Sydney tall ships and Auckland On Water Boat Show...and more

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 10 Oct 2013

Sydney tall ships and Auckland On Water Boat Show...and more

Do you have a sailing yarn to tell - or some good advice that could benefit others?  .. .

Whether you're a day sailor, a weekend cruiser or a long-range cruising sailor, sharing knowledge is the way that non-competitive sailors help each other to achieve dreams - and Sail-World Cruising is here to help you share.

This week's edition seems to be encouraging you to sail away from your daily life, with lots of invitations: to join a rally, sail in an exotic location or join a tall ship for a taste of sailing as it used to be.

The World ARC Rally is in countdown mode for the Caribbean departure, but this rally also departs Australia in September 2014, so there's still time to get a boat ready and join, and the British tall ship the Lord Nelson still has spare berths for the crossing of the Tasman Sea from Sydney to Auckland, but you'll have to hurry - it's leaving soon!

Ocean Cruising Club members Kathy and Bob Groves are happily cruising, but instead of a Bavaria, a Beneteau or some other well known brand, they have chosen to build an engineless junk-rigged schooner. Read what it's like...

Easy Go - junk-rigged schooner  .. .

Kiwis are trying hard to bring in compulsory life jackets for kids in boats less than six metres. Yes, says Sail-World Cruising, as our team here see so many tragedies through non-wearing of life jackets that only the statistic is news any more. While still over in New Zealand, read on for a great coverage of the Auckland On Water Boat Show by Richard Gladwell.

In other stories, you never quite know who's berthed next to you, as a true grim mystery from the South Pacific shows; there's an article on the way AIS technology is getting more and more affordable; and do read about the 16 tall ships which are still gracing the shores of Sydney Harbour.

Tall ships are still gracing the shores of Sydney Harbour - and there's the chance to sail away in one!  .. .

Much more too, so read on, enjoy, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

World ARC departs from Australia - you have a year to prepare!
World Cruising Club,
Tempted to sail away from your career, your weekly habits, your family and friends for the adventure of a lifetime, but be back in a couple of years to continue 'life'? The World ARC Rally could be just the answer - and you have almost a year to prepare! The World ARC has a departure from Australia scheduled for September 2014, from Darwin.... [more]
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Compulsory lifejackets would 'change boating behaviour' - Maritime NZ
Maritime New Zealand/Sail-World Cruising,
Maritime New Zealand believes a bid to make the wearing of lifejackets compulsory for young people would change boating behaviour, but it would only apply to boats less than six metres.... [more]
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AIS technology for more boats than ever with new product
Des Ryan,
It's good news that AIS technology might be accessible to more vessels than ever before with the launch of the Smartfind M10 AIS Class B Transponder - it's compact, it's high performing, and, most important, it's a comparatively low cost safety product.... [more]
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Dark mysteries unfold from ghost sailing boat in South Pacific
Des Ryan/Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Most of us take for granted that the boat crew just arrived in the marina berth next to us will be like most cruising sailors - keen on sailing, gregarious, pretty honest, down-to-earth and practical as most sailors are. So it's always a slight shock to learn that the darkest of secrets could be swirling in the bilge in a boat we know. Read this story of a boat found drifting in the South Pacif... [more]
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Christmas Caribbean Rally - The start of a great adventure
Louay Habib,
The first ever Christmas Caribbean Rally will will leave Marina Rubicon, Lanzarote on Monday 16th December 2013 and the participants will sail the 2850 miles to arrive in Jolly Harbour, Antigua in the New Year for a final welcome celebration on January 11th 2014.... [more]
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Spaces left on voyage from Sydney to Auckland on Lord Nelson
Heather Ewing/Sail-World Cruising,
Unique British tall ship, Lord Nelson, owned by Southampton-based charity, the Jubilee Sailing Trust, represented the nation's tall ship fleet at the Royal Australian Navy International Fleet Review in Sydney Harbour last weekend and there are just a few spaces remaining on the voyage from Sydney to Auckland.... [more]
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Auckland cruising sailors: get all the latest on Hauraki Gulf
John Martin,
Calling all Auckland cruising sailors who would like to know the latest about cruising in the Hauraki Gulf. Join Anne Rimmer for an evening of stories, fantastic pictures and the latest news about this favourite playground.... [more]
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Events Clothing Clearance Sale - this weekend - Auckland
Claire Skellon,
Events Clothing are staging their Annual Clearance Sale on 4-6 October 2013 at Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron in Auckland. Come down and see us from Friday to Sunday (9am – 6pm) this weekend to get your hands on tee's, jackets, polo's, shorts, fleeces, wet weather gear and accessories for a fraction of the normal cost.... [more]
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Tall ships spectacle as 16 crowd into Sydney Harbour together
Jeni Bone,
It might be the once in a life-time International Fleet Review this weekend in Sydney, and it might be that it is the Navy's signature commemorative event for 2013, but it's a fair bet that the 16 Australian and international tall ships gracing the harbour will steal the limelight.... [more]
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Gathering of leading marine scientists set for Townsville
ARC Centre of Excellence - Coral Reef Studies,
The current state and future prospects of Australia's coral reefs will move into the spotlight at a gathering of leading marine scientists in Townsville on 10th-11th October, 2013. The Coral Reefs in the 21st Century symposium will present the latest research, management and policy developments in coral reef systems in Australia, our region, and globally.... [more]
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Sailing barge brings trading goods down the Hudson to New York
Amy Langfield/Sail-World Cruising,
There are many reasons why people become sailors, but one of the earliest ones - to make your living - has largely disappeared from the First World. That's why it's so interesting when a modern sailor brings an old trade route to life again. CNBC's Amy Langfield tells the story of an old Hudson River route from Shoreham to New York City, made new by some crowd-funded sailors on a sailing barge.... [more]
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Oyster World Rally fleet passes significant milestone
Louay Habib,
The stunning range of Oyster Yachts taking part in the inaugural Oyster World Rally have now passed a significant milestone in their round the world adventure. For the first time, since starting the rally in January the fleet is now heading back towards Antigua, the point of origin for the 16-month Oyster odyssey.... [more]
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World's most dangerous waters, by the WWF and Allianz
Lee Mylchreest,
For we who might want to sail away into the sunset, we need to know that the ocean varies widely on the other side of that horizon. Apart from all the other knowledge we need to take with us, we should be aware of which are the most dangerous ocean areas on earth, just this year identified by a studies the WWF and insurance giant Allianz... [more]
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Radical shift expected with arrival of first Catana 59
Kate Elkington,
Australia is set to experience a radical shift in cruising expectations with the recent arrival of the first Catana 59. The remarkable new cruising catamaran will have its exclusive Australasian preview on Friday 4 October from 3pm until 5pm at the Royal Motor Yacht Squadron.... [more]
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Here's why to sail in an engineless junk-rigged schooner
Bob Groves, Ocean Cruising Club,
For an all-round cruising boat, what would you choose? - maybe a Beneteau, a Bavaria or a Van de Stadt design? A Moody, an Oyster or even a cat? Most modern cruising sailors will choose the best comfort to combine with the best sailing - but not all of us. Here read why one Ocean Cruising Club member, Kathy and Bob Groves, chose an engineless junk rigged schooner to build and go cruising.... [more]
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Seen at the Auckland On the Water Boat Show - Around the Stands
Richard Gladwell,
Sail-World's camera did the rounds at the Auckland On The Water Boatshow, last Sunday. Here here we check out some of the stands... [more]
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Seen at the Auckland On the Water Boat Show - On the Marina - 3
Richard Gladwell,
Sail-World's camera did the rounds at the Auckland On The Water Boatshow, last Sunday. Here is the third image gallery from afloat.... [more]
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Seen at the Auckland On the Water Boat Show - On the Marina - 2
Richard Gladwell,
Sail-World's camera did the rounds at the Auckland On The Water Boatshow, last Sunday. Here is the second image gallery from ashore and afloat.... [more]
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Seen at the Auckland On the Water Boat Show - On the Marina - 1
Richard Gladwell,
Sail-World's camera did the rounds at the Auckland On The Water Boatshow, last Sunday. Here is the first image gallery from ashore and afloat.... [more]
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Free map creator software available for Lowrance, Simrad NSS and B&G
Andrew Golden,
Navico, parent company to the Lowrance, Simrad Yachting and B&G brands — announced today its new Map Creator software that allows cartography enthusiasts to make their own maps.... [more]
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