Solo sailor hurt, dumbest dishonest sailor ever, Musto award, more...

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 10 Jan 2014

Solo sailor hurt, dumbest dishonest sailor ever, Musto award, more...

A couple of accolades worth mentioning. Nice to see Keith Musto of Musto Clothing getting an MBE. I think he deserves it. At the other end of the scale, first prize this edition, not for dishonesty, but for sheer dumbness, goes to the Queensland sailor who simultaneously claimed his boat his boat was a flood loss and wrote an article for a sailing magazine confessing the true story.

Australians and New Zealanders love going overseas to buy a boat and sail it home. In this edition Jane Gentry gives a few of the 'Buyer Beware' pointers for those thinking of purchasing in Britain, where the used boat market is quite distressed.

Indian women officers making it in the sailing stakes in India  .. .

Over in India, it's the Navy which is leading the way in ocean cruising – this week we tell how the girls are starting to shine as well. Speaking of India, a curious story this week about another boat which has made its way across an Ocean unaided, this time from West Australia across the Indian Ocean to Madagascar...and wasn't the Perth owner surprised when he was told it had arrived - eight months after he last sighted it. What good things it says about the manufacturer - yes, a West Australian company.

Boat washed up and later identified as belonging to a West Australian  .. .

In practical articles this week, Des Ryan considers the issue of in-mast furling, which, let's face it, doesn't have a good name in the world of the cruising sailor, and John Jamieson has some sound advice for tight-quarter manoeuvring.

I can't sign off without mentioning the amazing photos of lighthouses drenched in frozen salt water as a result the Polar Vortex crossing the North American continent this week – a small silver lining.

Lighthouse - St Joseph Lighthouse on Lake Michigan - photo by Thomas Zakowski, HotSpot Media  .. .

That's just a small taste of the news, so read on, enjoy, and...

Sweet summer sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

The extraordinary life of a lighthouse in a polar vortex
Lee Mylchreest,
Lighthouses are very special places for sailors. Not only are they elegant decorations to the points and capes of a coastline, they can be confirmation of successful navigation, warning against danger, or the welcome home light at the end of an ocean crossing. This week they were something different.... [more]
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'Buyer Beware' as Britains second-hand boats go cheap
Sail-World Cruising/YBDSA,
It's 'Buyer Beware' in UK boat market. The thought of buying a boat in Britain and sailing home to wherever-you-are might be very attractive while the second hand boat market is so depressed, but Jane Gentry, CEO of the Yacht Brokers Designers and Surveyors Association (YBDSA) has some cautionary words... [more]
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Lost boat drifts clear across the Indian Ocean
Lee Mylchreest,
It didn't have sails but it made its way from Perth to Madagascar where it washed up on a beach near the island of Mayotte. The incredible journey, made by a Leisure Cat, manufactured by a local West Australian boat builder, was only realised when French officials recognised the Australian registration of the boat and contacted the AMSA who started the process of tracking down the owner. .... [more]
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Queensland cat owner goes to jail for fraudulent flood claim
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Maybe we'll never know, he could have been a good sailor, but there's no prizes for smarts (or ethics) for this Queensland man who successfully claimed $60,000 for his live-aboard catamaran by claiming that it was washed away in the infamous Queensland floods of 2010.... [more]
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76-year-old solo yachtsman Stanley Paris injured in the Atlantic
Lee Mylchreest,
Aspiring round-the-world solo yachtsman Stanley Paris has been injured in the South Atlantic Ocean east of Porto Alegre, in Brazil, while clearing shreds of torn sail from the shrouds.... [more]
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Images from the Tall Ships Event, Bay of Islands New Zealand
Steve Western,
Steve Western provides this gallery from the 2014 Tall Ships Race, sailed in the picturesque Bay of Islands, NZ. Steve Western provides this gallery from the 2014 Tall Ships Race, sailed in the picturesque Bay of Islands, in New Zealand. The event was modified this year to include other yachts that in previous years would not have met the criteria. There was a brisk northerly that made the co... [more]
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Famed sailor's garment manufacturer Keith Musto wins MBE
Sail-World Cruising,
He might have received his MBE for services to the economy, but sailors round the world can only associate the name Musto with services to sailors, keeping them warm, dry and comfortable while sailing in cold and windy conditions.... [more]
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In-mast furling - is it the 'no-no' we've always believed?
Des Ryan/Sail-World Cruising,
In the inevitable cockpit-sundowner chat, in-mast furling has always been a 'no-no'. But is it true? Or is the cockpit-sundowner chat just scare-mongering? Here Des Ryan looks at a few of the issues.... [more]
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Discover Sailing Days for Victorian sailors
Lee Mylchreest,
Victorian sailors: Do you have a friend - or even a whole family - whom you are sure would love sailing, but they just haven't been able to make it yet? This is their chance, because yacht clubs across Victoria are inviting families and new sailors to come on board this summer.... [more]
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Indian Navy leads the way: Women officers set to circumnavigate
Des Ryan,
While the development of leisure boating in India is greatly dominated by the purchase of powerboats by the ever expanding middle class, the Navy is leading the way in the development of sailing. First there was the circumnavigation, then the non-stop circumnavigation, and now the women naval officers are getting a piece of the action.... [more]
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Largest tall ship in the world, meet Gotheburg
Lee Mylchreest,
A few days ago we published an article about the largest motor yachts and sailing boats in the world today. But that didn't include tall ships. With so many countries and cities in the world embarked on enterprises to keep old sailing ships working or build replicas of past tall ships, it's worth looking at the largest tall ship in the world today. It's 'The Gotheborg', 47 metres in length... [more]
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And as the year begins we are blowing our own trumpet!!
Brendan Maxwell,
Well who else will do it?? was launched in August 2000, we made it to 2014, who would have thought!! In March 2013, the little Aussie battler became the most visited sailing web site in the world and has not been headed since... [more]
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Will your sailing crew be ready for tight quarter maneuvering?
Captain John Jamieson,
If you've ever docked a boat in a tight marina, you know how it can be a challenge. But how many times have you seen other boats with crew that were unprepared. Maybe the crew were up forward taking in 'some rays'. Or back aft in the cockpit yapping on the cell. Why does this happen time and again on boat after boat? Use these easy sailing tips for safety in tight quarters maneuvers.... [more]
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Top 100 yachts in the world - new list
PRWeb/Sail-World Cruising,
Boat International every year publishes the top 100 yachts in the world. This year the list shows that the delivery of the 180 metre superyacht Azzam has pushed Roman Abramovich's 162.5 metre yacht Eclipse into second place after dominating the Top 100 list since her launch in 2010.... [more]
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John Hearne, Doyle Sailmakers, to speak at CYCA in Sydney
Sail-World Cruising,
The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) will again hold one of its information evenings for cruising sailors, this time by well known Sydney sailor and sailmaker, John Hearne from Doyle Sailmakers on Monday, 3rd February, at 1830. Put it in your diary now and book online.... [more]
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NSW sailors, never fear. Marine Rescue volunteers on holiday watch
Ken McManus,
Sailors in New South Wales waters, never fear. Marine Rescue NSW volunteers are on high alert during the January holidays, ready to assist boaters in need of help on the water. Commissioner Stacey Tannos said the organisation's volunteers already had responded to several serious incidents over the festive season.... [more]
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