Fast pace of sailing technology, two NZ yacht builders honoured...more

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 31 Oct 2013

Fast pace of sailing technology, two NZ yacht builders honoured...more

Nice to report how two New Zealand yacht builders are finalists in international awards, whereas over the ditch in New South Wales some marine rescue volunteers are having trouble with vandals and thieves, some of whom have been brought to justice.

Auckland saw a party atmosphere as the first ever Tall Ships Festival arrived from across the Tasman. This week's yachting feature is on the Seawind 1000XL2, making its mark on the cruising catamaran scene, and best of all, affordable!

Clipping along nicely, even in a gentle breeze. - Seawind 1000XL2  John Curnow ©

There is some wise advice this week about making sure your VHF equipment is 'hooked up right', San Francisco cruising sailor, circumnavigator and author Larry Jacobson offers his advice on how to anchor without 'uttering a word', and the quirkiest tale of the week is of the British artist who sailed a pumpkin across the Solent, then, as it was still floating, sailed it back again.

Pumpkin boat and its skipper  .. .

Finally there's a moment of sadness as we remember the HMS Bounty's sinking just a year ago.

That's just the beginning, so browse the stories to find your interest!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Seawind 1000XL2 – There is a reason
John Curnow,
Might is right. When a large Yankee Foxtrot is bearing down on you, you just get out of the way. It's common sense, even if you do have the right of way, so to speak. Equally, with 227 units now sold, the Seawind 1000 has well and truly made its mark on the cruising catamaran scene. It is affordable, cleverly designed, sails well and gets a lot of people started on their maritime adventures.... [more]
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Marlborough joins the NZ debate on compulsory life jackets
Marlborough Express/Sail-World,
The Marlborough district on the north east of the south island of New Zealand has joined the current debate about boaters being forced to wear, not just carry, life jackets when boating. As the regulation would apply to all vessels under 6 metres, it would catch the tender dinghies of all sailing boats.... [more]
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How to anchor and 'never utter a word'
Larry Jacobson,
There are many articles published about anchoring for the cruising sailor, as well there should, because more boats are lost close to a coastline than ever in the middle of an ocean. Here, cruising sailor, circumnavigator and successful author Larry Jacobson tells his own anchoring secrets, with engaging suggestions about hand signals which will 'stop the yelling' in an anchorage.... [more]
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NZ yacht builders again finalists for major international awards
Kate Gordon-Smith,
The prestigious International Superyacht Society (ISS) has named Auckland-based boat builders Alloy Yachts and Yachting Developments and New Plymouth's Fitzroy Yachts as finalists in their 2013 design awards, with the winners being announced tomorrow [30 October].... [more]
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Mirror dinghy - a 50-year history celebrated
Emma Slater, RYA/Sail-World,
With over 70,000 Mirror dinghies built and sailed in dozens of countries, including Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, the Netherlands, South Africa, New Zealand, the Philippines and the United States, the Mirror sailing dinghy must be one of the most popular, most affordable boats of all time.... [more]
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Furuno NavNet TZtouch provides control of FLIR M-Series thermal camera
FLIR's M-Series thermal cameras represent the most popular pan/ tilt thermal night vision system in the commercial maritime industry. When combined with the Furuno NavNet TZtouch multifunction display (MFD), the M-Series becomes even more versatile and powerful.... [more]
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Shame. Marine Rescue raffle boat stolen
Ken McManus,
Shame. Marine Rescue Central Coast volunteers are in distress and well out-of-pocket following the brazen theft of the prize in its Annual Boat Raffle last Thursday night, 24 October 2013.... [more]
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Police recover stolen Marine Rescue raffle boat
Ken McManus,
Brisbane Water police have recovered Marine Rescue Central Coast's raffle prize boat, which was stolen on Thursday night.... [more]
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RYA presses for 'no compulsory flares' regulation
Des Ryan,
Letting off flares has always been the action of last resort for sailors in distress. Now the Royal Yachting Association of Britain is pressing for their removal as a requirement for seafarers. They are insisting that no persuasive evidence that flares have search and rescue benefits that cannot be provided by modern technology.... [more]
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USA Government to stop producing paper charts
Is it the sign of things to come across the maritime world? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) of the USA has announced that, from April 13 next year they will no longer print traditional lithographic (paper) nautical charts, instead leaving it to private businesses.... [more]
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RACQ Care-Flight Rescue latest recipient of CYCA SOLAS Trusts grant
Jennifer Crooks,
CYCA SOLAS Trusts has provided RACQ Care-Flight Rescue with $34,000 to purchase and install two Flight cell DZMx flight tracking systems, which will improve the service's search capabilities.... [more]
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Volunteers' rescue boat vandalised - again
Ken McManus,
Marine Rescue's offshore rescue vessel at Wooli on the north New South Wales coast has been vandalised for the second time in less than a year and valuable equipment stolen from on board.... [more]
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Get your DSC-equipped VHF hooked up right
With summer approaching fast, it's time to make sure you have a VHF on board working to the maximum. If you have a basic VHF, checking the connections for corrosion, inspecting the antenna and doing a simple radio check may be all that it takes.... [more]
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Shame. Thieves damage Wooli rescue boat, steal equipment
Ken McManus,
Marine Rescue Wooli's offshore rescue vessel has been vandalised for the second time in less than a year and valuable equipment stolen from on board.... [more]
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British artist sails pumpkin across the Solent
Daily Mirror/Sail-World,
People try some pretty quirky things in boats, but this must be some kind of world record for quirkiness. A vegetable artist has become the first person to sail a giant hollowed out pumpkin across the Solent from Stokes Bay in Hampshire in the south of England to the Wootton Creek Yacht Club on the Isle of Wight .... [more]
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Tall Ships Spectacle now in Auckland
Sail-World Cruising,
There's great excitement in Auckland about the first ever Tall Ships Festival this weekend, and around 200,000 people are expected to crowd onto the wharves to get a chance to walk on board.... [more]
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HMS Bounty - one year since her tragic sinking
Lee Mylchreest,
In two days time it will be just 12 months since the HMS Bounty disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean taking her skipper and one crew member with her. HMS Bounty had touched more than the usual number of lives since she was launched back in 1960.... [more]
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British yacht skipper found guilty after collision with tanker
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
A British skipper who argued that the large tanker Hanne Knutsen had sounded its horn to indicate it was to turn to starboard but then did not carry out the manoeuvre, leaving him in a dangerous position in front of the vessel, has nevertheless been found guilty of contravening maritime regulations.... [more]
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DAME awards soon to be announced for 2013 - 52 finalists
The DAME Awards are on again. The world's number one international design competition for new marine equipment and accessories will be announced during the Marine Equipments Trade Show (METS) in Amsterdam, 19-21 November.... [more]
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Vale Ian Souter 25th November 1951 – 23rd October 2013,
It is with great sadness that we have lost one of dear friends of Pittwater and in particular a long time Scotland Island resident. Ian Souter passed away on 23 October after a long battle with cancer. He has lived on the island since the late 70's. Ian's affinity with the water, his love of sailing and zest for life will long be remembered by all who had the pleasure of his company.... [more]
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