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Of old goats and bold climbers—Sailing news from the U.S. and beyond


25 Jul 2017

Of old goats and bold climbers—Sailing news from the U.S. and beyond

Start of the Trophy t10 Section - 104th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac  MISTE Photography
I'll admit it: I love a good adventure, be it on sailboats or in the mountains, as I learned a long time ago that these experiences are-for me at least-the cure-all tonic for life's more mundane ailments (read: taxes, mortgages, insurance premiums and grocery lists), as well as a fantastic opportunity to get out in nature with friends and family and intentionally put yourself in a situation where preparation can meet opportunity and where smart decisions can pay handsome dividends when it comes to reaching the summit or the finishing line. The key, of course, is ensuring that one's preparations are broadband enough to account for life's unexpected possibilities and rigorous enough to ensure a serious shot at success.

By this, I mean that no offshore sailing team goes out for a single afternoon of practice on an untested boat before racing transatlantic, and no Himalayan climbers go on a single stroll up Mount Washington (6,289 feet) before taking on the Rupal Face of Pakistan's Nanga Parbat (26,660 feet; generally considered to be the Himalaya's hardest climbing challenge, including K2), as both teams understand that the challenges far outstrip these paltry training efforts.

But what if the offshore sailing team first competed in an Annapolis to Newport Race, several Newport Bermuda Races, a few Marblehead to Halifax Races, as well as a couple Transpac Races? Are they ready for the rigors of a North Atlantic Race? Provided that their vessel is structurally solid and racecourse ready, and provided that all participating sailors are fully versed with man overboard and safety-at-sea procedures, odds are good that this Transatlantic team will arrive in the UK full of smiles and ready to celebrate their success.

105th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac  MISTE Photography

Unlike mountaineering, however, where there are few (if any) mandatory pieces of equipment that a team must carry (aside from the government-mandated climbing permits, and, in some countries, government-mandated guides and/or porters), sailboat races usually dictate that teams must carry certain pieces of life-saving equipment, for example VHF radios, EPIRBs, GPS, life rafts, and-increasingly-the Automatic Identification System, or AIS. While all of these technologies can save lives, AIS is of particular interest to racing sailors as it can be used to avoid ship-to-ship collisions, check in on the competition, and, critically, find a man overboard who is carrying a properly deployed AIS MOB beacon, which broadcasts an emergency signal to all nearby vessels (within VHF range, so ballpark four nautical miles) that carry an AIS receiver.

This last bit is critical, however, as a non-AIS equipped boat could sail right past a MOB with an activated AIS MOB beacon at night and have no idea that they were so close to a life-or-death calamity or that they were possibly that MOB's last shot at returning home.

Head in the Sails - Chicago Yacht Club's 2011 Race to Mackinac   Jennifer Richmond

Such a tragedy almost unfurled during the Chicago Yacht Club's 2017 Race to Mackinac (July 15-18, 2017), which experienced some rough, thunderstorm-induced weather that saw at least one boat capsize (High Priority, a Corsair 31 trimaran) and also led to the stomach-turning story of Mark Wheeler's man overboard experience, which fortunately turned out well.

Wheeler, as described in an excellent SpinSheet Magazine online article that he self-authored, was sailing aboard the Farr 400 Meridan X in the 289.4 nautical-mile race when the vessel encountered 40 knots of air and the call was made for all hands to come on deck to help take down the staysail and the A2 kite. As Wheeler was reaching for a winch, the helmsman put the wheel over hard to starboard to drive down in the increasing air, and Wheeler went through the lifelines and into the drink.

While Wheeler tried to clutch a spinnaker sheet, it was quickly torn from his hands as Meridan X ripped along at (ballpark) 18 knots, leaving him floating in a lake in the middle of a dark night.

McMurdo Smartfind S20 Personal AIS MOB Beacon  Home Port Marine

Fortunately, Wheeler was carrying an AIS MOB beacon, which he activated. Less fortunate was the fact that his MOB strobe light wasn't properly working. “Besides my failed light, I had a whistle, my AIS transmitter and my safety knife,” wrote Wheeler in SpinSheet. “AIS was not mandatory for this race and we did not have it on Meridian X. My transmitter would have to be picked up by another boat or the USCG if someone with AIS was within a couple of miles of me.”

Meridan X may have been electronically blind to Wheeler's plight, but her capable crew quickly got the sails down and retraced their steps, positioning the boat close enough to Wheeler so that the crew could (eventually) hear his whistle and were able to safely conduct their rescue. All told, Wheeler spent (roughly) one hour and six minutes in the water, which would have been more than enough time to introduce full-blown hypothermia (or much worse) in many cold-water races.

105th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac  MISTE Photography

The Chicago Yacht Club's 109th Race to Mackinac Safety Requirements (3.7.1) states that “A boat shall carry a Lifesling or equivalent man overboard rescue device equipped with a self-igniting light stored on deck and ready for immediate use”. Additionally, requirement 3.7.2 states that “A boat shall have a man overboard pole and flag, with a lifebuoy, a self-igniting light, a whistle, and a drogue attached. A self-inflating Man Overboard Module, Dan Buoy or similar device will satisfy this requirement. Self-inflating apparatus shall be tested and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. These items shall be stored on deck, ready for immediate use, and affixed in a manner that allows for a 'quick release'.” Lastly, requirement 3.7.3 states “A boat shall have a throwing sock-type heaving line of 50' (15m) or greater of floating polypropylene line readily accessible to the cockpit.”

Note that these requirements do not say a thing about mandatory AIS use, nor does the USCG require that a vessel of this size carry this equipment.

2017 109th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac  Bob Carr

Forty years of sailing and adventuring have long taught me that it's never wise to play Monday morning quarterback to someone else's adventure-gone-astray, but these same 40 years have taught me that just because a requirement isn't in place doesn't mean that I should forgo carrying this gear. For example, the climbing rangers at Mount Rainier National Park have never asked to inspect my climbing rope, but if they did, they would find a brand-new, top-of-the-line dry-treated rope (so as not to absorb glacial melt water and freeze), not to mention a personal locator beacon (also not required).

While safety gear can be expensive, a Class B listen-only AIS receiver can be purchased for as little as $500, and a send-and-receive Class B AIS receiver fetches roughly $800-dirt-cheap insurance against a MOB situation, as well as an inexpensive way of being able to render assistance to other distressed mariners.

Mackinac Island, famous for the Grand Hotel, and finish line for the annual Chicago - Mac and Port Huron - Mac races  Oversee Yachts

So, while a race (or a climbing ranger) might not require a particular piece of equipment, prudent sailors are strongly advised to carry the necessary tools to ensure that their adventure stays within the lines of sanity.

As my climbing mentor liked to say, “there are old climbers and bold climbers, but very few old, bold climbers.”

WingNuts    SW

Given that the Chicago Yacht Club's Race to Mackinac likes to celebrate its Old Goats (veterans of 25 “Mac” races, who are invited to join the exclusive “Island Goats Sailing Society”), the race should also strongly consider updating its list of mandatory safety equipment to deal with situations like Wheeler's, and to stave-off a repeat of their tragic 2011 race, when Suzanne Bickel and Mark Morley were lost when the Kiwi 35 WingNuts capsized.

After all, there's not so much difference between old goats and bold climbers if they aren't carrying the right tools.

May the four winds blow you safely home,

David Schmidt, Sail-World USA Editor

McDougall McConaghy Moth Worlds - Top contenders guide
Jonny Fullerton,
A record 240 Moths are entered from 25 countries from all over the globe, making this world championship one of the sailing events of the year.... [more]

The Gertrude Cup 2017 - Overall report
Laurence Mead,
For the third time this season a Hong Kong team is leading the way in a major Solent Etchells regatta, this time the Gertrude Cup run by the Royal Thames Yacht Club. This invitational series sees competitors being provided with a fully rigged Etchells with almost new and equally matched sails so that it provides an incredibly level playing field for the international teams.... [more]

Record turnout in Dr Irena Eris ORC European Championship Gdansk 2017
After two days of measurement, registration and practice racing today and tomorrow, 83 teams from 11 countries throughout Europe will start racing on Wednesday 26 July for four days of offshore and inshore competition at the Dr Irena Eris ORC European Championship Gdansk 2017.... [more]

J/22 North Americans - Day 3 action-shots by Christopher Howell
J/22 International Class Association,
Photographer Christopher Howell was on water at J/22 North American Championship and provided this gallery of images from Day 3 action.... [more]

Chris Doyle's The Jug 4 1 takes J/22 North Americans on tie-breaker
Julie & Christopher Howell,
In sports, coaches always say that every point matters. That was certainly the case at the J/22 North American Championship hosted by Buffalo Yacht Club in Buffalo, NY. Chris Doyle's The Jug 4 1 went into the ninth and final contest in third place, four points behind Travis Odenbach's HoneyBadger. Doyle did his part by scoring a bullet, and paired with Odenbach's fifth-place finish... [more]

Barcelona glory for Oman Air but SAP Extreme Sailing Team go top
Extreme Sailing Series,
The crowds lining the shore could hear the cheers coming from Oman Air's GC32 as the team, last year's runners up, celebrated topping the podium for the first time this season following a trio of thirds in the previous Acts.... [more]

Paul Goodison shows his speed in Italian Moth Series + Video
Jonny Fullerton,
Day 2 of the Italian Moth Series, the precursor to the McDougall + McConaghy Moth Worlds, Lake Garda delivered fantastic Moth sailing conditions for the 150 competitors, with spectators enjoying a grand stand view of the action from the Fraglia Vela Malcesine club foreshore. Catch the excellent video of the day with Bangin' the Corner's Randy Cunningham.... [more]

420 Europeans - Top youth sailors ready to race in Athens
International 420 Class Association,
The 2017 420 Open Europeans start on Tuesday on the waters off the iconic Olympic sailing city of Athens. Beforehand, three days of registration and measurement, a practice race and Opening Ceremony will take place. Hosted at the Nautical Club of Tzitzifies Kallithea, Athens, Greece the 420 Open European Championships line-up counts 179 teams from 22 nations, representing all six continents.... [more]

Team Oman Air win Extreme Sailing Series Barcelona Act 4 in style
Oman Sail,
An emphatic victory in the final race, which counted for double points, sealed glory for Phil Robertson and his team after three days of tense, high octane racing.... [more]

Tour de France à la Voile – Patience pays in blowy Coastal Raid
A.S.O./Tour de France à la voile,
The conditions proved perfect for Team SFS, skippered by Sofian Bouvet, who took control from the start, handling their Diam 24 masterfully in the challenging conditions to glide across the finish line.... [more]

Puerto Portals 52 Super Series – Ray and Rán's Balearic re-run-
52 Super Series,
The regatta sees the triumphant return to the TP52 Class of recent America's Cup winner Emirates Team New Zealand's Ray Davies.... [more]

Team Killian wins 51st Governor's Cup
Governor's Cup,
While he won the first race against Takahashi with relative ease, the eighteen-year-old New Zealander came right back to tie the series with a win in race two.... [more]

BYC's Killian up 2-0 in semifinal with Weis in 51st Governor's Cup
Governor's Cup,
In the second race, Takahashi protected the favored right side of the course on the upwind leg and avoided mistakes on both downwind legs for a one and one half boat length win.... [more]

Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek - closing with a full card of races
CPHPRW Media and Sail-World Asia,
Another iffy start to the day, with an AP on shore. There were plenty of crew taking the opportunity to hang out at the back of the beach at the Cape Panwa Hotel (an eminently suitable spot for a bit of enforced idleness), but then the breeze came in and it was all hands on deck. Literally.... [more]

Trophies and awards at 2017 Transpac
Transpacific Yacht Club,
Transpac YC Commodore Bo Wheeler kicked off the 49th biennial Transpac Awards Ceremony held last night at the Modern Hotel Honolulu. The atmosphere was jubilant and celebratory, with a stage full of the most impressive display of perpetual trophies seen in any yachting event, accumulated by TPYC since the first race ran in 1906.... [more]

Hobie Multiwords and Europeans – A nice day on the North Sea for Day 3
David Brookes,
Today was proof that Hobie sailing in the Netherlands is so interesting and fun. The first two races on Saturday were brilliant, due to nice moderate winds from the West, fortunately nothing like what was forecasted the day before. At the starts of race three the wind calmed down a bit, leaving a nice chop on the North Sea.... [more]

J/22 North Americans - Day 2 action-shots by Christopher Howell
J/22 International Class Association,
Photographer Christopher Howell was on water at J/22 North American Championship and provided this gallery of images from Day 2 action.... [more]

HoneyBadger claws to top of J/22 North American Championship on Day 2
Julie & Christopher Howell,
After seven races at the J/22 North American Championship, Travis Odenbach's HoneyBadger has scraped its way to the top of the leaderboard. Following a bullet in Saturday's first contest, HoneyBadger placed eighth in race six, becoming their discard.... [more]

Azzurra is in Mallorca for the Puerto Portals 52 Super Series
The event will be held from Monday the 24th to Friday the 28th in the waters off Palma de Mallorca. The TP52 Azzurra is currently in the leading position overall in the 52 Super Series, the most competitive professional circuit for monohull sailing.... [more]

30th Annual Jessica Uniack Memorial Beach to Bay Race - Overall report
Rick Roberts,
Victoria Messano of Alamitos Bay Yacht Club won the 2017 Jessica Uniack Memorial Beach to Bay perpetual trophy this week in her Naples Sabot in the C3 class for finishing in first place in the largest class. This is the 30th year for this traditional junior sailing race hosted by Long Beach Yacht Club and sponsored by Bellingham Marine.... [more]

Ian Walker - Musto Ambassador on the Volvo Ocean Race, America's Cup
Mark Jardine,
We speak to Musto ambassador Ian Walker about his Volvo Ocean Race win, why food and clothing are so important offshore, his views on the America's Cup, his new desk job, sailing for fun, and 20 years of the John Merricks Sailing Trust.... [more]

McDougall McConaghy Moth World Championships Preview - Part 2
Neil Baker,
We left this conversation yesterday at the critical point. It's the usual conversation that the armchair pundits like to start talking about in the run up to a big sailing event. The Moth World Championship is arguably THE event in sailing this year because it has more gold medallists competing than any other sailing event... Well, it's definitely enough to rival the America's Cup I think.... [more]

Italian Moth Series at Lake Garda – Am Cup sailors show form - Day 1
Jonny Fullerton,
A huge fleet of Moths have already been practising on the lake over the last few days to get valuable time on the water to get to understand the vagaries of the local conditions. 150 boats entered the Italian Series regatta, split into just two groups. A total of six races are planned, three per day... [more]

Extreme Sailing Series Act 4 – Day 3 sees leaderboard reshuffle
Extreme Sailing Series,
Ten spectacular races held in glorious conditions on Barcelona's azure waters saw plenty of thrills and spills as the eight international teams fought for vital points ahead of tomorrow's finale.... [more]

Spectacular Team Oman Air comeback at Extreme Sailing Series Barcelona
Oman Sail,
A world-class display of racing saw Team Oman Air rocket to the top of the Barcelona scoreboard on the penultimate day.... [more]

Tour de France à la Voile – Trésors de Tahiti win Act 6 super final
A.S.O./Tour de France à la voile,
Remarkably the Tour leaders sailed a complete facsimile of their 2016 Act in Roses. Then they sailed an 11th in the coastal race after an early option went wrong and then won in the Stadium.... [more]

Rooster RS Aero World Championship – 16 nations from 4 continents
RS Aero International Class Association,
Incredibly that World Sailing Status came only 18 months after launch with the RS Aero spreading rapidly to over 40 countries in its first year.... [more]

Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek 2017 - Aussies in charge
It looked pretty ominous at dawn on day 3 of the Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek with a glassed-out Andaman Sea. The AP was raised on shore, but was lowered within the hour as PRO Simon James and his formidable on-water team tracked down some good breeze to get the fleet racing. Soft but consistent, the 8kts of wind allowed two races for the racing fleet and one for the cruisers.... [more]

US Sailing mourns tragic loss of young sailor
US Sailing,
All of us at US Sailing – our staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers – are deeply saddened to learn that a young sailing student tragically died as a result of a powerboat accident on Long Island Sound on Tuesday, July 18.... [more]

Standby for take off at the WASZP International Games
Jonny Fullerton,
The countdown is on until the inaugural International WASZP Games takes place from 31 July - 5 Aug at host venue Campione, Univela Yacht Club on picturesque Lake Garda in Italy. It is exciting on so many levels, with the event using some new race formats and a large emphasis on beach culture.... [more]

Moth Worlds - McDougall McConaghy Moth Worlds Preview - Part 1
Neil Baker,
It's a wonderful time; it's a horrible time. We're less than a week away from the start of the 2017 Moth Worlds and it really is a time of mixed feelings for Mothies. It's getting the heart pumping just putting these thoughts down.... [more]

J/22 North Americans - Day 1 action-shots by Christopher Howell
J/22 International Class Association,
Photographer Christopher Howell was on water at J/22 North American Championship and provided this gallery of images from Day 1 action.... [more]

J/22 North Americans - Chris Doyle's The Jug 4 1 snatches early lead
Julie or Christopher Howell,
Four races were completed on the opening day of the J/22 North American Championship hosted by Buffalo Yacht Club in Buffalo, New York. Local Chris Doyle on The Jug 4 1 posted a two, one, four, five for 12 points and the early advantage. On his heels is Travis Odenbach's HoneyBadger, just one point back. Jeff Todd's Hot Toddy is in third place with 18 points.... [more]

Musto launches official 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race collection
Musto's unveiling of the new Official Volvo Ocean Race Merchandise Collection marks a major milestone for the business, as the brand continues to make major innovations to drive greater sustainability in its global business operations.... [more]

Consistency rewards Oman Air in tough Extreme Sailing Series opener
Oman Sail,
Three podium finishes in six races helped Phil Robertson's Team Oman Air outfit into third place overall on a tricky opening day to Act 4 of the Extreme Sailing Series in Barcelona.... [more]

FNOB Impulse robbed of race win in action-packed Barcelona opener
Extreme Sailing Series™,
A dramatic Act 4 curtain-raiser in Barcelona saw heartache for local wildcard crew FNOB Impulse when they were denied their first win right on the finish line – as Alinghi took control of the scoreboard.... [more]

PAC 52's raising the bar in the Transpacific Yacht Race
Erik Simonson -,
Under the guidance of Gavin Brady, considered the guru of all things PAC 52, Invisible Hand went on a hardcore efficiency program in the weeks that led up to the Transpac, fine tuning the rig, optimizing sail inventory, crew training and a few changes in personnel.... [more]

Tour de France à la Voile – Outgunned in roses
A.S.O./Tour de France à la voile,
In a final sprint more reminiscent of the Tour's cycling equivalent, a breakaway group of four each had a chance of coastal race victory today at the final buoy.... [more]

Allen and PA Consulting RS Feva World Championships - Preview
RS Sailing,
The Dutch, as usual, are the prefect hosts with many volunteers on hand to help unload, rig charter boats and keep everyone smiling (even in the rain).... [more]

Capa Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek 2017 - day 2 - stirring the pot
A busy day on the water yesterday saw some excellent competition, close calls and racing incidents which resulted in a busy evening later for the Protest Committee onshore. All protests were heard, and come this morning the sailors were happy to be back out on the water as a forecast-defying 8-10 knot breeze got the fleet underway on Day 2 of the Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek 2017.... [more]

Clipper 2017-18 Race – Ocean Racing Veteran takes over helm of Unicef
Julia Fry / Clipper Ventures,
In addition to his Clipper Race achievements, Beggs, 57, is one of the UK's best experienced racer and instructors with over 340,000 nautical miles in his log book. Among his many racing campaigns are five Fastnet races as skipper, numerous Trans-Atlantic and Round Britain and Ireland races.... [more]

2018 BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival – Registration open
Media BVI Spring Regatta,
New for 2018 will be a long distance race around our 64 islands. Starting with the Round Tortola Race for the Nanny Cay Cup, sailors will continue to circumnavigate all the islands of the BVI's under the light of a full moon.... [more]

Does Puerto Portals hold the key to the 52 Super Series title-
52 Super Series,
To date, this has been the most competitive 52 Super Series season yet. Four different teams have each won a regatta; Quantum Racing in Key West, Azzurra in Miami, Platoon at the Rolex TP52 World Championship in Scarlino and Niklas Zennström's Rán Racing in Porto Cervo.... [more]

Melges 24 World Championship celebrates 20 years
During these twenty remarkable years fifteen Melges 24 skippers in open and fifteen in Corinthian division have been crowned as World Champions. Excitement grows to see who are going to be the next ones!... [more]

Price sustains lead after Day 3 of Governor's Cup
Governor's Cup,
Will Boulden (AUS) of Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club won 11 matches. The all-girl team led by Clare Costanzo (AUS), of Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, rounds out the top six teams.... [more]

GKA Kite-Surf World Tour – Heavy-hitters drop as quarter-finals beckon
Matt Pearce,
The judging criteria had also changed with the combo format now being adopted in which riders would be scored on 70% wave riding and 30% strapless freestyle performance.... [more]

Stunning superyachts to race in Candy Store Cup Newport
Barby MacGowan,
The working shipyard has become the epicenter of the megayacht industry in New England and is uniquely positioned on the Newport waterfront to allow the public to view the yachts that are berthed there.... [more]

Liverpool announces team entry in Clipper Round the World Yacht Race
Kathryn Foulkes – Clipper Yacht Race,
Taking advantage of the race's global platform, the Liverpool 2018 team will visit twelve international destinations on six different continents.... [more]

New Youth Sailing Champions honoured at end of Optimist Worlds 2017
Optimist World Championship,
China took second place and host country Thailand won third place. In the Team Racing category, China achieved second place with Malaysia in third.... [more]

OmanAir poised for action as waves delay Extreme Sailing Series opener
Oman Sail,
The Omani outfit, renowned for their skill in challenging conditions, had hoped to make the best of a testing first-day forecast of big winds and huge waves as they look to improve on their trio of third-place finishes in the opening three Acts.... [more]

Extreme Sailing Series – Big swells force postponement of opener
Extreme Sailing Series,
Craig said that such a sea state, combined with winds of up to 25 knots, would have likely caused the super-fast GC32 catamarans to fall off their foils and nosedive into the wave in front, potentially leading to capsizes.... [more]

Class 40 duo strengthened by challenges on Azores and back race
Oman Sail,
Experienced French sailor Sidney Gavignet and Omani offshore yachtsman Fahad Al Hasni finished the 2,500-mile Les Sables-Horta-Les Sables race from France to the Azores and back in seventh place, with conditions on the two-leg race often proving challenging.... [more]

Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek 2017 - day 1, a packed race card
CPHPR Media,
In spite of some rather unpromising weather forecasts, the wind arrived bang on cue as a fresh 10-15 knots of breeze powered the 41-strong fleet around the course on Day 1 of the 2017 Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek, in what turned out to be a packed race card – three races for all classes except Cruising and Multihull Cruising who completed two races each.... [more]

Harry Price maintains lead in Governor's Cup Match Racing
Governor's Cup,
Spectators were looking forward today to the last match of the first round robin (in which every boat sails against each other boat) as it featured Price against Killian. The two had not sailed against each other since last year's Governor's Cup, when they raced against each other in the petit finals for third place in the 2016 Cup.... [more]

Transat Jacques Vabre – 42 pairs at sea
Transat Jacques Vabre,
20 crews composed of sailing amateurs and professionals, who are unreserved fans of race machines which are high-tech at the same time as being steadfastly sailboats.... [more]

The five year Caribbean winter circuit dates now published
Caribbean Sailing Association,
Members of the CSA Calendar Committee work together with regattas across the region to try to achieve the sweet spot on timing.... [more]

GKA Kite-Surf World Tour – The qualifiers kick-off on Day 2 in Dakhla
Matt Pearce,
Rather than split the judging criteria between strapless freestyle and waveriding, the decision was made to keep today's heats 100% wave-focused and the first riders were on the water at 11.30 am.... [more]

Volvo Ocean Race - Another America's Cup winner joins MAPFRE
Volvo Ocean Race,
Joan Vila, one of the best navigators in the world, will return to the Volvo Ocean Race with MAPFRE in 2017-18, some 15 years after becoming the first Spanish sailor to win the coveted trophy. One of the most decorated sailors on the planet, Vila joins MAPFRE having last competed as part of a victorious Illbruck Challenge campaign in 2001-02.... [more]

Volvo Ocean Race - Follow the build of team Azkonobel
Volvo Ocean Race,
Follow the construction of a new One Design Volvo Ocean 65. The build process takes over 36,000 man hours, In this video you can follow the construction of a One Design Volvo Ocean 65 racing machine from start to sailing, in a top quality building facility.. Team AkzoNobel will race this boat in the 2017-18 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race.... [more]

The Gertrude Cup 2017 – Preview
Louay Habib,
The invitational event for the Etchells Class has attracted teams representing yacht clubs from around the world.... [more]

Int Moth Worlds - Zhik returns to its spiritual home at 2017 Worlds
Lisa Ratcliffe,
Zhik, the innovative sailing apparel specialist, is returning to its roots as the official clothing sponsor of the 2017 McDougall McConaghy Moth World Championships. And, ten years on, the Moths are returning to their spiritual home on Lake Garda. Zhik and the International Moth class are virtually synonymous with each other.... [more]

Black Jack Yachting. Bigger boat. Bigger team. Even bigger performance
John Curnow,
Throughout the iterations of maxis called Black Jack, a strong, consistent and talented team has been their focus. Some were sail makers, like Skipper Mark Bradford and also Vaughan Prentice from North Sails' Brisbane loft. Others were riggers, such as Bruce Clarke, and there are even boat builders, like Gary van Lunteren, as well as Ash Deeks.... [more]

Newport Trophy Regatta to host ten historic 12 Metres
Barby MacGowan,
As the second “Americas fleet” event in the road to the Worlds Waypoint Series, the Newport Trophy Regatta will take place July 20-23 in Newport, R.I. Hosted by Ida Lewis Yacht Club, the event is for 12 Metre yachts, which are collecting points in a global series leading up to the next 12 Metre World Championship, scheduled for Newport in July of 2019.... [more]

Winners announced for 109th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac
Kathleen Moran,
After a challenging race due to taxing weather conditions, more than 200 boats have finished the 109th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac presented by Wintrust, one of the world's longest-running freshwater distance races. “The Mac”, which typically takes most competitors well over 24 hours to complete, is a 333-mile sprint from the Chicago Lighthouse... [more]

Tour de France à la Voile – High Pressure in the Med
A.S.O./Tour de France à la voile,
One team which should feel instantly at home are the Barcelona based New Territories. They may back in Catalonia, where Olympic medal winning Portuguese skipper helm Hugo Rocha is based, but he reveals with his typical grin that he has not raced in Roses so recently.... [more]

Individual World Champion Series – Optimist World Championship – Day 5
Nima Chandler,
Holding onto third place overall is Costa Rica's Mic Sig Kos Mohr. Still in contention for medals are the USA's Stephan Baker, China's Haoze Fang, and Israel's Roy Levy.... [more]

Diam 24 team on podium at half way mark of Tour de France à la Voile
Oman Sail,
After an intensive phase of back-to-back regattas over the past few days the Oman Sail squad – led by co-skipper Thierry Douillard – are holding third place in the competitive 29-strong fleet of high-speed trimarans.... [more]

Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek – Ready to race
Phuket Raceweek,
Five closely-matched “40-footers” will be up against Ray Roberts' TP52 Team Hollywood, the defending champion, while in IRC II Raceweek first-timers and charter teams will be takin on the local knowledge of Niels Degenkolw's Phoenix and Mike Downard's Krabi Boat Lagoon Piccolo.... [more]

GKA Kite-Surf World Tour – Dakhla delivers promise on Day 1
Matt Pearce,
Showing the vision for the future of performance wave kiting, riders will be judged on both their wave riding and strapless freestyle skills in their heats.... [more]

World Sailing confirms strong presence at Yacht Racing Forum 2017
Yacht Racing Forum,
The tenth edition of the Yacht Racing Forum, in Aarhus, Denmark (November 27-28) will once again reassemble the sport's key personalities and actors, including a strong delegation of World Sailing representatives.... [more]

Local duo captures U.S. Junior Women's Doublehanded Championship
US Sailing,
Tuesday's exciting final set of races on Chesapeake Bay put the finishing touches on a fun and eventful 2017 U.S. Junior Women's Doublehanded Championship, hosted by Annapolis Yacht Club.... [more]

Black Jack makes the journey back to the water
Andrea Francolini,
Last night, and into the early hours of this morning, the new Black Jack (100) made her way slowly back to her waiting keel and mast. She has just had a wee makeover at theMcConaghy facility on the Central Coast, in very good time, and now gets ready for the Sydney to Gold Coast event. These images are as she arrived at Sydney City Marine in Rozelle, after having spent four hours navigating...... [more]

America's Cup - Protocol announcement for next Cup in six weeks
Richard Gladwell/,
The Challenger and Defender for the 36th America's Cup, to be held in Auckland have issued a statement advising that the Protocol for the 36th America's Cup will be announced in September. As previously tipped in Sail-World the statement indicates that the regatta will be held in the early 2021 - probably in February. The last America's Cup staged in New Zealand got underway on February 15, 200... [more]

Announcement on the 36th America's Cup
Emirates Team New Zealand,
The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and Circolo della Vela Sicilia as the Challenger of Record, together with their respective representative teams Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa Challenge, are pleased to announce that the Protocol establishing the parameters for the 36th America's Cup will be released in September 2017.... [more]

Tour de France à la Voile – Team SFS go double again but Trésors lead
A.S.O./Tour de France à la voile,
After Team SFS were docked nine points at the end of Act four Arzon for shipping an out of class anchor which was measured to be too light by two kilos, Sofian Bouvet's team have delivered the perfect riposte, heading for the waters they know best.... [more]

U.S. Singlehanded Championships to be contested at Laser Nationals
US Sailing,
A strong fleet comprised of experienced and proven singlehanded sailors and an influx of new talented young men and women will be the focus at this week's championships.... [more]

Cheeki Rafiki - Douglas Innes to face retrial over manslaughter
The Director of Stormforce Coaching, the company that ran Cheeki Rafiki, is set to face retrial for manslaughter over the deaths of the four crew. They were 700nm from Nova Scotia, returning to Southampton after racing in Antigua when the keel feel off. It is said that previous groundings had weakened the keel bolts....... [more]

Launch of Maxi Edmond de Rothschild – An emotional day for Gitana Team
Suspended from the crane, the carbon boats pack quite a punch. This emotional moment has been eagerly awaited by all those who have worked on her, not to mention those working in the background, in the big push to take offshore sailing into a whole new era.... [more]

Tour de France à la Voile – Team SFS come back strong
A.S.O./Tour de France à la voile,
In fierce sunshine and light to moderate sea breezes of 5-12kts which created many transition zones and consequently spread the fleet across the Bay of Les Sables, Sofian Bouvet, Noé Delpech and Achille Nebout fought back from a terrible start today to finish in style in the shadow of Les Sables d'Olonne's legendary canal... [more]

A QandA with Doug Wefer and Jim Aikman on the Around Long Island Regatta
David Schmidt, Sail-World USA Editor,
The 2017 Around Long Island Regatta begins on Thursday, July 27, but rather than firing its starting guns a few miles east of the Big Apple, the RC will instead conduct countdown sequences in New York Harbor, giving spectators a fine show. I caught up with Doug Wefer and Jim Aikman, regatta co-chairmen, via email, to learn about the ALIR and the plan to relocate their starting line... [more]


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