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Hyde Sails 2017 Dinghy Show

Heat 3 of the 18ft Skiff 3 Buoy Handicap Series

by Simon Brown on 30 Oct 2012
Heat 3 AEG 3 Buoy Handicap Series for 18ft Skiffs SW
Heat 3 AEG 3 Buoy Handicap Series for 18ft Skiffs provided another winner yesterday, and this time it was Mojo Wine. James Dooran, Matt Searle and Mike McKenzie worked out the downwind puzzle and romped away on the North side of the harbour to put his first bullet on his score sheet for this season.

Pedro Vozone, Sam Ellis, James Ellis used the Red windward turn mark to their advantage on the last lap to pip Tom Clout's Pure Blond on the finish line by two seconds. Thurlow Fisher Lawyers, Michael S Coxon, Dave O'Connor and Trent Barnabas have now moved into first place on the AEG Leaderboard with a solid fifth place yesterday. Gotta luv it 7 dropped its new big rig in, and showed pace and height to burn but the Scratch handicap White turn marks proved to be taxing in the flakey NE breeze.

Pick the Podium.... Congratulations go to Dary Sulich who came out of the hat draw to win the Barz Optics Floater Sunnies and the Bragging Rights for this week.

Can you Pick the Podium? .....It's fun and free to enter by just logging onto then register for free and have a crack next Sunday.

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