16 months drifting, cruising awards, sailing and swimming as bedmates

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 06 Feb 2014

16 months drifting, cruising awards, sailing and swimming as bedmates

the description of the Spaniard who drifted for 16 months across the Pacific looks a little like Tom Hanks in his recent movie 'Castaway'  .
One of the most extraordinary survival tales of all time occurred this week when a man floated into a remote atoll in the Marshall Islands, speaking only Spanish and telling how he had been drifting for 16 months from Mexican waters. No ship saw him, he bypassed many reefs and the whole Hawaii archipelago of islands, living from what he caught in the ocean.

This very possibility of this occurring is what underpinned the desperate plea of the families of the crew of the schooner Nina, which disappeared a mere seven months ago in the Tasman Sea and which both Australian and New Zealand authorities are assuming sank soon after it went missing in a catastrophic event.

We give two accounts of the exploits of cruising sailors who won world-wide awards, both awe-inspiring to most of us.

How do you present your boat to sell well and quickly?  .. .

Lots of practical news this week too – some great advice on how to get the best result when you go to sell your boat, and news about how small craft standards are changing world-wide. There's a riveting tale about why rules need to be set about combining sailing with swimming, another article about ten vital boat safety checks that every skipper needs to make and the product of the week is a very clever app that will allow you to get your AIS information direct to your iPhone.

Swimming and sailing - what are your rules?  .. .

We're still hearing about boats impounded in Mexico. After some welcome news that the sudden swoops were at an end and all boats were about to be released, apparently it simply hasn't happened.

Read this story and many more in yet another interest-packed edition for the cruising sailor.

and...if you're lucky enough to be on the water...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Man survives drifting at sea for 16 months
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
When the families of the crew of missing schooner Nina were trying to convince the New Zealand authorities to continue searching for the seven crew they quoted instances of people surviving at sea for long periods. Now there's another, a man who speaks only Spanish has drifted for 16 months to arrive in the Marshall Islands.... [more]
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Calling new British sailors: RYA Push the Boat Out begins May 17
Susie NationGrainger,
Calling new British sailors: During the weekend of 17-18 May, the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) will once again be running RYA Push the Boat Out (PTBO) with clubs, centres and marinas across the UK offering a range of ‘have a go' and taster sessions for you to experience sailing and windsurfing.... [more]
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Early notification of world-wide changes to small craft standards
Sail-World Cruising,
The new Small Craft Standards Bulletin provides industry stakeholders early notification on world-wide changes to existing standards and modifications to production methods AND an update of standards due to be published, under review or in the early phase of development.... [more]
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Sailing and swimming - great bed mates, but what are the rules?
Kenneth Hoffman,
On a sailing boat, which can be the safest of all modes of travel when common sense and good seamanship is involved, death can be only moments away for the careless. Do YOU go swimming when you are out sailing? What are your rules about this? Kenneth C Hoffman tells this simple tale that we can all relate to and demonstrates just how near death can be for the unwary.... [more]
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Jeanne Socrates wins yet another award
Kirsten Ferguson/Sail-World Cruising,
Jeanne Socrates, at 70 years the oldest female non-stop solo circumnavigator in the world, has been honoured with yet another award.... [more]
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Coral Sea Cruising Guide - from Jack and Jude Binder
Sail-World Cruising,
Some areas of the world are so remote that it takes the generosity of adventurous cruising sailors to develop cruising guides. Here's another one: Jack and Jude Binder, cruising couple extraordinaire, have compiled a free cruising guide of the Coral Sea in the Pacific Ocean - an area of magical reefs, atolls and islets just meant for other adventurous cruising sailors.... [more]
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Boat Watch Pro - product (app) of the week
Des Ryan,
The AIS is one of the most marvellous additions to the toolbox of the cruising sailor, enabling you to identify ships that you pass and, importantly, call them by name. However, when you want the information fast and don't want to waste the time going back to where your AIS is located, this week's product is an app which is right there in your pocket in the form of an iPhone.... [more]
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75,000nm wins couple the CCA's 2013 Far Horizons Award
Kirsten Ferguson,
The Cruising Club of America (CCA) chose Tom and Dorothy Wadlow (Mystic, Conn.) to receive its 2013 Far Horizons Award for an admirable 18 years and 75,000 miles of cruising. The award is given to recognize specific members 'for a particularly meritorious cruise or series of cruises that exemplify the objectives of the Club.'... [more]
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Mexico's yacht impounding goes on - only 30 of 300 released
Soundings online/Sail-World,
We've been reporting lately on the sudden impounding of innocent cruising boats by the government of Mexico for supposedly having their paperwork not in order. For a while it seemed that lobbying had worked and the boats were to be released. However, it seems we were celebrating too soon.... [more]
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Ten boat safety checks every skipper needs to make
John Jamieson,
Do you have a safety check list over the chart table on your boat - or anywhere else? Have you added the three most important bilge pumps to your boat safety check list? Does your sailing crew know the location of survival equipment, fuel shutoff valve and how to test a seacock?... [more]
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