Saturday 20 December 2014

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News - Cruising Australia

Seven tips to get more out of a marine survey
In 2013, over 955,000 boats changed hands on the pre-owned boat market.
You are what you eat – if you’re a coral reef fish
In a world first study researchers have found a coral-eating fish that disguises its smell to hide from predators.
Sea urchins from Antarctica show adaptation to ocean acidification
Authors set out to answer important questions on how life in ocean will respond to projected changes in coming decades.
Seabird poo has unique spectral signature - satellite images show
By studying colour of seabird guano in infrared part of spectrum researchers identified unique spectral signature.
Sail-World new format - Important first visit changes needed
Sail-World is now live testing the changed website format
Farewell to Knorr: Research ship and crew made oceanographic history
Oceanographer Bob Pickart will never forget his first cruise aboard WHOI research vessel Knorr.
Antarctica Day 2014: 55 years since signing of the Antarctic Treaty
55 years ago, group of twelve nations who’d been involved in International Geophysical Year of 1957 signed Treaty.
Scientists urge protection of world's deltas
Extensive areas of world’s deltas which accommodate major cities will be drowned in next century by rising sea levels.
Court tells France to pay damages to Somali pirates
The BBC has reported that nine Somali pirates should get thousands of Euros because they were not immediately brought be
Yacht lost on Majuro
At 7:30 the cruiser’s net anchor started off with usual good morning, and she asked if there was any emergency traffic.
Skipper's 'top ten' checklist for safer sailing
A small part could have vibrated loose that might not have been apparent until after you returned from sailing.
ARC 2014 - Leopard by Finland’s record breaking finish
ARC 2014: Leopard by Finland crossed the finish line in Rodney Bay Saint Lucia this morning at 01:09:51 UTC.
Fort Lauderdale greets Oceans of Hope yacht
Oceans of Hope sailed into Fort Lauderdale this to an enthusiastic dockside audience awaiting their arrival.
New 12th edition Greek Waters Pilot now out
Greek waters pilot 12th edition preface. 'Isn't it a bit like painting the Forth Bridge?' a friend asked
Sydney Rigging Specialists – You can’t push a rope!
Try as you might, it just won’t work. Ropes are for pulling, and pulling alone.

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