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AC35- Same shirt, different day—Sailing news from the U.S. and beyond


27 Jun 2017

AC35- Same shirt, different day—Sailing news from the U.S. and beyond

35th America's Cup Match - Day 4 - ORACLE TEAM USA and Emirates Team New Zealand  © BMW | Studio Borlenghi
Skipper Jimmy Spithill has been here before.

Trouble for fans of Oracle Team USA, the Defenders of the 35th America's Cup, is that in 2013, things were entirely different.

A quick rewind: The 35th America's Cup is currently unfurling on the waters of Bermuda's Great Sound, with the Defender attempting to stave-off Emirates Team New Zealand's (ETNZ) efforts to usurp the Auld Mug and bring it back DownUnder and likely away from the foiling multihull catamarans that have defined the last two Cup cycles.

Trouble for Oracle and Spithill, however, is that theirs is the slower boat and the scoreboard now reads 6-1 in favor of the Kiwis.

35th America's Cup Match - Day 4 - ORACLE TEAM USA and Emirates Team New Zealand  © BMW | Studio Borlenghi

Even worse for the American-flagged efforts (emphasis on the word “flagged”, ahem) is the fact that AC35 is a first-to-seven contest, meaning that the Kiwis are now sitting on a match-point scenario, with the next scheduled day of racing set to take place on this afternoon (Monday, June 26).

As mentioned, Oracle and Spithill have, in fact, been in this hot-seat position before, when, as Defenders of the 34th America's Cup, which took place on the waters of San Francisco Bay in September and October of 2013, they managed to claw their way back from an 8-1 sudden-death scoreboard reality (AC34 was a first-to-nine event), however almost all of the big-picture constructs were different.

For starters, AC34 used box-rule boats, meaning that there was a lot of design variety, whereas AC35 uses boats that are essentially One Design platforms, sans their lift-generating hydrofoils and the control systems that allow the sailors to “fly” these outrageous wind-driven machines at speeds at regularly punch-through three-to-four times the true wind. Moreover, AC35 has a much more organized racing schedule and wider wind ranges, meaning that there's a significantly higher chance of racing taking place on any given day and a significantly lower chance of teams finding huge amounts of development speed in between races.

35th America's Cup Match - Day 4 - ORACLE TEAM USA  © BMW | Studio Borlenghi

That said, there's no question that Oracle looked faster last weekend than they did in their first official AC35 outing (Saturday, June 18), but-as with many great regattas-AC35 was likely won and lost in the teams' various design offices before the racing even started.

But wait a second-bespoke design in a contest that's largely a One Design affair?

The fine-print keys to success here, of course, are the hydrofoil shapes (and their target wind ranges) and the systems that control the boats, from setting the wing's shape to dictating the boat's foil positions. On the surface these might sound like trivial details, but when the boats are being sailed by some of the world's best practitioners, and funded by teams with war chests that resemble the GDP of some small nations, you can bet your last shackle that design innovation will quickly bubble to the fore.

Case-in-point: Just look at the Kiwi's boat.

35th America's Cup Match - Day 4 - Emirates Team New Zealand  © BMW | Studio Borlenghi

In 2013, ETNZ stunned the world by adding hydrofoils to their AC72-class catamaran, which they used to narrowly miss winning AC34, and this year their design team dropped another gob smacker, namely seated, bicycle-like grinding stations that allow ETNZ's muscle men to rapidly power the boat's hydraulic accumulator using their bigger leg muscles, rather than their significantly weaker upper body.

Moreover, this bold move also frees up their hands to help run the boat's various control systems, while the Defender's grinders must instead encumber their upper bodies with old-school handles.

Oracle Team USA with Tom Slingsby in the cycling position behind Jimmy Spithill - Round Robin 2, Day 6 - 35th America's Cup - Bermuda June 1, 2017  Richard Gladwell

Oracle added a stationary bicycle system for tactician Tom Slingsby, allowing him to contribute his grunt while also scoping the course ahead for tactical opportunities, but-at least from my vastly removed vantage point here in Seattle-it looks to be a move that falls into the too-little-too-late category.

So, while Jimmy Spithill taught the sailing world a master class in never writing off the Defender until the final finishing guns have sounded, one does not need an oracle to know that Defender is in trouble deep, with precious little time for juggernaut recovery moves.

Larry Ellison
Oracle Team USA

Day 4
2017 35th America's Cup Bermuda   Daniel Forster ©

Racing continues this afternoon, so stay tuned to the website for the latest AC news, as it unfurls.

May the four winds blow you safely home,

David Schmidt, Sail-World USA Editor

America's Cup Match – Kiwis at Match Point and banter continues
Nic Douglass,
While James Spithill was again missed in the mix zone for most except for ACEA related media and CNN (he does have a bit on!!!), while filming my Nautical Channel piece (out in a few hours) and my summary I also caught up with Tom Spithill.... [more]

Ullman Sails Long Beach Race Week – Wrap up
Event Media,
Three stellar days of breeze and sunshine rounded out this annual funfest of racing and parties. Over 100 teams, hailing from Montana to Mexico, competed in one design and PHRF racing, on both windward-leeward and random leg courses along the Southern California coast.... [more]

RS Aero World Championship – Preview
RS Aero International Class Association,
Since achieving World Sailing (ISAF) status in November 2015 the RS Aero International Class has eagerly looked forward to hosting its first World Championship. In 2016 the class held its first European Championship in Travemunde, Germany, with 57 entries from 11 countries. The eastern European nations of Russia, Estonia and Lithuania all made their mark on the podiums.... [more]

That's a wrap for C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta
Sam Crichton,
Another successful year for the C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta wrapped up today in Newport, RI. Fifteen years ago five boats sailed in the inaugural Clagett and over the last three days of competition, twenty one boats have taken part in the clinic day and raced the 10 races.... [more]

No Aussie boat in AC- Aussies instrumental to other teams' success
Australian Sailing,
There may not be a boat from the ‘land down under' in the 35th America's Cup, but the Aussie spirit is alive and well in sailing's ultimate event. Australian sailors feature in a number of teams contesting the 35th America's Cup, the winner of which could be decided overnight in Bermuda.... [more]

America's Cup - Finals Day 4 - Paul Cayard reports from Bermuda
Paul Cayard,
This cake is pretty well baked. There are people remembering the comeback of all time in 2013. Same teams, same situation with ETNZ on match point and Oracle with a very steep hill to climb. But the situation is much different. There is no “low hanging fruit” this time. The boats are very developed and there is no 10% increase in boat speed to be found overnight.... [more]

America's Cup Match - Day 4 action-shots by Studio Borlenghi
Carlo Borlenghi,
Studio Borlenghi provided this gallery of images from America's Cup Match - Day 4.... [more]

America's Cup - Oracle Team USA staring down match point
Oracle Team USA,
With Jimmy Spithill's Oracle Team USA winning the sixth race of the America's Cup Match on Bermuda's Great Sound on Saturday to get its first point on the scoreboard, anticipation was heightened for close racing on Sunday.... [more]

America's Cup - Daniel Forster's view of Day 4 of the 35th Match
Daniel Forster,
Daniel Forster has been covering the America's Cup since 1977. He's now in Bermuda for the 2017 America's Cup. Here's his view of Day 4 of the 35th Match.... [more]

America's Cup - Images from Day 4 of the 35th Match
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World NZ,
Sail-World's Richard Gladwell has been in Bermuda for the 35th America's Cup - here's his view of Day 4 of the 35th Match as Emirates Team New Zealand closed to within a point of winning back the premier trophy in sailing.... [more]

America's Cup Finals - Sunday's match action-shots by Ingrid Abery
Ingrid Abery,
Ingrid Abery was on water at 2017 America's Cup Finals and provided this gallery of images from 25 June, Sunday's action.... [more]

America's Cup - Daniel Forster's view of Day 3 of the Match in Bermuda
Daniel Forster,
Top international photographer, Daniel Forster, has been covering the America's Cup since 1977. He is in Bermuda for the 2017 America's Cup - here's his view of Day 3 of the 35th Match.... [more]

America's Cup - Burling and Emirates Team New Zealand on match point
America's Cup,
It is now Match point Emirates Team New Zealand. Day four of the America's Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, belonged firmly to Peter Burling and the New Zealand team who comfortably won the two scheduled races of the day, races seven and eight of the final stage of the 35th America's Cup.... [more]

America's Cup - Two more wins, two steps forward for Emirates Team NZ
Hamish Hooper, Emirates Team NZ,
It's match point for Emirates Team New Zealand at the 35th America's Cup in Bermuda after a stunning performance against Oracle Team USA. Peter Burling and his crew took out both races to go 6-1 up in the first to seven Match, but it was the way in which they won that is the talking point.... [more]

A Few Rays – What to know about your skin-
Skin has evolved over the millions of years to keep water outside of the body out, while keeping the moisture we have in our body in. That's a good thing right? – So we don't blow up every time we take a swim or go out in the rain. Likewise so we don't dry up in the sun.... [more]

A Few Rays - Go Faster-
How the right sunscreen can make the boat go faster A good sunscreen is a very necessary part of the sailor's equipment. When the sunscreen works really well and the sailor using it can do a multi-day regatta without burning or distraction, then that is a piece of equipment worth having.... [more]

America's Cup - Kiwis still have a job to do on the Great Sound
Richard Gladwell,
Day 4 of the Match for the 35th America's Cup followed a familiar script. Emirates Team New Zealand won both starts, led Oracle Team USA around every mark, took two points, and has now won seven races.... [more]

Queen Mary 2 takes on trimarans as Centennial Transat begins
The Bridge,
This time the cannon shots were sounds of fraternity to begin the race between the Queen Mary 2 and four of the largest and fastest trimarans in the world. The start to ocean races are always emotive affairs but rarely are they so loaded.... [more]

52 Super Series Audi Sailing Week – Rán Racing rise to win
52 Super Series,
While there was elation for the ice cool Swedish owner-driver and his hard working crew there was huge disappointment for Quantum Racing and for Provezza who both within minutes of each other had one hand on the top prize, before gear failures successively dropped them from contention.... [more]

Marrai tiebreaks his way to Laser gold at Kiel Week
SVG Verlag,
Marrai's fourth place in the Medal Race was sufficient to put him on equal points with Karl Martin Rammo, but it was the Italian's better placing in the Medal Race that clinched victory ahead of the Estonian who had to settle for silver.... [more]

1977 Finn Gold Cup Regatta ends in Palamos with everyone a winner
Robert Deaves,
The event was held to commemorate the 1977 Finn Gold Cup which was plagued by political problems and caused the Finn Gold Cup to be withdrawn from the competition, and the event being renamed the Finn World Week.... [more]

America's Cup Match – Chat with Iain Murray and OTUSA's asymmetry
Nic Douglass,
I asked Big Fella about the asymmetric concept again this morning, and we covered some of the other US changes, and then we went over the reaction times involved with all of the dial downs yesterday.... [more]

America's Cup Match – More action shots from Day 3 by Studio Borlenghi
Studio Borlenghi,
Emirates Team New Zealand Vs Oracle Team USA. Studio Borlenghi provided a gallery of images from day three... [more]

America's Cup Match – Day 3 images by Studio Borlenghi
Studio Borlenghi,
Emirates Team New Zealand Vs Oracle Team USA. Studio Borlenghi provided a gallery of images from day three... [more]

German, Polish and Spanish racers claim Para World Sailing titles
Daniel Smith - World Sailing,
Heading into the final 2.4 Norlin OD races, there was just two points of separation between Kröger, Matt Bugg (AUS) and Damien Seguin (FRA). The title was up for grabs and the top performer on the day would take the title.... [more]

Audi Sailing Week - TP52 Super Series – Day 5 images by Max Ranchi
Max Ranchi,
Photographer Max Ranchi has provided this gallery of images from races seven and eight... [more]

America's Cup - Racing expected to proceed on Day 4 of Match + Video
Richard Gladwell,,
The breeze is up, at maybe the same strength as yesterday on Bermuda's Great Sound, and racing is expected to get under way on time. Two races are scheduled to be sailed with Race 7 probably being the crucial one for both teams.... [more]

Louis Vuitton America's Cup – Oracle take a win
Nic Douglass,
In summary, Oracle Team USA have used the five days off wisely and have definitely found some speed which made for a great day of racing on the water, and some awesome banter off the water! ETNZ and OTUSA are now all but even in the match up, but the Kiwis are still 4-1.... [more]

Joaquín Blanco awarded Finn Gold Cup 40 years late
Robert Deaves,
The wind at that 1977 event matched the mood of the competitors, with only five races possible in unusually light and feeble breezes. Blanco, who was already European Champion, won two races, was always in the top 10 and finished 23.3 points ahead of second placed José Luis Doreste, also of Spain, who would go on to win gold in Pusan at the 1988 Olympics... [more]

Ullman Sails Long Beach Race Week - Day 2
Betsy Crowfoot,
Day Two of Ullman Sails Long Beach Race Week brought brisk west-south-westerly breezes which peaked early at 15 knots, and humid, almost tropical conditions that scattered the sky with puffy clouds.... [more]

Youth sailing on the march-
John Pearce,
Tom Duggan's recent US Sailing blog post, “Information has Value- But Only if you Give it Away”, highlights a critical component of success: information sharing. Collaboration and growth hinges upon getting information into the hands of those who can put it into action.... [more]

Gorge Beach Bash - Day 1 - Enjoying a Lay Day in Columbia River Gorge
International Windsurfing Tour,
The first day of the contest window for the Gorge Beach Bash was without wind, so riders took the opportunity to explore what the Hood River area has to offer. Some used the warm day to go rafting, while others chose to head toward the mountain for a day of hiking, biking, or snowboarding.... [more]

America's Cup - Images from Day 3 of the Match
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World NZ,
Sail-World was in the water for Day 3 of the America's Cup Match - here's an image gallery of the day of which Oracle Team USA got their first win.... [more]

America's Cup - An even day for Emirates Team New Zealand
Hamish Hooper, Emirates Team NZ,
It's game on at the 35th America's Cup in Bermuda with Emirates Team New Zealand out to a 4-1 lead over Team USA in the first to seven match - but with the Americans getting their first point on the board. Once again the boat that won the start won the race and in today's first match up that was Emirates Team New Zealand.... [more]

America's Cup - Finals Day 3 - Paul Cayard reports from Bermuda
Paul Cayard,
Races five and six of the 35th America's Cup were held today on Great Sound in Bermuda in 10 knots of wind. The question on everyone's mind was: Did Oracle Team USA find some speed to make this Cup competitive? The answer is yes!... [more]

C. Thomas Clagett Regatta - Challenging conditions for Day 2
Sam Crichton,
Mother nature decided the turn on a performance for the second day of racing at the 15th C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta, and in turn the race committee delayed the start of racing by two and a half hours to allow thunderstorms to pass.... [more]

America's Cup Finals - Saturday's match action-shots by Ingrid Abery
Ingrid Abery,
Ingrid Abery was on water at 2017 America's Cup Finals and provided this gallery of images from 24 June, Saturday's action .... [more]

America's Cup - Spithill and Oracle Team USA get on track with win
Oracle Team USA,
After five days of improvements to hardware and sailing technique, Oracle Team USA skipper Jimmy Spithill and his team set off for the race course on Saturday afternoon confident of improvements that would close a speed gap with Emirates Team New Zealand.... [more]

America's Cup - The fightback starts here
America's Cup,
Day three of the America's Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, was full of drama, incident and history-making action, but the big story of the day is the fightback Oracle Team USA staged against their rivals for the Auld Mug, Emirates Team New Zealand.... [more]

America's Cup - Defender wins their first race in 35th Match
Richard Gladwell,
Oracle Team USA got on the scoreboard for their Defence of the America's Cup taking their first win in six races, by an 11-second margin over the Challenger Emirates Team New Zealand in the second race of the day. The wind confounded the official forecast clocking in at over 11kts average before the start of the first race and gusting to over 12kts.... [more]

Long Beach Race Week kicks off with a blast
Event Media,
The new Pac52 designs proved a thrill in the fresh conditions, but didn't have a corner on the excitement; with tight racing among the 30-year-old Schock 35 fleet, vying for their Pacific Coast Championship title. Robert Marcus' Schock sat at the top of the leaderboard in that eight-boat division.... [more]

Finns set for match race duel in Kiel Week Medal Races
Andy Rice,
The Medal Races on Sunday are set to take place in strong westerly winds, so those who enjoyed today will be looking forward to similar conditions to decide the medals in the Olympic classes.... [more]

52 Super Series – Audi Sailing Week – Closing the deal
52 Super Series,
Ergin Imre's Provezza won a 30 nautical mile coastal race today to promote the Turkish flagged team to second place on the overall standings and give them a fighting chance of winning their first regatta in four years of participation... [more]

Para World Sailing Championships going down to the wire
Daniel Smith - World Sailing,
In amongst Kieler Woche (Kiel Week) sailing festival, the sailors racing across the 2.4 Norlin OD, Men's Hansa 303 and Women's Hansa 303, all One Person Keelboats, were tested by a south westerly 13-16 knot breeze, somewhat less than the 20+ knots that pushed them to survival mode the day prior.... [more]

Audi Sailing Week - TP52 Super Series – Day 4 images by Max Ranchi
Max Ranchi,
Photographer Max Ranchi has provided this gallery of images from coastal race six... [more]

BIRW - Day 3- Sun, fog, and wind - Around the Island we go
Block Island Race Week,
Wednesday provided ideal conditions for the Around the Island Race, which has long been the signature of Block Island Race Week. However, event organizers weren't thrilled with the idea of going into Thursday with just one buoy race in the bag.... [more]

Block Island Race Week - Day 4 - Fun in the sun
Block Island Race Week,
There's a reason why Challenge IV has captured J/44 class in six straight editions of Block Island Race Week. It's because skipper Jeffrey Willis and crew know how to put the hammer down when it matters.... [more]

BIRW - Day 5 - All good things must come to an end
Block Island Race Week,
Chris Lewis still looked a bit stunned as he stood on the dock at Payne's drinking a mudslide while surrounded by his jubilant team. Lewis and his crew on Kenai had just pulled off a stunning comeback and somewhat surprising upset, doing so in dramatic fashion.... [more]

Triple bullets for 470 stars in a windy westerly at Kiel Week
SVG Verlag,
In Men's 470, multiple world and Olympic medallists Mat Belcher and Will Ryan scored three bullets and have launched into a commanding lead over their fleet. It was a stellar day too for the Polish team now in charge of Women's 470 leaderboard. Agnieszka Skrzypulec and Irmina Gliszczynska won all three of their heats and have displaced Germany's Frederike Loewe and Anna Markfort from the top spot.... [more]

Racing is underway at C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta
Sam Crichton,
The twenty one boats registered for the 15th C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta were greeted with an established Southerly breeze in Newport today. The race committee held a morning briefing and sent the fleet out to the race course which was set between Rose and Goat Island.... [more]

Youth sailors put on Stadium Sailing at the America's Cup
Nevin Sayre,
With the backdrop of America's Cup, thirty-two O'pen BIC sailors, ages ten to fifteen, participated in the America's Cup Endeavour O'pen. The kids and parents represented ten different nations from around the world, and hailed the event as the “experience of a life time”.... [more]

'Survival' sailing at the Para World Sailing Championships
Ross Gale,
Whatever wind was lacking on Thursday at the 2017 Para World Sailing Championships certainly wasn't on Friday, as the breeze turned up several notches, pushing sailors into 'survival” mode.... [more]

America's Cup - C-Tech's five Cup campaigns with Emirates Team NZ
Chris Kitchen,
C-Tech began life in 1997 as a small back yard operation in co-founder Alex Valling's shed. Fast forward 20 years and C-Tech has a lot to celebrate. Their composite technicians have produced over 50,000 custom designed carbon spars, and they've had a successful partnership with Emirates Team New Zealand for five consecutive America's Cup campaigns.... [more]

52 Super Series - Audi Sailing Week - Better never stops
52 Super Series,
Wednesday's transgression may be two days behind them. Today they climbed to the top of the Porto Cervo 52 Super Series Audi Sailing Week standings, sailing one, three, one, four since they retired on from the first day's coastal race due to an error, but Quantum Racing's hard driving tactician Terry Hutchinson has in no way put the opening day mistake behind him.... [more]

America's Cup - Predictwind pitches breeze to Emirates Team NZ's forte
Richard Gladwell,,
The latest forecast from for the Great Sound, Bermuda is for light winds just above the minimum allowed for racing on Saturday and slightly more on Sunday. That is the same band as for the first two days of racing, when Emirates Team New Zealand showed Oracle Team USA their transoms, to lead around every mark of the course in the first four races.... [more]

Audi Sailing Week - TP52 Super Series – Day 3 images by Max Ranchi
Max Ranchi,
Photographer Max Ranchi has provided this gallery of images from races four and five... [more]

KZ Racefurlers make mark on Volvo Ocean Race, GC32's, TP52's and more
James Gordon,
KZ Racefurlers has once again been selected as the Furler of choice for the Volvo Ocean Race 2017/18. This news builds on our longstanding relationship with the Volvo Ocean Race, and we look forward to working with the Boatyard and the teams again to ensure that they have the best furling gear available to race around the world with the confidence in a strong and reliable product.... [more]

A Few Rays – Moisturising, Anti-Aging Action ...
Consistent moisturising sun protection has an anti-aging action Out on a boat, sailors are exposed to extreme conditions for their skin. There are UV rays from the sun, hopefully some wind if you are a sailor, and the drying effects from wet and dry cycles during the course of your day... [more]

Extreme Sailing Series™ returns to the beautiful Madeira Islands
Extreme Sailing Series,
Alongside the main GC32 Stadium Racing action, for the first time in the Series' history, the Flying Phantom Series will take flight as part of the on-water line-up, promising a festival of foiling for locals and tourists that is not to be missed.... [more]

Optimist World Championship 2017 breaks record to welcome 280 sailors
Narumon Prapawong,
Thailand has been selected to host the Optimist World Championship 2017, and the event has now confirmed the participation of a total of 62 sailing nations with 280 sailors, a record-breaking landmark for this world stage event. Each country will send their most skilled Optimist sailors to race as national representatives to compete in the waters off Pattaya Beach.... [more]

C. Thomas Clagett Regatta - Coaching clinic kicks off 15th Clagett
Sam Crichton,
On a picture perfect Summer day in Newport RI, the 2.4mR and Sonar sailors in town for the 15th C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta converged on Sail Newport in Fort Adams State Park. The first day of the four day regatta is the clinic day, where all the sailors are able to work with the coaching team to learn and refine skills and techniques before the three days of racing.... [more]

Highlights from the 'Racing Forward' forum
Nic Douglass / PWC,
The highlights from the 'Racing Forward' forum at the Hamilton Princess, Bermuda on Tuesday 20 June, brought to you by PwC Bermuda and the America's Cup. The panel featured two fantastic sailors, who also happen to be women and part of the core group from The Magenta Project, Abby Ehler and Libby Greenhalgh. I was lucky enough to be the moderator for the panel,... [more]

America's Cup - Checking out the superyachts in Bermuda
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World NZ,
Over 70 superyachts have registered for the 35th America's Cup Regatta in Bermuda. They make a very spectacular backdrop on one section of the America's Cup course area. And when there is no wind and no racing they make a fascinating diversion to see classic yachts alongside contemporary. Here's a look at some that were on the water for the start of the Semi-Finals, when the wind showed up too... [more]

Wild weather makes for a topsy-turvy day at Kiel Week
Andy Rice,
New Zealanders are also faring well in the Men's 49er, with Josh Porebski and Trent Rippey holding the lead after six races in the 49er fleet. Australia's David Gilmour and Joel Turner are on the same points as the leaders, while the Rio 2016 Olympic bronze medallists, Erik Heil and Thomas Ploessel, move up to third overall.... [more]

Para World Sailing Championships – What a difference a day makes
Daniel Smith – World Sailing,
The day had a bit of everything. There were grey skies, heavy showers and no breeze in the morning. Moving into the afternoon, a sudden sunny spell was coupled with a heavy breeze, gusting up to 25 knots. The breeze declined as the afternoon played out before dropping off completely and bringing another rain shower to put an end to the day.... [more]

Interviews from final day of the Red Bull Youth America's Cup
Nic Douglass,
Pretty incredible racing, with the final results decided in the final race, on the final leg to the finish!... [more]

Rán Racing on top of 52 Super Series Roller Coaster
52 Super Series,
Today, in perfect conditions it was the turn of the world champions Platoon to have an unfortunate taste of life down in the nether regions of the fleet.... [more]

Red Bull Youth America´s Cup – Wrap-up
America's Cup,
No one could have scripted a more exciting ending, as New Zealand was toppled from almost certain triumph in the last seconds of the last race by a determined British team, and Bermuda emerged as the new darlings of sailing.... [more]

Audi Sailing Week - TP52 Super Series – Day 2 images by Max Ranchi
Max Ranchi,
Max Ranchi provided this gallery of images from day two... [more]

America's Cup - New Zealand developed YachtBot does AC seating plan,
A small New Zealand firm is making a significant contribution to the America's Cup, with an online application which effectively 'seats' all participants in the 35th America's Cup each day - and then re-works the plan if there is a major course change.... [more]

Barcelona revealed as venue for Extreme Sailing Series™ Act 4
Extreme Sailing Series,
The cosmopolitan capital of Spain's Catalonia, a major tourist destination and one of the world's leading cultural and economic centres, is the final venue to be announced as part of the 2017 global tour.... [more]

New chapter for the New Caledonia Groupama Race
Lisa Ratcliff,
Sail Noumea organiser, Cercle Nautique Calédonien Yacht Club, is excited to announce its role as finish partner and host for four independant ocean races leaving Sydney Harbour, Auckland, Melbourne and Brisbane between late May and early June 2018.... [more]

Red Bull Youth America's Cup – Images by Studio Borlenghi
Studio Borlenghi,
Britain grabs Red Bull Youth America's Cup title in the last-minute upset. Studio Borlenghi provided a gallery of images... [more]

New talent on the block at Para World Sailing Championships
Ross Gale,
The Para World Sailing Championships kicked off yesterday, Wednesday 21 June, in Kiel, Germany. There are fresh faces competing at the event though, thanks to World Sailing's Paralympic Development Program (PDP).... [more]

When the going gets hot Zhik has the answers on what to wear afloat
Liz Rushall,
Whilst many of us Brits are looking in the sailing bag wondering what on earth to wear afloat in this heatwave, Zhik the Australian sailing apparel innovators are set up for dealing with extreme heat, moisture management and sun protection.... [more]

Doyle Sails announce new ownership and global expansion
Bliss Neagle, Doyle Sails NZ,
Doyle Sails one of the global leaders in high performance sails as well as having a reputation for being proven innovators with new technology, has announced their next bold move to drive the Doyle business forward. The leadership team headed by Mike Sanderson and supported by David Duff and Richard Bouzaid from Doyle Sails New Zealand formally announced their ownership of Doyle International... [more]

America's Cup - Oracle Team USA gets a look aboard Kiwi AC50
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World NZ,
With Challenger and Defender intently going over their America's Cup campaigns and trying to evaluate the other's performances, there is a fair chance that they'll be looking at the latest content from a new 3D Video application which takes them aboard their rival's AC50 - sitting in the 'shotgun seat'.... [more]

MetreFest Newport 2017 - A success by any measure
Barby MacGowan,
Metre boat sailors from four corners of the United States and Canada enjoyed a spectacular weekend of racing at MetreFest Newport 2017. By all accounts, the inaugural regatta for International Rule sailing yachts, held in conjunction with New York Yacht Club's 163rd Annual Regatta with support from Ida Lewis Yacht Club and Sail Newport was a huge success.... [more]

52 Super Series - Sled Supreme on Topsy Turvy opening day in Sardinia
52 Super Series,
The 52 Super Series fleet's love-hate relationship with the coastal race discipline continues. Some days they are loved, most of all by those who have a good one. But correspondingly the bad days are often some of the darkest.... [more]

Great Britain grabs Red Bull Youth AC title in last-minute upset
America's Cup,
Great Britain's Land Rover BAR Academy have been crowned Red Bull Youth America's Cup Champions in the most dramatic of fashions, following a fantastic final day of racing on Bermuda's Great Sound. New Zealand and Switzerland rounded out the podium.... [more]

Scheidt shows young guns the way at Kiel Week
Andy Rice / Kieler Woche,
The Brazilian five-time Olympic medallist sits two points off the lead, currently held by young New Zealanders Josh Porebski and Trent Rippey, with Australia's David Gilmour and Joel Turner in second overall after three heats. Sitting a point off the podium are the Rio 2016 Olympic bronze medallists and local heroes, Erik Heil and Thomas Ploessel.... [more]

Light wind specialists shine at the Para World Sailing Championships
Daniel Smith – World Sailing,
Two races were completed in the Open 2.4 Norlin OD, Men's Hansa 303 and Women's Hansa 303, all One Person Keelboats open to classified sailors with minimum disabilities.... [more]

Audi Sailing Week TP52 Super Series– Coastal race images by Max Ranchi
Max Ranchi,
Max Ranchi provided this gallery of images from coastal race... [more]

Team AkzoNobel's Volvo Ocean Race boat christened in The Hague
A flotilla of nine young Optimist dinghy sailors from the nearby Yacht Club proudly escorted the 65-foot team AkzoNobel yacht into the dock.... [more]

Free boys and women foiling boats trials at Foiling Week Garda
Foiling Week,
Throughout the event, Foiling Week Garda provides an Expo and a free Trial and Experience Camp that is open to the public to see and experience the latest foiling boats and equipment on the market.... [more]

Sailors for the Sea launches corporate sponsorship program
Hilary Kotoun,
As Companies' Interest Grow to Protect the Ocean Sailors for the Sea offers opportunities for sponsorship and engagement!... [more]

Meet the Clipper 2017-18 crew David Wilson
Clipper Round the World,
The Clipper Race is an adventure of a lifetime but it does come at a cost – a long separation from your loved ones. Luckily though for our crew, it's true what they say that absence does make the heart grow fonder.... [more]

Kiel Week - Seven nations are celebrating their victories
SVG Verlag,
The first 14 Kiel Week titles on the triangular courses in Kiel-Schilksee are decided. After the decisions in the international classes, the Germans can celebrate four victories in their country. But this did also demonstrate the international quality, which was already present before the start of the Olympic disciplines in Kiel. Seven nations did sign the winners' list... [more]

Lionheart wins America's Cup J-Class Regatta
Carlo Borlenghi,
Studio Borlenghi provided this gallery of images from America's Cup J-Class Regatta.... [more]

America's Cup - Emirates Team NZ's rookies show the new AC way
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World NZ,
Not losing a start and leading around every mark for the first four races of the 35th America's Cup Match is more than even the most one-eyed Emirates Team New Zealand fan could have envisaged. Sitting on a 3-0 points score doesn't seem like a just reward for such a scintillating and dominating performance in the opening stanzas of the contest for the premier trophy in sailing.... [more]

Fairytale start for TeamBDA but Land Rover Bar Academy dominate Day 1
America's Cup,
Day one of the 2017 Red Bull Youth America's Cup Finals belonged to Land Rover BAR Academy who sit on top of the leaderboard heading into day two after two second places and a first place in the three races on day one.<... [more]

America's Cup J-Class Regatta – Final race images by Ingrid Abery
Ingrid Abery,
Photographer Ingrid Abery provided this gallery of images from final day race... [more]

Red Bull Youth America's Cup sailors are the story of the summer
America's Cup,
A group of young athletes from the small island of Bermuda have defied the odds. They won the hearts of their country in the Qualifiers, and when the Finals play out on 20th and 21st June, the whole world may be under their spell.... [more]

Zhik 29er Worlds 2018 - NoR and Entry Forms available
RHKYC Media,
The Pre-Worlds will kick off on 27 December 2017 followed shortly after by the Zhik 29er Worlds commencing on 2 January 2018. Hong Kong experiences some of its best sailing conditions in January with great breeze and mild winter temperatures. The racing will be based out of Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club's Middle Island facility.... [more]

Christening of the new J-Class yacht SVEA in Bermuda
Carlo Borlenghi,
Studio Borlenghi provided this gallery of new J-Class SVEA images from America's Cup J-Class Regatta.... [more]

USA's Callahan wins International Optimist Regatta in Virgin Islands
Carol Bareuther,
Mitchell Callahan was in a sweet spot heading into the third and final day of racing at the 25th International Optimist Regatta (IOR), presented by Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) Virgin Islands and hosted by the St. Thomas Yacht Club, June 16 to 18. The 14-year-old sailor from Cape Coral, Florida, was sitting pretty five points in front of his closest competitor, twin brother Justin.... [more]

America's Cup J-Class Regatta action-shots by Studio Borlenghi
Studio Borlenghi,
Studio Borlenghi provided this gallery of images from America's Cup J-Class Regatta. Today was a historical day for the J Class as was the first time seven of these magnificent boat have race together.... [more]

America's Cup J-Class Regatta - Day 2 action-shots by Ingrid Abery
Ingrid Abery,
Ingrid Abery was on water at America's Cup J-Class Regatta and provided this gallery of images from Day 2 action.... [more]

Kiwi America's Cup domination - What can Oracle Team USA do about it-
Mark Jardine,
Emirates Team New Zealand have won the first four races in the 35th America's Cup Match. There has been the odd close moment, but the Kiwis have undoubtedly been faster on every point of sail, simply sailing away from Oracle Team USA.... [more]

138 teams compete at Cleveland Race Week One-Design Weekend
Cleveland Race Week,
The regatta started on Thursday for the Star Class, with four countries represented and 31 boats on the line looking to earn the title of Star Western Hemisphere Champion.... [more]

Siblings Eddie and Kate Cox win the MC National Championship
Hannah Noll,
The title came down to the final race. Leading up to the final day's one scheduled race, Cox was close at the heels of regatta leader Mark Tesar. It was Cox vs Tesar in the final shootout.... [more]


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