from Zurich to Rapperswil, or Züri-Rappi as the locals call it, is more than a simple regatta. It's one of Switzerland's most popular long-distance races.

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