Cats hailed, sailing adventures - planned, achieved, foiled

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 13 Mar 2014

Cats hailed, sailing adventures - planned, achieved, foiled

Helia 44 - imagine being able to holiday on this, at a fraction of the price and without any maintenance cares  .
Catamarans are in the news this week with the Multihull Solutions showcasing its stunning new Helia 44 at the Pittwater Sail Expo on 22/23 March. If you're anywhere within reach of Sydney put the date in your diary. But if you're already sold on the idea of a catamaran, there's a new syndicate going in the Whitsundays - and what a trouble-free system of boat-owning that is!

While many of us simply go sailing to get away from the work-a-day world, to relish the fresh free wind in the sails and our hair for a time, there are those who dream of great adventures – and go for them.

This week's magazine is a celebration of these on the world's oceans – some adventures planned, some wonderfully achieved, some foiled by circumstance.

Our sympathies have to be with Scottish solo sailor Andrew Halcrow, who has just lost his second attempt to circumnavigate the world non-stop – after he had rounded Cape Horn. His friends could do well to remind him that one of the most celebrated non-competitive sailors in the world today, Jeanne Socrates failed in her first two similar attempts. In another story two Swedish sailors rescued near Bermuda are a reminder that 'it can happen to me.'

Andrew Halcrow - second time not so lucky  .. .

On the achievement side, the Cruising Club of America has just announced its outstanding sailors of the year (and Jeanne Socrates is up there again) and the Ocean Cruising Club has introduced – and awarded – a new Endurance Award.

Down in the Southern Ocean Ginovanni Soldini and his team on go-fast boat Maserati have just rounded the Horn in their attempt to break the New York to San Francisco record – they're doing well, too, so hold your breath for a new record.

The two brave young women, deserving of the assistance of Oman Sail  .. .

Over in the Indian Ocean, there there is an adventure in the planning stages – An Omani sailor and a British quadriplegic sailor will attempt an ocean crossing across the Arabian Sea.

This edition is simply packed with other news as well – of the agony of the cruising yachts still impounded by the Mexican government; of a great book for the galley-slave put together with the help of 60 years of cruising experience; of some students who accidentally sent their robot sailing boat across the Atlantic; and finally, most importantly some great tips on making a super job of painting your own boat, by our own Island Cruising Association.

Unmanned sailing boat with Guernsey fisherman who found it  .. .

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sweet autumn sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Love to sail but no time for maintenance? What about a cat syndicate?
Kate Elkington,
Love to go sailing when every you choose but don't have enough time for all that maintenance? Here's an opportunity. Shares are selling fast for a new Whitsunday catamaran syndicate.... [more]
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Boat painting - simple but best tips
Andrew Keays, Island Cruising Association,
Andrew Keays from Artful Dodger, contributing member of the Island Cruising Association, here suggests some simple but best techniques for painting your boat, in this case using International Brand paint, but the advice is good for any brand.... [more]
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'It's never just one thing' - Swedish sailors rescued
Renate Johns,
The two Swedish sailors were a little more than a week into what was to be a three-month voyage from Florida back to Sweden. Niklas Carlberg, 35 and Karin Wiger, 24, were on on Carlberg's 33-foot, sailing boat Bull when events turned against them, with water entering the boat 'near the propeller'. 'But,' he added, frustrated by his inability to locate the source, 'it wasn't a seal leak.'... [more]
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Book of the Week: From the Galley of...
Des Ryan,
Those who have provisioned for voyages will know well that the secrets of how to do it well are garnered over the years. So what better than a cookery book gathered by members of one of the world's great ocean-going clubs for cruising sailors? The book is out now, a great present for any keen sailor. It is called From the Galley of... and includes over 250 well-tried galley recipes.... [more]
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Two brave women to sail India to Oman across Arabian Sea
Lee Mylchreest,
Since 2008 when the Sultan gave his blessing, Oman, surrounded by ocean and sea, has supported the development of sailing in all its colours through the organisation Oman Sail. Now Oman Sail's support of sailing shifts to the Indian Ocean when British quadriplegic sailor Hilary Lister and Oman's Nashwa Al Kindi set out on an extraordinary journey.... [more]
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Finally the book:HMS Bounty, Disaster and Survival in Superstorm Sandy
Lee Mylchreest,
First there was the tragic news, then there were the innumerable opinions from the yachting fraternity, then the personal stories, then the court case and the judgement. Now, finally, there's the book. The HMS Bounty, constructed for the eponymous film, had a very public life, and now a very public death.... [more]
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Bad Karma as roving American cruising sailor fined in New Zealand
Lee Mylchreest,
Apart from the occasional drug smuggler that tries to avoid detection by masquerading as an innocent nomadic sailor, cruising sailors get into very little trouble as they cruise around the world. So it's significant and surprising that an American skipper is in trouble with the New Zealanders for behaving dangerously on his yacht.... [more]
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Cruising Club of America celebrates outstanding sailors of 2013
Kirsten Ferguson,
The Cruising Club of America (CCA) celebrated its outstanding sailors of 2013 during the Annual Awards Dinner on March 7, 2014 at the New York Yacht Club in Manhattan where CCA Commodore Frederic T. Lhamon made presentations to the winners of the Blue Water Medal, Far Horizons Award, and Richard S. Nye Trophy.... [more]
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Another rescue for second-time unlucky solo sailor
Sail-World Cruising,
He just can't seem to take a trick. The last time Scottish solo sailor Andrew Halcrow attempted to sail non-stop around the world his mast stayed intact but his appendix broke. This time AFTER he had successfully negotiated the dreaded Cape Horn his appendix couldn't cause any more trouble but his mast broke.... [more]
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New York to San Fran record attempt - Maserati reaches the Horn
Des Ryan,
A crew of sailors attempting to break the record for the fastest time from New York to San Francisco has reached Cape Horn after 21 days. The record of 89 hours which stood for 130 years on the historic route has been broken many times since. The record that Maserati is trying to beat is the 1998 record that of Yves Parlier and Aquitaine Innovations set at 57 days and some hours.... [more]
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Pittwater Sail Expo - Multihull Solutions to showcase Hélia 44
Kate Elkington,
Multihull Solutions will have a strong presence at the upcoming Club Marine Pittwater Sail Expo, to take place on Sydney's Pittwater on 22-23 March, catering for both new and pre-owned multihull buyers.... [more]
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Yachts impounded in Mexico - the agony goes on...
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
American cruising sailor Tom Spencer has told his personal story of the arrival of tax investigators into the Coral Marina in Mexico last November. He said he didn't think much about it, but Mexican tax authorities impounded more than 300 foreign-owned yachts, and some of them remain tied up by under the embargo today, infuriating owners.... [more]
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Students achieve robot boat Atlantic Crossing - but not as planned
Sail-World Cruising,
Students, scientists and other enthusiasts have been trying to do it for years - get an unmanned sailing boat across the Atlantic. Now a group of American students have done it - but not quite the way they wanted.... [more]
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Solar vessel nominated for Engineers Prize
Gavin Allwright,
Creating the world's first solar-sail cargo ship tailored to fit the needs of marginalized coastal communities is an idea that has propelled a small international team of naval architects, engineers, and laypersons closer to winning a major engineering prize in the Netherlands next month - and your vote could make a difference.... [more]
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Endurance Award for cruising sailors, new worldwide award for 2014
Daria Blackwell, Ocean Cruising Club,
The Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) announced the OCC Awards for 2013 in January. Subsequently, a US group of OCC members who had instituted a regional trophy called The Endurance Award some years back suggested opening the award to all members of OCC. The Award was enthusiastically endorsed and the first winner under the new rules was announced: Colin Jarman of s/v May Morning.... [more]
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