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Predictwind - Updates released for new offshore app

by Predictwind on 23 Oct 2017
Sailors need to be prepared for summer thunderstorms. D. Scott Croft
Predictwind's Offshore App is constantly being updated to provide you with the best possible forecast experience and the latest tools and features. Here's a look at the latest release.

Improvements for all platforms including Windows, Android, Mac & iOS.

PredictWind - The World Leader

The Offshore App is constantly being updated to provide you with the best possible forecast experience and the latest tools and features. 


Windows Offshore App

The Windows Offshore App has been completely rebuilt resulting in much better performance for Windows 10 users, especially when zooming or panning the Map. The Offshore App, now on “Universal Windows Platform” (UWP), has been certified by Microsoft.

The Windows 10 (UWP) version does not have the Iridium GO/Optimizer/GlobalStar direct download interface but is coming soon! Customers needing this feature should continue to use the Windows 7/8 version.


Download the Offshore App for Windows

Android Offshore App

The long awaited Android Offshore App is now available for all Android 6/7/8 devices! All PredictWind forecasts can be downloaded and viewed on a standard internet connection, or requested via email, right from your Android device. Iridium GO! & Optimizer interfaces are coming soon.

Download the Offshore App for Android

iOS Offshore App

The updated iOS Offshore App now allows direct download of forecasts on a standard internet connection, Iridium GO!, Optimizer or Globalstar. In the past, forecast data could only be retrieved by email which involved numerous steps. Now you get it direct - much faster and easier!

Download the Offshore App for iOS



New Features for All Platforms
These new features, available in the Offshore App, are also available in the website & PredictWind App.


Gust & CAPE Maps

The Offshore App now has the ability to display Gust & CAPE GRIB data, which helps you make decisions on how to avoid severe weather.


Ocean & Tidal Currents

Ocean & Tidal Current forecast data is now available to be viewed within the Offshore App, and displayed with your weather routing results. Select from 2 different providers for Ocean Currents - Hycom & Mercator.


Faster Download Speed

All GRIB file requests can be processed faster, resulting in overall faster download time, especially high resolution GRIB files, such as the 9km resolution ECMWF and 1km/4km resolution SST data.

Iridium have just released version 1.5.2 of the Iridium GO Firmware. With the PredictWind Offshore App Direct Downloads and this firmware upgrade you can expect to see up to 50% speed increase when connected to an Iridium "NEXT" satellite.


Weather Routing Animation

Boats now appear as a boat icon in Weather Routing animations to give better indication of direction and the animation follows the boats to reduce unnecessary scrolling. You also have the option to turn off automatic centering of the boat on your screen in the preferences page.


Data Pop Display

Click on the GRIB files at any location to check the exact weather data for that location. The Lat/Long for that location is also displayed. Available on the latest Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 10 apps.


Lat/Long Grid

You now have the option to enable a Lat/Long grid with 5 degree spacing. The Lat/Long grid, along with the Lat/Long data popup will help orientate you on the map whilst offshore.


Animation Speed

Users can now control the animation speed of the map and boats.


Sea Surface Temperature

You can now choose between 1km & 4km resolution SST data in the Windows/Mac Offshore App. The 4km resolution SST data is 1/4 the size which is better suited for satellite downloads. The iOS & Android version is limited to 4km resolution SST data.

Download the Offshore App

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Did you know?

Iridium have now selected the PredictWind Offshore App to be included as part of the Iridium Mail & Web App. Providing leading weather for the only Satellite Company with true global coverage.

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