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X-Yachts advisory board announces ambitious strategy plan

by X-Yachts on 24 Mar 2017
The new Xp range will be optimised for performance, visually refreshed externally, and the Xp 50 and Xp 55 will have a new interior inspired by the new ‘X’ range X-Yachts
Catering for a complete cross section of sailors prioritising Superb Sailing Pleasure, X-Yachts now has three unique and different ranges. All three lines will be further developed and refined.

The Xperformance range:
At the recent Dusseldorf Boat show, X-Yachts announced a complete new edition of the Xperformance range. The first models, including the flagship Xp 55 will go on display at the autumn boat shows in Southern Europe.
The Xp range has been hugley successful often topping International IRC and ORC events.

The Cruising Range:

The X-cruising range, which has won several marine trade awards, incl twice the European Boat of the Year award. 500 yachts have been launched since introduction, of which many have circumnavigated the world.

The Xcruising range with improved technical specifications and new interiors will go on display at 2017 autumn boat shows.

The new “pure X” Range:

The X43 and X65, are the first two models in the new ‘X’ range, and were both launched in 2016. This range combines elements from the cruising and performance ranges, enabling unparalleled comfort and sailing characteristic.

The clients are families, seeking Superb Sailing Pleasure, in a modern and stylish design package. Danish quality and functionalism at its best.

The new “Pure X” range will soon get more siblings, filling the gap between the flagship X65 and the X43, to be announced soon.

For more details, please contact X-Yachts Australia

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