The Atlantic in a 87 days, marinas honoured, sweet holiday sailing...

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 17 Apr 2014

The Atlantic in a 87 days, marinas honoured, sweet holiday sailing...

Hot sailing tip  .
Even though I know in advance what is about to happen I still laugh every time I watch the 'Sailing Lesson, Number One hot tip' this week. No more information – enjoy it yourself if you haven't already.

There are two kinds of adventure in sailing – those you undertake with other sailors that are about the wind in your hair and freedom and your bow pointed to the horizon, and then there are others, where adventurers push their own limits. One sailor this week admits to almost reaching his own limits in his 87 day crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a 4.9m boat – and it started as his father's dream, not his.

Harald Sedlacek in the 4.0m (16ft) boat that took him across the Atlantic in 87 days  .. .

Two Australian marinas have won a Gold Anchor award. Congratulations from Sail-World - we all need good marinas to be recognised so that others will have something to live up to. On a quite different note, Australia's old pearling luggers are very beautiful craft with an horrific history and there are few of them left. But now another is to take to the water, 90 years after she was first launched.

Another of these originals about to be launched - but not in the Northwest  .. .

When will adventuring sailors be able once again to sail west from Darwin, then navigate the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea to get to the Med? Not any time soon, according to the latest on security in Somali waters.

With some long holidays coming up, please be safe on the water. There are some rough conditions forecast for Easter, so be prudent and heed all warnings given out by the weather bureau.

Now, run your eye down the headlines to see more stories from the oceans and our own coastlines, and...

Sweet Autumn Sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Dangerous surf conditions to affect the entire NSW coast this weekend
Roads and Maritime Services Media Unit,
Roads and Maritime Services has issued an alert after a Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) warning about dangerous surf conditions forecast to affect the entire NSW coast this weekend.... [more]
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Pam, 90-year-old pearling lugger, to sail again
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Nothing embodies colour and raw drama of the history of Broome's pearling industry more than the splendid old pearling luggers which sailed the waters of north west Australia during the so-called 'glory' days of the boom in pearling. Now, after being sunk and neglected and given up as scrap over 40 years ago, one of these graceful old vessels will sail again.... [more]
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Christmas Caribbean Rally - you could be crew
Louay Habib,
After the inaugural 2013 Christmas Caribbean Rally, Sailing Rallies are pleased to announce that the 2014 transatlantic event is set to be even better. Getting to the Canary Islands in a boat by next Christmas might be a bit of a challenge, but you COULD go as crew if you're after some adventure...... [more]
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Austrian sailor crosses the Atlantic in 4.9m FIPOFIX in 87 days
Renate Johns,
The attempt to cross the Atlantic in the smallest boat ever - at just 4.9m - had to be abandoned by Austrian extreme-adventure sailor Norbert Sedlacek twice because of energy supply and autopilot problems, but third time lucky when Norbert's son, Harald, took over the helm of the tiny FIPOFIX for the next attempt, successfully completing the journey in 87 days, arriving in Palm Beach USA this week... [more]
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Piracy down but Somali pirates? Yes they are still there.
While it's only the most the reckless (and silent) cruising sailor who dares brave the Gulf of Aden or any Somali waters these days, commercial ships are still transiting the dangerous zone. So it is the experiences of these trading vessels that can guide us about when the danger might be gone - and it's not.... [more]
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Be safe on the water over the long weekends
Ken McManus,
Easter and Anzac day long weekends - Commissioner Stacey Tannos said volunteers would be on duty at MRNSW units along the coastline and inland on the Alpine Lakes and Murray River at Moama over the dual long weekends. 'This will be a great chance for boaters to get out on the water before putting their boat into hibernation for the winter lay-off,' he said.... [more]
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Yacht of the Week: The superyacht not - the Dunia Baru
Lee Mylchreest,
The word superyacht carries connotations of sleek modern lines, large motors, fast speeds, and anything but traditional lines. Now there's a superyacht - one you can charter for holidays in South East Asia - which is everything the normal superyacht is not.... [more]
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Abell Point Yacht Club welcomes revival
Luke McCaul,
In conjunction with the launch of the revitalised Abell Point Marina brand, the marina has announced it will throw support behind the Abell Point Yacht Club (APYC) as part of the vision to create a destination marina.... [more]
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How sailors really do have a voice in the future of our oceans
Sandra Whitehouse, Sailors for the Sea,
Sailors-for-the-Sea, whose core aim is to 'educate and engage the boating community in the worldwide protection of the oceans,' regularly produces an Oceans Watch Essay, and this time it is by Sandra Whitehouse, Ph.D. Senior Policy Advisor Ocean Conservancy, who talks about how sailors really do have a voice in the future of our oceans, in a USA context.... [more]
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Gold Anchor accreditation for two Australian marinas
It's good to see quality in marinas being recognised, which not only recognises quality, but sends a message to other marinas that their boating public appreciates good customer service. Australia's Marina Industries Association (MIA) has recognised Gladesville Bridge Marina in NSW and Queensland's Runaway Bay Marina as having the quality expected under the International MIA Gold Anchor Scheme.... [more]
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Message-in-a-bottle record - 102 years
AFP/Sail-World Cruising,
A message in a bottle, the traditional sailor's way of getting messages back to the world about their plight, which was thrown in the sea in Germany 101 years ago is believed to be the world's oldest. It has now been presented to the sender's granddaughter.... [more]
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Sailing lesson, Number One hot tip: Watch the video,
This latest sailing video contains a very hot sailing tip. Not that you'll (probably) be able to understand a word, but don't let that deter you. The anonymous TV reporter was about to interview the Mayor of 'Kampen ' in the Netherlands about Sailing in Kampen, when this incident happened.... [more]
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Musto Australia - Annual warehouse sale
Musto Australia,
Musto Australia - Musto will be clearing end of line kit, samples and oddments. The range is huge and the bargains are plenty. 'It is an exciting time for us as our new ranges are just starting to roll in' said David Oliver CEO of Musto Australasia.... [more]
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